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Matthias Havinga: New CD - Dutch Delight - Organ music of the Golden Age

Upcoming releases: Music of Georg Böhm performed by Hans Davidsson

at the North German Baroque Organ in Örgryte nya kyrka, Göteborg, Sweden

Recorded with improved ULSI 3D technique

Erik Sikkema Studio records choir sound parts for movie 
music of Antonio Banderas' film Automata

Johannebergs Vokalensemble, conductor Jan Delemark
“A very fine album, one of 2014’s strongest. Compositionally it is very strong and at its core is a very clearly-told emotional dramatic story – fans of Ennio Morricone and John Williams will find much to enjoy… bolstered further by the crystal-clear recording and great performance by orchestra and choir.” (Movie Wave)

Organ Music by Max Reger

Henrico Stewen at the Lundén Organ,

Vasakyrkan, Gothenburg

This CD is available for sale at

Organ Music by Otto Malling

Sverker Jullander at the Lundén Organ

Vasakyrkan, Gothenburg

More information at Toccata Classics

The reissued ECHO 2011 winning recording of Henrico Stewen's 
Reger CD recorded at the Leipzig Thomaskirche is 
now available at 

Antonio Abroad

Edward C. Pepe plays Spanish music at the Organ of Oosthuizen, The Netherlands

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Sound example: Lingua.mp3

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Jean-Claude Zehnder - Hommage à Silbermann
250Jahre Silbermann-Orgel im Dom zu Arlesheim

Recorded with <ULSI> Technology Echo, anonymous, track 3. Sound sample

New Release! Schola Gothia: The Devine Mystery

Recorded with <ULSI> Technology Kyrie, Schola Gothia, track 2.



Sound file Toccata: Toccata.mp3

Max Reger - Organ Works: Henrico Stewen at the Sauer Organ of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig was awarded with an Echo Klassik 2011 in Germany (Solistische Einspielung des Jahres (20./21. Jh.)/ Orgel).

Released in June 2011:
Sverker Jullander at the Organ in Vasa Church, Gothenburg:
J.S. Bach - The Complete Organ Transcriptions by Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Read more and buy at Toccata Classics

Released in May 2011:
Haga Motettkör: Rainbow Suite: The Choral Compositions by Mikael Carlsson Noster.mp3

"Beautifully performed by the Haga Motettkör, conducted by Ulrike Heider, the album is exquisitely recorded by engineer Erik Sikkema who utilized his very own technique to capture a very authentic and vibrant sound of the choir". From the label MovieScoreMedia 's homepage

"This is a beautiful album. For those wanting a modern choral collection this is a must buy."
From Review Graveyard

Released in March 2011:

Matthias Havinga
: J.S.Bach - Italian Concertos

 Soundsamples click here
Matthias Havinga's debut-CD 'Johann Sebastian Bach - Italian Concertos' is released and can be ordered via his website. This CD features J.S.Bach's transcriptions of Italian Concerto's: sparkling, virtuoso organ music that transforms the organ into a dancing musical instrument ! The recording was made with my ULSI-technique at the Martti Porthan-organ (1998) of Kotka (Finland), where Matthias won the Third Kotka International Organ Competition in 2009, and it is issued under the international Brilliant Classics-label.

Matthias writes on his home page: "Recording engineer Erik Sikkema proved his qualities once again in the sublime sound quality of the recording, revealing every little detail."

Released in October 2010:

Heinrich Scheidemann

Karin Nelson, At the North German Organ in Örgryte New Church, Gothenburg III Versus I.mp3

Recorded with my ULSI Technique in Örgryte New Church, Gothenburg, February 16-17 and 19-20, 2010

You can order the double-CD from Intim Musik

July 2010:


Max Reger - Organ Works Toccata.mp3


Henrico Stewen at the Sauer Organ of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. Recorded in ULSI-technique.



A British Organ: Sounds of an Empire Theme.mp3


Jonathan Dimmock plays the 1871 "Father" Henry Willis organ located in Örgryte New Church, Gothenburg, Sweden. Recorded in ULSI-technique.


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March 2010:


Haydn Sonatas: Galanterien to Sturm und Drang/Ulrika Davidsson 


This CD features Ulrika Davidsson, one of Sweden's leading keyboard artists, playing selected Haydn sonatas on the clavichord and fortepiano. The selections demonstrate Haydn's stylistic range, from Galanterien to Sturm und Drang, and are performed on the most period appropriate instruments available.

Recorded in ULSI-technique at Eastman School of Music, USA Sonata in F.mp3 


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January 2010:
Erland Hildén - Meditation and Euphoria
Compositions by Erland Hildén performed by Helena Ek - vocals, Daniel Berg - marimba, Linnéa Fredricson - violin, Maria Henningsdotter-Lovnér - flute, and Erland Hildén - organ.
Recorded in ULSI-technique at Örgryte Nya kyrka, Gothenburg
To be ordered from Naxos Sweden

Jonathan Dimmock
The complete organ sonatas of Mendelssohn was recorded in Weissenau the Spring 2009.  Really a magnificent organ � built in 1787 by Holzhey (a favorite builder of Mendelssohn).  It�s now out on the Loft Recordings label. 4 Allegro c brio.mp3

To hear excerpts from this new CD, or to order directly from Jonathan Dimmock, Please visit his website:

And click on �Recordings�

Review in Choir & Organ, Sept./Oct. 2010
Those used to romanticised interpretations of Mendelssohn's sonatas may find this recording uncomfortable, especially in Werckmeister III temperament.  Mendelssohn, however, had a penchant for classically voiced organs and was full of praise for the southern German organ builder Johann Nepomuk Holzhey.  The 1787 organ in Weissenau, surviving in original condition, is an excellent choice.  Dimmock's recording succeeds in illustrating Mendelssohn's lineage to the great Bach tradition with extremely persuasive performances of the six organ sonatas.
- Rupert Gough



October 2009: Fuge Bach.mp3
The Last Schnitger Organ
Elizabeth Harrison plays the last organ built by the last generation of the Schnitger organbuilding family. The organ is situated in Bellingwolde, Groningen province, The Netherlands.
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Motette, MOT 13681
Karin Nelson plays on the organs of Sch�rding (2004) and Kirchdorf am Inn (2006), built by Karl Nelson, Sweden.

Magnificat-Vertonungen von Buxtehude, Weckmann, Pachelbel, J.S. Bach, Hieronymus Praetorius, Samuel Scheidt und Melchior Schildt
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Etcetera Records re-releases my more than 10 years old recording Canto Ostinato, played by Kees Wieringa and Polo de Haas. Again proof of a high technical quality recording. Thanks Etcetera and good luck !
New Review of Abendmusik. Dietrich Buxtehude, Magnus Kjellson:
Ein weiterer, der so gute Arbeit geleistet hat, dass man seinen Part kaum bemerkt, ist der Aufnahmeingenieur Erik Sikkema. Endlich mal einer, der den Raum einfach mitmusizieren l�sst! Ihm gelingt das Kunstst�ck, dass man als H�rer immer einen konstanten, wohlbalancierten und stets zusammenh�ngenden Gesamtklang erlebt. Dabei ist die Klangauflösung ungewöhnlich hochwertig und die Dynamik angenehm kraftvoll.
See whole Review
New Review of Dieterich Buxtehude: The Bach Perspective, Volume 2 Hans Davidsson:
Style: Thirty-three compositions by the 17th-century German-Danish composer greatly admired by J.S. Bach.
Worldview: "The purpose of this . . . project is to explore the encounter between Buxtehude's organ music and the North German Baroque Organ in �rgryte nya kyrka in G�teborg."
Overall Quality: An exemplary presentation of both Buxtehude and the state-of-the-art ULSI recording process.
From Five noteworthy new or recent classical CDs reviewed by Arsenio Orteza at

J.P. Sweelink, Jonathan Dimmock, Organs of Oosthuizen, Hattem and Nya �rgryte Church G�teborg.This production I recorded for Jonathan Dimmock in June 2006 on two different ancient organs in Holland: Oosthuizen (near Amsterdam) and Hattem (near Zwolle)
Both of these organs are from the early 16th century (probably earlier), and in meantone.  Both have been restored to their former glory and temperament by the Flentrop organ company.  Both are a single manual and voiced in meantone temperament.  This is the first recording of the Oosthuizen organ since its recent renovation.
This is a 2 CD production and the other half of the recording (disc 2) was recorded in the winter of 2007 on the famous North German Barock Organ in G�teborg, Sweden.  This organ, built in the 20th century by the GOART team. This organ is perfectly suited to the larger works for Sweelinck.
The recording technique was as usual the ULSI stereo system, what creates a sensation quite unlike anything you have heard in traditional stereo music or even in surround sound.  More information on this technique at ULSI Testimonials
There are many places where you find these discs, from,;,, (soon), and several others.  You can also find it at the bookstore of St. Ignatius Church (San Francisco) and Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church.
But simplest of all, you can purchase it directly through Jonathan Dimmock's website for $25 plus $3 for shipping (US).


  Annette Richards, organ
Organ Works of Melchoir Schildt (1592/3-1667)
Raphaelis Organ of Roskilde Cathedral (Denmark)
The organ works of Melchior Schildt (1592/3-1667) were discovered in 1955, in a manuscript containing his monumental Magnificat. That manuscript reveals a highly accomplished organist-composer whose dramatic music expresses his eccentric personality.
Program Details:
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1563-1621): Toccata in C
Melchior Schildt (1592/3-1667): Herzlich lieb hab' ich dich, o Herr
Heinrich Scheidemann (1596-1663): Praeambulum in F
Schildt: Herr Christ, der einig' Gotts Sohn (5 verses)
Schildt: Praeambulum in g
Schildt: Gleichwie das Feuer (3 variations)
Schildt: Praeambulum auf dem G
Schildt: Allein Gott in der H�h's sei Ehr
Schildt, after John Dowland (1562-1626): Paduana Lagrima                                                
Scheidemann: Fuga in d
Schildt: Magnificat primi toni (5 verses)

Star Recording* in The Organ Magazine May-August 2008 !
We did it again, this is the second Star Recording review we received.  David Baker writes in his review:
"These CDs are most highly recommended, and have to be a star recording of star recordings as far as I am concerned; they are an absolute must to buy."
order info click here
Volume 9 Bach Organ Works
recorded with ULSI stereo technique
(first pressing sold out in 1 month time!)
Even on YouTube (in mono!) this recording sounds already spectacular. You want to hear and see it, go to this link.
Track info and ordering click here.
Classical Lost and Found (
Read why Bob McQuiston choose for Davidsson's Buxtehude interpretation, click here.
What do the critics say about Hans Davidsson's Buxtehude recording: The American Organist
"Use of the ULSI recording technique as mastered by its inventor, Erik Sikkema, heightens the overall effect of the organ's color, tuning, and presence in the reverberant room."
Order information: Click here
Read Hans Hellsten's raving review in the KMT magazine. Click here.

First volume in a set 3 boxes (7 CD's) with organ works by Dietrich Buxtehude, played by Hans Davidsson at the North German Baroque Organ in Göteborg, available at Gothic.
Curious? Click Here and listen to a sound sample from this album made with ULSI mk5 sound recording technique.
"Köp den här skivan, ni som är intresserade av ljudteknik och är nyfikna på vad Erik Sikkemas så kallade ULSI-teknik innebär! Det räcker dock med ett par öppna öron för att upptäcka att så här bra låter orglar sällan på skiva, här hörs både rum och detalj."
 Hans Hellsten, Sweden
 This is one of the best organ recordings to come along in some time and utilizes the new ULSI recording technology Audiophiles who love organ music must have this release and are encouraged to read about ULSI.
Bob McQuiston, Classical Lost and Found
I bought your registration Dieterich Buxtehude and the Mean-Tone Organ employing the ULSI technique. It's really fantastic the high level of quality you are able to extrapolate from the true sound of the organ. 
Gianni Movia, Italy.
"I just heard the Buxtehude. It's incredible! Wow!
The music, performer, organ, room and recording are perfectly matched with the highest quality. The sound of the organ came to the point of the true reproduction of the reality."
Munetaka Yokota, organbuilder.
If you go to the new site of Gothic Records, you can also see there is space reserved for ULSI recorded CD's on LOFT and GOTHIC.
"The sound of the Buxtehude recording (and the performance!) is nothing short of spectacular."
Roger Sherman, LOFT-Recordings