Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

Carabidae de Argentina

Subfamilia Harpalinae

Tribus Panagaeini

Brachygnathus festivus

Known from Argentina and Paraguay. Collected at Capilla del Monte,Base Cerro de Monte,

Cordoba Prov.


Tribus Harpalini

Notiobia (Anisotarsus) cupripennis (Germar,1824)

Collected at Tigre, B.A.Prov



Galerita collaris (Dejean,1826)

Collected at San Marcos Sierras, Cordoba Prov near light at night.


Subfamilia Carabinae

Calosoma (Castrida) retusum (Fabricius,1801)

Photographed at Entre Rios Prov. and B.A Prov (San Pedro).

common specie, Also distributed at Corrientes.


Calosoma argentiniensis

Photographed at Buenos Aires Capital and Entre Rios.


Subfamilia Cicindelinae

Tribus Cicindelini

Cylindera (Plectographa) apiata (Dejean,1825)

Photographed near a swamp at Tandil, B.A.


Odontocheila chrysis (Fabricius,1801)

Distributed in Argentina,Brasil,Peru,Venezuela,Uruguay,Paraguay,Bolivia and Guinea.

Photographed at Misiones Prov.

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