.eternal Mugen

                     Welcome to my Mugen site. You will find stages and other creations by me. Enjoy your stay. 


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*Added new stage by me and EXShadow - .EXCollab* 2/24/08



*EXShadow's stage is now hosted* 1/24/08



*Added new stage by me and EXShadow - .EXCollab* 1/20/08






*Hosted EXShadows stages* 12/27/07










*Added new stage* 11/26/07




*Added new stage* 11/22/07



*Added new palettes*11/22/07


*Added new stage* 11/21/07

*Added new stage* 11/17/07




*Updated Ryu Rooftop Night stage. Fixed color loss* 11/10/07



*Added new stage*  11/3/07


*Added 3 new palettes* 11/1/07


*Fixed download links* 10/31/07

*Added palettes* 10/31/07