Erik Sikkema

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Flute Quartetts

 Aiolos Flutequartett Soundexample: Click Here
Bozza, Kuhlau, Jongen, Reicha, Schmitt & Walckiers

String Trio & Quartetts - Violin + Piano


 Rudolf Koelman, violin  &  Antoine Oomen, piano

Brahms: Violinsonaten
Sonate Nr. 1 G-Dur op.78, Sonate Nr. 2 A-Dur op.100, Sonate Nr. 3 d-moll op.108

Listen  from Sonate Nr. 3 d-moll op.108, Presto agitato

Website Rudolf Koelman


 Quatuor Mosaiques

Beethoven Stringquartetts Opus 18 nr. 5&6

Listen to Menuetto from Op.18 nr. 5

The difference between your recording of the Beethoven String Quartets and their other recording of different Beethoven quartets is like night and day.  I was shocked by the enormity of the difference!  Where yours is crystal clear, exciting, and infinitely present (like I was sitting right next to the players as they played), the other sounded like a CD recording, precise but not special, not exciting, not as clear.  It reminded me of going to the opera when they use those fuzzy scrims at the front of the stage, to create an ethereal effect; or like a photo that is intentionally out of focus.

Wow!  You really know what you're doing.  The world surely hears the difference!

Reissued under Astree-Naïve



I don't know much about classical music or string quartets, but I have read a lot of reviews. The Quatuor Mosaiques get consistently great reviews. This is their first Beethoven SQ cd and I love it. It seems the bass (cello and Viola) is louder than usual in SQs and I really like this balance.

Don Kelly (review taken from



Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica


Nonesuch 79582-2

The Escher Trio, with music of Arensky and Korngold. Producer Willem Poot, recording and editing, Erik Sikkema

  Anton Arensky Pianotrio No.1 in D minor Op. 32  (1861-1906)
  1. Allegro Moderato- Adagio
  2. Scherzo. Allegro Molto
  3. Elegia. Adagio
  4. Finale. Allegro non troppo - Andante - Adagio -  Allegro molto 

Erich Korngold Pianotrio in D, Op. 1 (1897- 1957)
5. Allegro non troppo, con espressione
6. Scherzo- Trio. Viel langsamer, innig- Allegro
7. Larghetto. Sehr langsam
8. Finale. Allegro molto e energico

Label: Challenge Classics. For ordering info go here




 Orpheus Quartett

Leos Janacek (1854 – 1928)
String Quartets Nos 1 & 2

Emergo Classics EC 3927-2


Tokyo Stringquartett, Daishin Kashimoto,  Viviane Hagner & Malin Broman

Seven Stradivarius Concerts in Stockholm, Nippon Music Foundation



 Uppsala Kammarsolister

Stringquartetts from Adolf Fredrik Lindblad and Andreas Randel

Musica Sveciae MSCD 522

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Modern Music

 In co-operation with my collegue Bertil Alving

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 In co-operation with my collegue Bertil Alving

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Champ d'Action

plays Karel Goeyvaerts




Max Reger: Sonata in A flat major Op 49 – Allegro affanato; Vivace; Larghetto; Prestissimo assai

Alban Berg: 4 Pieces for Clarinet & Piano Op 5 – Massig; Sehr langsam; Sehr rasch; Langsam. Tristan Keuris: Music for violin, clarinet & piano. Ralph Vaughan Williams: From 6 Studies in English Folksong – Adagio; Andante sostenuto; Lento. Gordon Jacob: 3 Songs for soprano & clarinet – Of all the birds that I do know; Flow my tears; Ho who comes here?

Herbert Howells: Rhapsodic Quintet for clarinet, 2 violins, viola & cello Op 31

Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer (clarinet), Jan Gruithuyzen (piano), Miranda van Kralingen (soprano), Naomi Peters (violin), The Delos Ensemble

Emergo ECCD39102



  Schoenberg Stringquartett

Co-recording with recording engineer Adri Verstijnen. I was responsible for the recording of the String Sextet.




 Tristan Keuris (1946-1996) 
 String Quartets 1-2, Clarinet Quintet,   

 Concertino for String Quartet and  Bass  Clarinet

Orpheus Quartett, José Luis Estellés (clarinet and  bass-clarinet)

Emergo Classics EC 3907-2




 Orlando Quartett

Alfred Schnittke (1934 – 1998)
String Quartet No. 3
Isang Yun (1914 – 1992)
String Quartet No. 5
Tristan Keuris (1946 – 1996)
Clarinet Quintet
Orlando Quartet, George Pieterson, Clarinet
Emergo-ClassicsEC 3955-2




 Nieuw Ensemble

Ed Spanjaard, conductor

New Music from China




 John-Edward Kelly, saxophone

Werner Wolf Glaser (1910) – Drei Sonaten im alten Stil (1934); Nicola LeFanu (1947) – Ervallagh (1993); Michael Denhoff (1955) – Pnoxoud (1990); Miklós Maros (1943) – Rabescatura (1998); Hans Kox (1930) – The Stranger (1995)
Emergo-Classics EC 3929-2.



Nordic romance / Nordiska romanser
Karin Ingebäck, soprano / Anders Larsson, baritone / Matti Hirvonen, piano

 Recorded with ULSI stereo technique

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From the booklet :

Artists Karin Ingebäck and Anders Larsson are established Nordic romance singers and are frequently giving concerts, accompanied by Matti Hirvonen on occasions. This recording is a collection of their favourite writers from the 1800-1900 golden era of romantic music, with works by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Jean Sibelius and Edvard Grieg, and some of the younger colleagues: Gunnar de Frumerie and Ture Rangstr–m, with specially chosen poems by Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Bo Bergman, Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Henrik Ibsen. Even though nature is the ongoing theme of this CD, it's mainly about life's greatest subject : love.

It also has a pedagogic undertone: During their classical music studies, Karin and Anders were forced to listen to old and worn out LP's because they couldn't find any suitable repertoire of recorded romantic songs. The situation isn't so different now, although the LP's have been completely replaced by a few and far-between CD's on romantic classics. They feel that this melodic CD will right the balance and be a perfect foil to the recent anthology of musical publications.

Karin and Anders hope this CD will capture the atmosphere of attending a live concert directly into your home. To further help in making this possible, Erik Sikkema's Ultra Linear Stereo Image (ULSI) is used in this recording.



Roberta Alexander, soprano

David Triestran, piano



RACHEL ANN MORGAN, mezzosoprano
TAN CRONE, piano       


Piano solo and duo

Anny Coronel-Plesman, piano
Francois Couperin, ACP-2208


Satie: Gymnopédies No1-3; Petite ouverture à danser Reinbert de Leeuw

Satie: Gymnopédies No1-3; Petite ouverture à danser


 Linda Bustani, piano

CD 4230 • Schumann: Kreisleriana • Chopin: Nocturne in D-flat major, Op.27, No.2 • Nocturne in C minor, Op.48, No.1 • Fantasy in F minor, Op.49 • Scherzo No.3 in C-sharp minor, Op.39. 

"The piano sound is superlative." (The Ottawa Citizen)


 Kees Wieringa en Polo de Haas, piano's

Canto Ostinato, Simeon ten Holt  Emergo-Classics


J.S.Bach, 6 Partita's, Clavier-Übung

 Christopher Czaja Sager, Piano.


Rachmaninoff, Balakirev, Oestvolskaja and Rubinstein.

 Anny Coronel-Plesman, piano



Jesus Castro Balbi

 Nederlands Gitaarduo. Juun Voorhoeve & Erik Otte

 Segovia Guitar Quartet


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