About Me

Dr. (AM) MInesh Choksi is a founder and CEO of Ethocare Medical Devices & Services, who has over 20 years of experience in health care industry. He is a science graduate from Guajrat University and started his career as a Medical Representative in 1986. He started his own business in the name of Ethocare Surgical Products in 1989 and later launched Medical Disposables, Plastic Disposable Examination  Gloves, Disposable Face Mask, Disposable Cap, Apron etc. He later on did his Naturopath from India and now wishes to diversify into many areas related to health care products and services. The company intends to expand into various Medical Devices & Equipments such as Medical Disposables, Kits -Surgeon's, Gynecology, AIDS, First Aid, Orthopedic Implants, Incinerator as well as Services, such as, Health Card -Medi-claim Insurance Services, Naturopath Centers, Medical Tourism, Bio-Medical Waste Management and Hospital related Medical Transcription/Medical Billing Services.