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Soul Sucker
Summary: You cannot, cannot suck my soul.
Song: Soul Sucker by 311.
Focus: The Wraith.

Brothers Under the Sun
Summary: You are my brother - my brother under the sun.
Song: Brothers Under the Sun by Bryan Adams.
Focus: John, Rodney, friendship.

Summary: Confusing reality...I see myself but it's not really me.
Song: Dreams by Taproot.
Focus: Teyla.

Summary: Iím Breaking the habit Tonight.
Song: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park.
Focus: Ford.

Summary: I assume this is punishment for all the mistakes I've made.
Song: A Lesson Learned by Limp Bizkit.
Focus: McKay.

Chick Magnet
Summary: Well he's a chick magnet, if ya know what I mean.
Song: Chick Magnet by MxPx.
Focus: Sheppard.

Boy Crazy
Summary: This song goes out to girls that we haven't met just yet this song is for stupid girls who think that every boy is all about them.
Song: Boy Crazy by New Found Glory.
Focus: The Woman.

Summary: I'm a renegade survivor a new age warrior and I'm trottin da universe searching for the future.
Song: Renegade Survivor by Wailing Souls.
Focus: Ronon.

Last Night in Town
Summary: Everyone knows now that every night now will be Steven's last night in town.
Song: Steven's Last Night in Town by Ben Folds Five.
Focus: Steve, Wraith.

Summary: Scooby Doby Doo where are you? We need some help from you now.
Song: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? by MxPx.
Focus: McKay.

Summary: She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth, and she's dangerous.
Song: She's a Rebel by Green Day.
Focus: Weir.

Wake Me Up
Summary: As my memory rests, but never forget what I lost. Wake me up when September ends.
Song: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.
Focus: Weir.

Against the World
Summary: I'm a lost cause, not a hero but I'll make it on my own I've gotta prove them wrong.
Song: Me Against the World by Simple Plan.
Focus: Sheppard, Some Team.

Summary: We can be tranquil and thankful and proud for man's been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud. And we know for certain that some lovely day someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away.
Song: The Merry Minuet (They're Rioting in Africa) by Kingston Trio.
Focus: Everybody.

A Soldier's Heart
Summary: You were ready to die for our sake and that takes a soldier's heart.
Song: A Soldier's Heart by R Kelly.
Focus: The Soldiers.

Freaking Out
Summary: Spinning round, spinning round, I've fallen down I cannot seem to keep from freaking out.
Song: Freaking Out by Adema.
Focus: McKay.

Tearing Away
Summary: I don't care about anyone else but me, I don't care about anyone or anything but me.
Song: Tearing Away by Drowning Pool.
Focus: Kavanagh.

Don't Wanna Grow Up
Summary: Donít wanna be told to grow up and I donít wanna change I just wanna have fun.
Song: Grow Up by Simple Plan.
Focus: Sheppard, McKay.

Just a Kid
Summary: I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare.
Song: I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan.
Focus: Michael.

Blue Eyes
Summary: No one bites back as hard on their anger none of my pain and woe can show through.
Song: Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit.
Focus: McKay.

The Man Song
Summary: A man's go to do what a man's got to do!...and I'm going to do what you tell me to.
Song: The Man Song by Sean Morey.
Focus: The Guys.

Summary: Can't you hear my heartbeat, hear the way it pounds?
Song: Anxiety (Get Nervous) Song by Pat Benatar.
Focus: Beckett.

Summary: So what if you can see, the darkest side of me, no one will ever change this animal I have become.
Song: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.
Focus: Ronon.

Just Another Name
Summary: Everybody knows your name, but they don't know who you are, but to them it's just the same yeah you're just another name,
Song: Just Another Name by Lifehouse.
Focus: Weir.

How Could this Happen to Me
Summary: I open my eyes, I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light. I can't remember how, I can't remember why I'm lying here tonight.
Song; Untitled by Simple Plan
Focus: Weir

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