Exit-201 Dairy Goats & Post Exotics

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Welcome to Exit 201 Dairy Goats & Post Exotics

We have a small herd of Registered Alpines. I started raising dairy goats with my family in Minnesota in 1979. We have had every breed of dairy goats but now we all have our own breeds. My sister, Krista (Libra) Matson, owns purebred Toggenburgs (Marshland Toggs). My mother, Linda, has Nubians, Lamanchas and the last of my Oberhasli's (Marshland Dairy Goats).  

In 1994, I moved to South Dakota and my husband and our children are enjoying the animals. After several years of breeding Lamanchas and Oberhasli, we decided to start in Alpines.  We have attended Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas State Fair.  We do try to attend the ADGA National shows, when they are relatively close.

Our farm includes more than just Dairy Goats. There is a herd of Camels and other miscellaneous exotics. Our camels include a group of breeding females, one bull and one gelding. All are dromedary (one-hump) camels.  Baby Camel calves are available December - April.

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