Worldwide and european B2C and B2B

European medical distribution made effectively through daily shipments

Through our + 26 years of experience in distribution of medical products-suplies in Europe-worldwide, we know how shipments should be made in a cost-effective, secure and quick way.
But is distribution all that counts ?

We were the first cross-border operating sales operation of a US multinational, now stock-quoted.
Even before country borders were open In Europe, we already found solutions in 1991 and turned geographical country borders and other borders into opportunities.

The combination of the knowledge of reimbursement schemes - if existing -  permits us further to fine-tune through the right distribution channels.

We invest in language-skills (7 languages spoken) and so break down language walls in this single european market-wordwide.

Through an internet presence with rapidly increasing positive response, we further close the fysical gap towards high potential customers and increasing .
Our new website(s) are in preparation so that the already existing quality of our distribution services in Europe will also be reflected in a more technical manner.

What else can we do for you ?
Prospection of the healthcare market
We conduct different market surveys in the European and /or international market.
Our premier goal is to give you:
  • a different approach towards your customers
  • a realistic approach
  • a complete understanding of your competitors
  • a full report on your strenghts and weaknesses,and a comparison from the customers point of view
What we don't do:
  • we don't buy market reports or surveys,which repeat what your competitors wanted to say during so called in-depth interviews with market leaders.

Consultancy medical device market

We accept consultancy demands for companies who:
  • want to hear if they are good,or can become better
  • want to put performance and quality into their management team
  • want to take the best out of every action undertaken
  • want to be creative
  • want to be productive
  • want to see what's going wrong : in this perspective we are actually hired and start to work in your company,and make a straight analysis of good and bad things,things that can be changed and where problems exist or might arise.
  • want to always perform better and never accept a given situation as definitive
  • want to improve their internet presence and surveillance with proven track records

Distribution medical devices on European scale.

We performed prospection,consultancy which may also result in a set up of direct distribution relationships which are only accepted if this is "your" best choice. We consider this as a mutual beneficial situation.Any potential conflictual situation will and shall be resolved within 24 hours. The lowest proven overhead costs in the medical health care distribution industry lead to these spin-offs(non-exhaustive list).
  • Exclusive distribution of orthopedic products
  • Exclusive distribution of OR equiment
  • Exclusive distribution of obesity applications
  • Exclusive distribution of geriatric applications
  • Fastest growing European mail order medical distribution company


 E.B.Materials bvba
 G Gezellelaan 36/2 (alleen op afspraak !-only on appointment)
 3550 Heusden-Zolder
 Tel :(0032) -(0)
 VAT I.D. BE0859589551


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