Explosive Runes

The Official Magazine of DnDonlinegames


Explosive Runes publishes fantasy, horror, and science-fiction role-playing games, or anything related to play-by-post and DnDonlinegames. The magazine also accepts some short stories and fiction, as well as artwork. Although Explosive Runes is dedicated to members of DnDonlinegames, anyone is welcome to submit material. There is no word count, but shorter works under 5,000 words are preferred. No payment. All rights remain with the individual authors. Email all queries and submissions to explosiverunes@hotmail.com.

Current Issue

Issue #6, featuring articles by Orcbane, Lushmoss, Jason Duke, Robert Bee, Kristine Ong Muslim, Rick McQuiston, Terquem, and artwork by LadyofHats, Artsoldier35, MagpieManny, kedcoleman, and Ascendant.

Past Issues

Issue #5, featuring articles by Cleokatrah, Dinkleberg, Eggydez, Bill Kte'pi, Jason Duke, and artwork by Quiet, LadyofHats, Steven Adams, and Travis Akin.












Issue #4, featuring articles by Securis, Jason Duke, Eggydez, Saros, Orcbane, Evil/Insane_Genius, and artwork by LadyofHats, Steven Adams, Kenneth Sowinski, and Travis Akin











Issue #3, featuring articles by Securis, Sine Semper, Jason Duke, Eggydez, Evil/Insane_Genius, Anon, Hyoban, Orcbane, Eoghan, Saros, and artwork by LadyofHats, Ascendant, Black Knight, Quiet, Wiseman20, and Jason Duke






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