He didn't know why... but he was aroused as hell.

Inoue within him was still reeling, in agony over the flood of remembrance.

Eiji within him was weeping bitterly, and yet thrilling at the fact that he had just taken so many lives so easily, so skillfully.

He-- whoever he was-- was aroused beyond belief, beyond logic, even though he knew he should be disturbed... but he wasn't.

His erection strained against the tight jeans he wore, and he massaged it through the denim with one hand while deepening the kiss with Reven. The ring on his collar clinked with the quick, hungry movements he made, trying his best to get speedy reactions from his partner, trying to get that many more steps closer to being able to fuck, for the love of god!

Eiji and Inoue, together and at once, realized the same thing; the redhead paled and halted his kisses momentarily as the throbbing length he had been kneading between his legs was actually thought about.

He was hard.

After so long... after near three years... hard!

He shuddered and dove in for another kiss with even more passion. Reven was going to be his once more, in every sense of the word.

It was like kissing another man entirely! Reven opened his eager mouth and took in the fierce, probing tongue - felt the aggressive teeth at his lips, tasting him so hungrily that he felt consumed.

He grabbed at the ring on Inoue's collar, tugging him closer, matching his aggression with some of his own. He wanted to be this man's lover again, as it had been - but there'd been years in between. He was a more mature man himself now - and he'd also had the possessive thrill of Eiji in his bed.

They were meeting on terms that were different now - but still gloriously the same!

Clutched tightly to Inoue, stumbling backwards towards the bed, he felt the heat at Inoue's groin - the hard column pressed greedily at his thighs. Fuck - he'd not felt that for years!

His senses swam, his breath shortened painfully - the sensation swamped him with exciting, eager memories. He fell back down on the bed, spread-eagled under the red-haired man, staring up at him with wild eyes. He fumbled at his own pants, as if he couldn't get them off quickly enough.

He didn't want to lose Inoue now! Whatever had just happened in the apartment, whatever it meant for both of them - he wasn't going to lose this chance to have Inoue back inside him, taking him, claiming him!

"Want you," he gasped. "Now! Now! I'm yours - you must know that -"

The proper mental setting wasn't completely right in his head as he stared down at the body lain out beneath him... he saw a man with midnight hair and dark eyes, he saw his Owner, he saw Reven, he saw a child in an alley near tears with his leg cut up...

But he saw the body beneath him, he knew it, and he wanted it.

The redhead unzipped his own pants quickly, barely bothering to pull them halfway down his hips before helping Reven to pull off his as well, then pushing the younger man's legs apart quickly.

His breathing was ragged and his heart thundered in his chest as though he had run miles, and Inoue dove in for another heated kiss as he pressed the head of his erection against Reven's entrance.

He couldn't, wouldn't wait another second, not another minute before entering Reven! Eiji wanted to apologize beforehand for the pain this was going to cause his owner, and Inoue wanted to tell him to take it like a man...

The redhead said nothing as he thrust slowly into the tight channel, feeling it squeeze around his length and grip it firmly as Reven cried out.

He bit down on Reven's neck with too much force, intentionally causing immediate red marks to appear, which would probably bruise later.

This man was his-- his, again!

Shit, it had been so long -!

Reven tried to relax - the incredible excitement of Inoue's cock pressing into his tight entrance should have been enough to overcome the pain. The thrusting was dry and sharp; he'd not had anyone inside him since Inoue had left his life, nor since Eiji had returned.

He bit at his lip to try to keep back the cries - Inoue wouldn't suffer any complaint, when it was obvious that they both wanted this.

He concentrated on the man above him; the excitement and delight in his face as he sank deeper and deeper into him. He stretched his legs wider, pressing the knees up around Inoue's straining body. He reached hands up to grab at the still-dressed body, feeling the tightening muscles of Inoue's torso as he thrust himself again and again into Reven's willing body.

When Inoue bent to his neck, Reven bared it for him to take, and mark.

Reven's own cock was thick and red with need, and it was rubbed painfully tightly against his belly when Inoue pressed down on him.

It took only a couple more rocks of their combined bodies, and the sudden shock of Inoue's teeth in the sweaty skin of his neck, and Reven felt the climax hurtling through him.

He groaned, and felt the hot, glutinous seed hiccupping out of him, the flesh of his swollen cock throbbing, almost too sensitive to bear more touch. The stuff coated their bellies - it slid slickly between the bare skin of their groins, as Inoue continued to pound into him.

The Inoue in him was quickly being overpowered by the Eiji in him, and within several more thrusts there were tears flowing down his cheeks.

He lifted his face and closed his eyes as he simply braced his palms on the sheets beneath him and thrust into the body surrounding him, blazing with heat. His lips remained parted as he simply panted and felt the tears flow, knowing now why Reven had made such noises while doing this to him in the past, and yet knowing at the same time that he had always been able to do this until he had become Eiji.

His eyes flew open as he came within the younger man with a long moan, and once he had thrust several more times to draw out any last droplets of seed, he collapsed on top of Reven, closing his arms around his partner firmly, gripping him well beyond comfort.

This was his.

He shuddered and pressed his cheek against Reven's chest, smearing away the tears against the smooth skin and closing his eyes once more.

Yes, his... and everything was right in his world once more; or, as right as things ever could be. He felt complete again, and perhaps even more than complete, having now two sides to himself rather than one, plus having Reven for himself once more.

The man with violet eyes sighed softly as he let his head rest against the broad, muscled chest beneath him and let the steadying heartbeat serve as reassurance that this really was happening, and not just a dream.

For the first time in far too many years, he felt right again.

Reven held him - it was all he wanted to do. He had a man in his arms that he'd thought was lost to him - not once, but twice, for the man that he'd rescued and nursed back to some semblance of health had still been a cipher to him in many ways.

A damaged, disturbed being, with his own name Eiji, with his own painful memories.

But this body in his arms felt like a real person - oh, it was still new in some ways, still disturbing to him. But he could feel that it was a man who wanted him, and connected with him, and was touching him with far more than mouth and cock.

It was someone who would challenge him with passion and anger - who'd take him with both selfishness and desire.

A man he could live his life with.

He tightened his arms round Inoue, their bodies relaxing against each other.