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Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other ASian Drama Traders welcome.

Welcome fellow drama addicts!!  Always happy to trade for something interesting. 

If you have nothing to trade with contact me anyway. We'll work something out. Distro is available if you can't trade.

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If it is an AVI feel free to ask if it is softsubbed. Also if pic and sub quality are not listed just ask.


These are series I have extras of you pay the shipping and they are yours:

Fuma No Kojiro  4 DVDs
Otousan  11 VCDS
Oyaji  11 VCDs

Most Wanted List

Aishteru Kaiyo
Karo Otto Otoko Tomodachi
Wagaya No Rekishi
Ie Naki Ko, 1994 Jinsei wa Jojo da (kimu taku drama)
HEre Is Greenwood!!  eps 8 and on live action

Bridal Mask
Ghost 2012
The Equator MAn
Innocent Man
Moon THat Embraces THe Sun
49 Days
The THird Hospital
THe King 2 Hearts
Golden TIme
April Kiss 
What Is Love?
A SUnny Plaace of the Young '95 Bae Yong Jun
You ANd I '97
Sons And Daughters
Rustic Period '02
Stormy Season
Ladies Of the PAlace
Miss Mermaid
Tears Of THe Dragon
Fox And Cotton Candy
Mr. Q
Who's My Love
Perfect Love
Sun-hee and Jin-hee
Lost Empire
Age Of Warriors
Dawn Of THe EMpire
King and Queen
Empress Myeong-sung 


Yawara ep 59 and on

Chinese dramas

Im always interested in Tiawanese and Chinese dramas!
Usually romantic comedy or action.

Really want
in something viewable on a DVD player.
At least GOOD Quality English subtitles are a must:


Coming Soon

Latest In


49 Days 5 DVDs ex pic and subs
Athena 6 DVDs ex pic and subs
Scent Of A Woman 6 DVDs 
Secret Garden 5 DVDs Ex pic and subs
The Moon Embracing The Sun 4 DVDs Ex pic and subs
Youre My Pet movie Ex pic and subs
The Concubine Ex pic and subs
HUngry 2 DVDS Ex pic and subs
Nazatoki Wa Dinner 2 DVDS Ex pic and subs
Karuma Tengu 13 DVDs Older Samurai Series Picture C+ subs excellent
Warare No Houkago/The Bridge Club TV 2 hr. special from early 90's (Old HIgh School friends play cards monthly together)   1 DVD  B- pic and excellent subs
Ue O Muite Arukou!/Going Straight Forward  1-12   6 DVDs  B- Pic and ex subs 
New Asadora Ohi-Sama 1-156  Ex pic and subs
Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakeri/Making It Through Season 2 ep 7 thru 49E  Season 3 Ep 1-30 (will be completing) 
Cloud above the Slope 3 Excellent pic and subs
Tokyo Wankei 3 DVDs  
Shoku-The Lady Shogun
Unubore Deka 4 dvds
Arikawa! Under the Bridge 3
Atami No Sousaken 2
Ai To Shi Wo Mitsumete/Looking at Love & Death 2
Fugoh Keiji 3
Fugoh Keiji II 
Pandora season 1   2
Quartet 2
Naka Nai To Kimeta Hi 2 
Mioka 2
Boss II  2
Bartender 2
School!   3
Kokosei Restaurant 2
Tempest 2 
Gaiji Keisatsu 2 
Kurumi No Heya 2
Koishite Akuma  2
Freeter Ie Wo 2
Q-10    2 
Kokoro  33 dvds
Takeda Shingen 10
Hoshi Kimi E   2
Ooku Dai-ishou  3 dvds
Mother 4
Diva Utahime 4
Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna 4
Under THe Same Roof Season 2/Hitotsu Yane no Shita    3 DVDs  ** New upgraded version**

Fuyu No Sakura 3
Pandora Season 2  3 DVDs
Okoku AKA The Lady Shogun and Her Men  1 

City Hunter 4
Beautiful Days 6
Treeless Mountain movie  1
Dream High 4
Brain 4
Paradise Ranch 4
The Princess' Man  5
Immortal Admiral Lee Soon Shin Vol 1 & 2   10 DVD