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Not Quite Paradise                
Summary: Not Quite Paradise but it sure looks like home.                         
Song: Not Quite Paradise by Bliss.                                                          
Focus: City of Atlantis/Team      

There's a Hero 
Summary: There’s a hero in everybody’s heart.
Song: There's a Hero by Billy Gilman.
Focus: Team.

Summary: Don't wanna think about my sorrow.
Song: Jump by Simple Plan
Focus: Team.

Kick Ass!
Summary: The team kicks ass.
Song: El Distorto Melodica (Instrumental) by Everclear.
Focus: Team.

Day That I Die
Summary: I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that I died.
Song: Day That I Die by Good Charlotte.
Focus: Team.

Here's to the Night
Summary: Here's to goodbye tomorrow's going to come to soon.
Song: Here'e to the Nigh by Eve 6.
Focus: Team.

Hit the Floor
Summary: Let the bodies hit the floor.
Song: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool.
Focus: Team.

Find Yourself
Summary: That's when you find yourself.
Song: Find Yourself by Brad Paisley.
Focus: Team.

Summary: I will not die, I'll wait here for you In my time of dying
Song: Time of Dying by Three Days Grace.
Focus: Team.

Summary: Oh, Life is waiting for you so messed up, but we're alive oh, Life is waiting for you so messed up, but we'll survive.
Song: Life by Our Lady Peace.
Focus: Team.

New Opening Credits
Summary: My own version of the Stargate: Atlantis opening credits. Seems like everyone else has done one so I decided to give it a shot.
Song: Stand my Ground by Within Temptation.
Note: Since I was without access to my own clips at the time of making this vid the clips used were downloaded from:
Also I didn't use the whole song only like the last minute or so.

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