The Fall of Gondolin

unofficial supplement for the GW's LOTR BSG



Hello and welcome to my website, home to the unofficial supplement 'The Fall of Gondolin' based on the works of J.R.R Tolkien using the Games Workshops Lord of the Rings BSG gaming system.

The fan made supplement is available for download on this very website. It is set back in the First Age, before the treachery of Sauron and the forging of the great Rings of Power. Included within these pages are stats for mighty elven heroes named in the Silmarillion such as King Turgon and Tuor. There is the possibility of creating your own elven lords for each of the twelve houses of the Gondolindrim. The good side have the chance to wield battalions of the houses that make up Gondolin, each with their special trait. Like any decent supplement the evil side has not been forgotten, introducing mighty Fire Drakes and Balrog warriors to spice things up!

There are also twelve scenarios linked into a campaign format depicting the Gondolins Fall; narrated in four acts through the eyes of a surviving elf. Whilst writing this supplement I have tried to include scenarios to suit each game type, so there’s a mixture of siege games, skirmishes, as well as medium sized battles. Finally, two more scenarios can be found in the appendix; depicting the role of the Gondolindrim during the first age, before Gondolin fell.

The website also contains more detailed guides for converting and painting your miniatures to play the game along with battle reports on the scenarios played. If you have any questions, comments or have suggestions on how to improve please don't hesitate to contact me by sending me an email (entitled 'Fall of Gondolin') to

Happy Gaming!