Erik Sikkema

World Class Pipe-organ Recordings - Ultra Linear Stereo Image



DPA 4003, 4006, 4011, 4016.
Neumann and AKG.

Microphone preamps and mixers:

Lake People EMADV25, F35 and C360
D&R Mic-Amp
Audio Developments AD146 and AD148
Weiss IBIS digital console


Lake People EMADV25 mike-pre and AD
Audio & Design mike-pre and AD
Korg mike-pre and AD usb 


Genex 8500
Studer A812


Protools and Sonic Soundblade

Monitoring (Listening loudspeakers) 

Spendor SA500, SA200, SA350 and QT100.

Tripods and stands:

Up to 15 meters stable, (Neumann-Danner- chromium steel) and proprietary alu with no swinging after re-adjustment of height and position. 
(I do not use Manfrotto, because these stands are not stable, (after swinging) and are resonant because of hollow pipes and light weight.)