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Back online?!?

Unfortunatelly, TheWatsonOnline is closed forever, all our work there is lost and it will never be back. In order to not definitelly leave the "Watson Web World", I have 3 posibillities:

- Getting hosted, with Aya, at Fan-Sites.org!

- Enjoying the staff group at Totally-Emma, along with Ares!

- Re-opening Fabulous Emma Watson!

Well, in a week, I should know which option to choose and I'll give you a verdict. Just in case that I will be back here, the content is on revamp! Buh-bye!

Another OotP press conference!

Emma attended at another OotP press conference in London yesterday, on 26th of June, and 10 lovely pictures with Emma have surfaced on RexFeatures! Here they are, tagged, unfortunatelly!


View them all?

A huge credit goes to EW.net for these lovely pictures!

OotP London Photocall!

Three days after the London press conference for the fifth Harry Potter movie, a photocall was held in London, on 25th of June! Emma Watson, Katie Leung, Evanna Lynch, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were there and here are some pictures from the photocall!



Big thanks to Daniel-Radcliffe.net for these!

OotP conferences...photocalls!

Here we are! If you can't check them at TheWatsonOnline, you can check them here!

We're starting with the London press conference for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which took place on 22th of June. Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe have attended and we have 6 pictures from it! Doesn't Emma looks awesome?

Thanks to EW.net for these pictures!

Back online...for a few days!

Hello dears! Honestly, I've never thought that I'll be back online here! But never say never isn't it? Hhihi! It's a great pleasure to update again, but you won't find me here more than 3 or 4 days! Unfortunatelly, TheWatsonOnline is having problems and because Ares is out of town for a couple of days, we can't repair them.

Because of these problems, we're very late with the news, which are surfacing more faster! To not loose all the news which are posted, I thought to post a part of them here, till the web-site will be back online!

Beside the whole photoshoots which were taken in the past weeks, like the Bravo photoshoot (loads of new adorable pictures with Emma), the ones from Tatler magazine or Sugar magazine, many OotP promotionalls  came out. From the regular on the set pictures to the press conferences ones! Curious? Check the pharagraph above!


...The end is always a new beginning!

Dear Fabulous Emma Watson netters,

I know there were many good times and many unforgetable moments. You might remember the days with more that 3 pharagraphs of news, with loads of new pictures and graphics. We've had so many news about Emma, about Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix these months that is hard to say witch one was the best. And certainly the Emma and Harry Potter news will still came out, maybe more captivating than before, because OotP will came out very soon.

There were great moments for us too. It was a big pleasure to work at Fabulous Emma Watson for you, for all the Emma Watson fans around the world! But all good things come to an end, isn't it? I was a great experience for us to work here, but it's time to move on!

Kelly is going to leave Fabulous Emma Watson and it will be definitelly, unfortunatelly she won't work at any other web-site in the near future. We are both very busy with school in this period, because we have exams in june so we couldn't be able to post as soon as we want to. You must to know that it's her decision to leave, she spend great times here but for both of us, it's time for something else.

And about me, Iza, I won't definitelly leave the online Emma world! My work at Faboulous Emma Watson is finished, but if you want you can see me at The Watson Online! I was very glad when Ares offered me the chance to work there so I couldn't refuse! I've aleadry started my work at The Watson Online so since now you'll find me there!

What you musn't forgot is that we'll always be Emma fans, nothing has changed and most important nothing can change our great opinion about Emma! We were very happy to work at Fabulous Emma Watson, I hope you enjoyed your stay here and you appreciated our work!

Don't forget that the end is always a new beggining!

Iza & Kelly

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