Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

Chrysomelidae de Argentina

Subfamilia Cassidinae

Complete List of Specie

Tribus Stolaini

Anacassis exarata (Boheman,1854)

Distributed in Argentina and Uruguay. Photographed at Tandil, B.A. Province.


Anacassis cribrum argentina (Spaeth,1922)

Adulto/Adult - 10mm.  San Isidro, Prov. Buenos Aires


Chelymorpha indigesta (Boheman,1854)

Distributed in B.A., La Pampa, Tucuman and N.Argentina. also in Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Photographed at Costanera Sur Reserve in Buenos Aires Capital.


Tribus Omecerini


Subfamilia - Chrysomelinae

Calligrapha polyspila  (Germar,1821)

Photographed at San Isidro Natural Reserve, Buenos Aireas


Subfamilia - Galerucinae

Cacoscelis nigripenis

Buenos Aires Capital



Arroyo San Marcos, Prov. Cordoba


Prov. de Cordoba


San Isidro Natural Reserve, Buenos Aires


San Isidro, Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires Capital


Buenos Aires Capital


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