Inoue stood silently in the shower, eyes closed as the hot water streamed down his face. He never could feel clean enough... today was no exception. He had still found dried blood under his fingernails, and some in his hair.

A sigh escaped his lips as he replayed his shattered memories in his head on a constant loop, the blood spilling, his and his enemy's, the screams...

When a new shudder rang through him, he leaned against the warm marble, trying to drown out the images. He heard Reven padding about the bathroom, and extended his hand from the shower just as he had so long ago, droplets of water beading from his fingertips and splashing on the floor below, just like blood...

He needed something powerful enough to extinguish these thoughts, and Reven was just that strength.

Reven caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to the shower. He took Inoue's outstretched hand, letting the water trickle back down his bare arm. Despite the time they'd had already, and the anguish of sharing their stories, he felt refreshed. He felt alive inside; he felt the stimulation of Inoue back beside him - in his life. Inoue - and a whole bunch of new emotions as well!

"Want a towel?" he murmured, but he couldn't stop the smile from teasing at the edges of his lips. He could feel the long, slender fingers under his touch - he ran his own fingers over the rough palm of Inoue's hand. It thrilled him in a way nothing else ever did - or ever would. "Or something else?"

There were things they had to arrange - to plan. To discuss. But for now - all he wanted to do now was run his hand up that arm, over the strong shoulder, under the armpit and down the strange, scarred torso, revelling in the touch, savouring the muscle under him, in his hands, responding to him.

"Don't play naughty pupil," Inoue growled, though there wasn't a hint of malice in his eyes--rather, a feral hunger. He took hold of Reven and pulled the dark-haired man close to him until their chests were pressed against each other firmly. "You'll get punished," he whispered, leaning in. "Is that what you want, Reven?"

Inoue's grip was firm on the body pressed against his, and were it anybody else he would have been worried about crushing the ribs of whoever he was gripping, but he knew Reven's limits and Reven's body nearly as well as Reven himself.

He leaned in the last inch and bit down on his partner's lower lip, causing Reven to tense slightly at the shocking onslaught.

Reven felt the leap of response in his body and marvelled at it, as always. He'd only thrown on his sweat pants since he got up from bed, and now he felt the hot water from the shower running down his bare chest, trickling in between their bodies, blending them so that he didn't know where he began and Inoue ended.

His cock swelled quickly, painfully, pressing against Inoue's muscled thighs. He waited for his pants to get saturated, too - he didn't care.

"If it's what I deserve," he hissed into Inoue's neck. His lip was plump with the bite of the other man's teeth. He wanted to laugh aloud. He couldn't believe how alive Inoue's touch made him feel.

The redhead's animal lust flared at Reven's cocky words, and he pushed the man before him against the opposite marble wall, pressing his shoulders hard against the hot black stone as he crushed his mouth against Reven's.

He was glad for the pants about his former pupil's hips, and caught Reven's eye with a malicious glare before sliding his hands across the slick body, over Reven's shoulders and down his arms, taking hold of his wrists and holding them against the wall.

Once the dark-haired assassin's hands were rendered useless, Inoue leaned in and placed soft, brushed kisses across Reven's neck, knowing the youth was hungering for more but resisting the urge to lick and bite down on the salty flesh before his lips.

Inoue lifted his right leg and pushed it between Reven's knees, lifting it higher ever so slowly between the soaking wet pants until his thigh grazed the hard length left unattended. He moved his thigh back and ground it against Reven's ensnared erection slowly, while continuing the soft kisses along the man's jaw and taking his pierced lobe between his lips, rolling his tongue over it slowly.

Reven felt the whimper escape from his lips. The man inside him chided himself for exposing his need so blatantly, but the boy that was Inoue's - and always would be - grinned inside and strained to open his legs wider for attention. Inoue's lips were damp from the shower, and probably from a lot more, and they burned their trail around his face like small firebrands.

His mouth opened, searching uselessly for a touch, to suck in Inoue's tongue or fingers or something. The head was always out of reach - the breath always just beyond his control.

The leg between his own pressed insistently at his groin, and he knew he was harder than he had been for months. Of course, he could have broken free of Inoue's grasp and snatched back at the man. Of course he could...

But his body just thrust back at the tight, muscled thigh that tormented him, trying to build up the friction that was so sorely needed. The wet fabric of his pants clung to every line of his hips and legs; his erection pushed impatiently at it, trying to be free of it.

Inoue's mouth at his ear was fevered - but masterful.

Reven's responses were just as Inoue wanted; he was falling into the routine, allowing himself to be played with mercilessly, knowing that eventually Inoue would let up and simply take him, rough and passionately.

The little hellion was in for more than he thought.

Inoue released one of Reven's wrists to slide his fingers across the youth's back and down his spine, sliding beneath the damp lip of his pants and between sculpted cheeks, his middle finger sliding across Reven's entrance once, pressing hard against it, before drawing back and sliding inside.

He didn't wait for Reven to become used to the impaling finger; a second and third digit were pushed inside of him quickly, and he released Reven's other wrist to take hold of one of the dark-haired man's thighs and pull it up at the knee, giving Inoue freer access to Reven's tight opening as his own thigh continued to grind against the shrouded length viciously.

Ahhh... Reven heard the gasp of shocked breath burst from him, as the fingers stabbed inside him possessively. His hands were free, but he'd fallen forward against Inoue's tight, tense body, and he was content just to let the man invade him as he wanted.

The fierce pressure against his cock was torture; every time Inoue twisted his fingers inside his entrance, his groin ground against the other naked man's. The fingers of Inoue's other hand were so tight on his thigh that he could feel the bruises springing up, gleefully, marking the redhead's claim on his body.

He felt totally exposed to him, his leg lifted so that he couldn't move easily, and letting Inoue's body lodged in against him, ready for whatever he chose to do to him.

His wet pants started creeping down his legs, snagging painfully on his cock, sticking awkwardly between his cheeks.

Getting in the damned way!

Inoue's tongue slid out from between his lips, laving across Reven's neck and collar bone, until he reached the dip at the base of the youth's throat, where he kissed once, softly, before tilting his head to the side and biting down on the flesh mercilessly, revelling in Reven's outcry of pleasure and pain.

He kissed and sucked the darkening skin once more, soothing silently, as his fingers searched and writhed within Reven for several more seconds before drawing away, once the dark-haired man was barely prepared enough to handle what was to come next.

Inoue drew his thigh away from Reven's still-unsheathed length and away from the man himself, turning Reven and pressing his stomach against the marble now, kissing his back and shoulders hungrily. "Don't you dare touch yourself," he hissed into Reven's ear darkly, nipping his ear.

Reven growled, a deep sound of need and frustration. His hands itched to hold flesh - to find some satisfaction. He was pressed firmly against the cold, smooth wall, but he wrenched his head sideways as Inoue moved around behind him, trying to lick out at him, nip at some passing limb. Take some active part in this.

But it didn't look like he'd get the opportunity. He flattened his palms against the marble and groaned.

He was aching; the lips that kissed down his back were drawn back over teeth that bit at him, too, catching his skin up and worrying it, making him moan with small shocks to his system. His ass was still partly uncovered; the crease between his cheeks still smarting from Inoue's invading hand; the entrance within it still flexing with anticipation.

He could still hear the water running in the shower - a familiar background, as his lover both abused and thrilled him.

Inoue licked his lips slowly as he moved in for the kill, pushing Reven's pants down past his hips and letting them slide to the shower floor with a slap, taking hold of both Reven's thighs now. He lifted the man of his feet entirely, pulling slender, smooth legs apart as his own erection ached and pulsed.

He thrust upwards and pushed the head of his erection inside Reven's tight body, growling with bared teeth as he slid all the way inside the tight chamber.

Reven's reactions were precious notes to Inoue's ear, and he bit and suckled at his partner's neck tenderly now, as though thanking him for putting up with each scrape of tooth, each bruise, each rough penetration over time.

Inoue drew back and slid inside once more slowly, taking his time now that his prey was caught and impaled, helpless to run as his legs were gripped in strong hands.

Reven groaned, even louder now, as Inoue breached him, thrusting in fully, filling him. He was crushed up against the wall, his ribcage hard against the marble, his hands holding himself firm as his lower body was lifted and possessed, again and again. He was in Inoue's hands, desired and used, just as he'd dreamed of. Inoue's mouth caressed him as he bent over his taut back, and his strokes grew slower, longer, more sensual than fierce.

Yet still pushing into Reven with the pace of his own need and strength.

Reven could hear that damned whimpering again - and he knew it was from his own mouth. His breath was panting; his own cock bounced and complained at his groin. He thought he'd never get tired of feeling Inoue inside him.

The air in Inoue's lungs left him faster than he could draw it in, sucking back gasps of pleasure as he began to thrust with a little more speed, a little more hunger. Reven was clenching him tightly and making those delicious sounds, his face pressed to the wall and his expression so desperate...

He growled with a sadistic pleasure and thrust harder, faster, deeper-- pushing himself into the body that belonged to him. Soft groans of pleasure escaped his own lips as he thrust, loving the press of his hips to the smooth backside, the twisting of this man's body above him, around him, before him.

Inoue bit down on Reven's shoulder fiercely as he bucked against the man as fast as he could with his injuries, feeling his stitches burn and his own blood spill and living in the pain, soaring through the pleasure, needing the stimulation.

Reven cried out aloud - Inoue was fast, and fierce, and he was dragged back and forth against him. He could feel the man's desperation - could feel his rising ecstasy. He held himself tight against him, drawing him in, desperate to please him. Inoue's voice panted and moaned against him; for a second, he smelled the tang of fresh blood in the damp air, and remembered that only an hour or so ago they'd stitched up a bullet wound; his partner was injured, and should have been taking things easy.

But Inoue's pace never faltered.

Reven remembered another occasion in the bathroom, another passionate time... and his fingers on Inoue's wounds, tantalising him. He knew that in Inoue's complex mind, the stimuli of pleasure and pain were irretrievably linked. He pressed back against the quickening thrusts, his back arching, his own nerves strung to the limit. He was his, like he'd declared many times.

Inoue came with a shudder as Reven's shoulder pressed into his wound, and his head fell forward, his forehead pressing to the youth's shoulder as he panted and held back his outcry of stinging pleasure.

He released his grip on Reven's thighs and let the man back onto his feet in the shower after thrusting a few more times to release the last of his seed, still panting heavily.

Reven felt his muscles complaining - the stinging feeling of Inoue's skin tight against his ass - the throb of delight as Inoue spent himself inside him.

As he was let loose again, his feet found their ground almost shakily, and he leant against the wall, panting himself. There was water running down the wall, refreshing his flushed face; there was a trickle of seed running down his leg, warming his skin. His limbs shook; he could still feel the imprint of Inoue all over him.

He ached everywhere - and not just from being taken.

His head was full of the smell of the man, the slight tang of blood, acting as a remembrance of the things they'd suffered together.

His arms ached from holding himself upright, his palms were almost cut with the pressure of his fisted fingers, trying not to touch himself as instructed.

His cock sprang up from his groin, swollen red, glistening with angry desire. No comfort there - no satisfaction there. There was water on his body, bruises on his hips, and maybe the trail of blood on his shoulder from Inoue's wound.

Was it his turn now? When was it his turn? Was it Inoue's idea to leave him in agony like this?

Eiji watched Reven standing there in the shower, not seeming to be doing much of anything. He took the initiative and stepped closer to his former Owner, closing the space between them and wrapping his arms around the man's waist softly.

The redhead winced slightly at the pain in his body, but pushed it aside, too focused on wanting to be as close to Reven as possible.

He nuzzled his face into the damp, soft locks before him and closed his eyes with a contented sigh, a small smile playing on his lips. He didn't have to pretend to be Inoue any more-- he could smile freely again. "You're shaking," he whispered softly, slight surprise in his voice, though he didn't move, his breathing soft and calming.

Reven tensed; the voice at his ear was so familiar - and yet...

"Eiji?" he murmured. His body shook slightly at the hands on him; the caressing hands; the welcoming hands. God, he wanted the man!

He could feel the lips on his body, the stillness of the strong body that belied the passion that had just wracked it. He turned himself slowly, coming to face the other man in the shower.

The eyes were dark and as deep violet as ever. The wound on his shoulder looked angry, re-opened with their exertions. The body was strong and exciting... and the expression was one of eagerness and desire.

Desire to please Reven.

"On your knees," Reven hissed. He tried hard to recall the feeling of surrendering to this man - the need to be one with him. But the overriding need now was the ache in his body that called for release.

An Eiji complied, sinking easily and willingly in front of him. Reven stretched a hand to turn off the flowing water, leaving just the trickle of heat and steam around them. He reached for Eiji's head, tangling his hands in the red locks, dark with their soaking, and he tugged him towards his groin.

The redhead gasped softly with delight at the order, and the feel of the long slender fingers gripping his hair firmly. It had been a while since he had completely submitted to Reven's needs, and he too wanted it-- craved it.

He looked up at the dark-haired man from his place on his knees, and part of Inoue flared inside him, shooting Reven a defiant look.

Reven let the laugh inside him slip out - just a short cry of pure pleasure. The passion in the other man's eyes, looking up at him - he was afraid he'd come, just from gazing at that! He could see Eiji's hunger - and Inoue's defiance. The mix was a heady thing - an exotic thing!

The full lips dipped down on to him, drawing him into the mouth greedily, the tongue sliding around his shaft, sucking and laving.

Shit! Reven felt his knees weakening already, the caress was confident, the effect was mesmerising. He felt the throb of his need coiling in the pit of his stomach. He'd not last long!

"Down!" he barked. "Turn round, forehead to the floor -"

Who the hell was he, he thought, giving order like this to Inoue? It thrilled him afresh - the danger was part of it all, he realised. Not knowing quite which persona he had at his feet! But he'd not hold back from it.

Eiji slipped his mouth off his cock, surprise on his face. He wriggled round on his knees at Reven's feet and dipped his head to the floor, bending easily at the waist. His ass was in front of Reven, lifted up by the movement.

Reven could hear panting, his own. He didn't dare wait to speak, or to explain, or to ask -

He sank to his own knees behind Eiji, splashing in the remains of the shower water, and he parted the muscled cheeks eagerly.

He guided the painful head of his arousal to the entrance - he pressed down at the taut skin of Eiji's back, marvelling at the feel of the heated skin - the view of the redheaded man offered up to him like this. He slid into him with a groan of absolute delight.

Eiji shivered under him, but it felt like a pleasurable response. He arched under Reven, the movement drawing him even further in. Reven began to draw out, then thrust back in. It'd be very fast - it'd be very sharp!

The ecstasy rolled over him in seconds; a deep, guttural agony inside of him, even as he thrust again and Eiji melded up against him. He shouted with it - gripped at Eiji's hips, and his climax burst up into the man at his feet, ripples of aftershock making him shudder on top of him.

Eiji cried out helplessly as the pleasure of Reven's climax shot inside of him. It had been far too long since he'd felt Reven's need for him, hunger for him-- he had felt almost neglected with Reven's lust for Inoue...

He understood why it was that his Owner paid so much attention to Inoue... that didn't mean he had to like it.

A soft whimper bled from his lips as he shuddered and felt Reven draw out from him. It had been over far too soon in his opinion.

Eiji shifted his position until he was sitting against the cooling marble of the shower wall, and he pulled one leg up to his chest, hugging it and resting his chin on his knee as he stared at Reven, a troubled expression on his face.

Was this how it would always have to be? Would he have to use Inoue to get Reven riled, and then steal what was left of Reven's arousal as Eiji?

He didn't want to be the submissive personality that eventually faded away... he wanted to stay, to watch Reven grow, to support his partner and know the comfort of a kind companion.

Inoue frowned slightly and dismissed the thoughts, pushing Eiji to the side and pulling Reven by the back of his neck into a quick kiss, as though to prove only he could demand what he wanted of this man with the long black locks.

Reven felt the return of the other man's aggression as his lips demanded his response. Their bodies were calming; cooling. Reven was suddenly aware of how wet he was, and how his muscles sighed with weariness. And he could see the slowly oozing blood at Inoue's shoulder, crying for attention.

He put a hand to Inoue's face, lightly - trying perhaps to see the two sides of the man in his eyes. Trying to see if this was to be the pattern for the future; trying to understand how they would all live together - how they'd work together.

He'd take whatever Inoue gave him, he knew that.

But he had his own needs to consider, too.

"Want that towel now?" he asked, softly, a smile teasing at the corner of his mouth. "Then we can stitch you up again."

Eiji laughed softly and nodded, stealing one last soft kiss before standing slowly. He took the towel Reven offered, but rather than wrap it about himself, he threw it about the both of them, pulling Reven so that they were in an embrace, the towel shrouding their shoulders.

The redhead brushed his lips on Reven's cheeks carefully before simply hugging the man close, letting his eyes slide shut and revelling in the moment.

"I don't want stitches," he said softly, even as Inoue raged against the words Eiji was saying. "No more needles right now. Just let me touch you, smell you, kiss you."

He released the breath he had been holding, his voice unsteady.

If Reven allowed Eiji to continue these chaste kisses and this warm embrace, he wouldn't try and end it either. He didn't want to go on the hunt they had agreed to-- he didn't want to confront his original Owner.

Owner still frightened him to the core, and thinking about it sent shivers across his skin and down his spine.

It was warm inside the embrace - the water had trickled to a halt; Eiji’s' skin felt dry and smooth against his. Reven relaxed against the strong arms and took the kiss eagerly. He wanted nothing more than to turn his head and take Eiji's lips on his... he knew how much they both enjoyed that - knew how much time they could spend, just savouring each other.


But that was the issue, wasn't it?

"Eiji - no," he said gently, and the towel slipped from his shoulders, leaving the other man standing apart from him. "We must see to you - make the wound well. We've got work to do, remember? Or more men will come - more trouble will follow us."

Reven was feeling the chill now, and he felt uncomfortable, watching the expressions dart across Eiji's startled face. It might even have been fear - but how could that be, with Inoue?

"Inoue?" he said, sharply. "I need you with me on this. I can't do this without you!"

Inoue. Inoue, Inoue, Inoue!

He didn't want to hear the name any more. Fuck Inoue!

Eiji watched Reven draw away and call out for his lover, his mentor. It was only natural for the man to want Inoue rather than Eiji-- he needed somebody strong right now, didn't he? He needed somebody to rely on, not the other way around.

Eiji was just a burden...

But it didn't change a damn thing! He didn't want to go see his first Owner! He didn't want any needles!

"Then let's not do it!" he whispered pleadingly. "Let’s just run away where nobody will find us, where Owner can't hurt you, Reven, and can't hurt me any more!"
Inoue quickly put a stop to that. "No, we will go. I will see the man that ruined your life dead, as well as the man that ruined Eiji's life, and my own. No matter what the cost."

He frowned deeply, used the towel to dry the rest of himself off, and stalked off to find the first aid kit, internally lashing at Eiji for being a coward.

Reven had felt the prickle on the back of his neck again - the one that warned him of trouble. If Inoue hadn't reasserted himself...

He understood both of them, he realised. The cold, professional killer that was Inoue - the man who cared for him, but knew always what had to be done, and sought out that life.
And Eiji - the man who gave himself readily for him; gave him care and an empathy that the former Inoue had never really shown. His life had been a living hell for the last few years; he was entitled to some fear, some weakness, surely?

But not now, thought Reven, brutal with both himself and his partner. There were things that had been beyond tolerance - things that they must attend to. That he was determined to attend to! He stepped out of the shower. He'd get dressed - see to Inoue's wound. They must plan how to find the man behind all this, the man who had trespassed into their life once too often.

Inoue sat on the edge of the bed, wiping away a few last trickles of blood and iodine with a clean cloth as he heard Reven enter the room. He turned his head away from the dark-haired man and pushed the needle into his own flesh.

It wasn't about rejecting Reven's help-- it was about teaching Eiji his place.
He would not tolerate insolence when it came to his hard-set missions, not even frown his own alternate personality.

The needle sank through the skin and Inoue worked quickly and accurately, stitching up the broken seams without flaw. He tied off the last knot and picked up the knife from the kit, slicing off the excess and dead flesh as well as cutting the thread, before wiping away the blood once more with the cloth.

When finished, he sighed and placed the needle on the night stand, looking over at Reven and trying to gauge the youth's expression. "He needs to be kept in check for the next while; he's scared out of his wits," he muttered darkly.

Reven stared at Inoue - at the consummate professional. "I know," he said, softly. He wondered how Inoue felt, talking about himself as if he were another man entirely. Reven accepted it - like he always accepted the way that Inoue was. Didn't mean he understood it - or would let it come between them and what they had to do. That was one area he was in full agreement with Inoue on.

"We can both attend to that," he said, briskly. "It won't be a problem. What will be an issue is tracing those guys back to the man who sent them. I guess it's the same guy who's always been in charge - who's always been in the background, since I was with Chad, and since we've worked in this city. It's nothing but a power struggle, Inoue - and we're in his way. But although he wants us, it won't be easy for us to find him... unless we can get someone to talk."

Inoue sighed bitterly. "There's one person who knows where to look," he muttered, wishing Eiji was before him so he could give the man a good smack for his childlike fears. "But I doubt he'd exactly lead you there by the hand unless you tied him up or something."

He stood and walked to the closet, rummaging through the clothes and picking out what he wanted to wear for the man who had single-handedly destroyed everything Inoue had ever come to care about.

"Who?" Reven wanted to know - dammit, he'd go single-handed and get this man, and make him tell them what they wanted to know…

"Eiji," Inoue said flatly, looking at Reven over his shoulder and wishing now that he had something to throw. He settled for a shirt, which he threw at the youth's head before pulling out a second shirt for himself, and slipping it on slowly, cautious of his wound.

Reven let the smile flicker across his eyes - a smile tinged with concern. He picked up the shirt, handling it thoughtfully. What sorta weird psychology was Inoue considering, playing with his own psyche? And still the describing him in the third person...

"So - you wanna ask him, then?" he asked. "Persuade him to tell us about this guy? Tell us what and where to look? We must get started." He walked over to where Inoue was dressing himself and put a hand to his shoulder. "Or shall I do it? Will he lead me to him? Will he - you - trust me?"

"It isn't a matter of trust," Inoue said quietly, knowing exactly where Reven was going with the questions. "It's a matter of getting him to shut up and do it. Which he won't be able to, without a lot of rope and something to stuff in his mouth to keep him from whimpering. So yes, it will probably be up to you to keep him in line when I can't."

He frowned. "But tying me up at the same time as him isn't wise. In other words..." He pulled on his pants and buttoned them quickly, as Reven dressed alongside him. "...You'll probably have to keep an eye on him like a child. Grip his arm, smack him when he gets foolish."

Yeah, thought Reven, grimly. And the day i misjudge which kid I'm slapping around, I get Inoue turn on me and snap my neck like a cocktail stick! But he faced Inoue and grinned. "Sure," he said. "Whatever gets the job done."

Eiji turned his face away from Reven as he slipped on the coat and tied his hair back, keeping his lips pressed tightly together to keep them from trembling. As long as Reven couldn't see his face or hear him speak, he was safe with the dark-haired man assuming he was Inoue.

Which was what he wanted.

Not only did Inoue look down upon him... but Reven was being encouraged to do the same by Inoue!

But that was the least of his worries.

He did not... did not want to go back there, to see his first Owner, to smell that place, remember its horrors...

A shudder rang through him and he wrapped his arms around his stomach, still facing away from Reven as Inoue barked at him angrily in silence.

"I'll take you wherever you want to go," he whispered softly, clenching his sides as old scars throbbed.