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I have written many poems over the years and have also won many awards and was chosen Poet Of 2007. All my Poems are Copyrighted @

I hope you'll enjoy all my poems as many have over the years. I look forward to writing more and having them published here and @ All my Poems are in there books.

I have become a Poet because I write mine that reflect what I have endured during life and have seen through people and what life has to offer. Poetry can have a meaning for many things.

About People, Places and Things. Or just have that certain personal meaning.

While reading my Poems, Please try and put yourself into the poem, Why? It will make sense if you do.

This is how I write my Poems. I have to actually put myself into the state of mind to write the Poem and to make it *make sense*

What matters is I love writing them when I can. I will share them here when I add new ones.

For those who view my site, I appreciate it alot, and hope you'll visit more often.




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