"So mom, what are we having???"

In an effort to feed my children food they love, AND  help my husband and me lose some weight along the way, I started playing with recipes.  Many of these I have been making forever and simply lightened them up.  Others I found in many different places....some of them were even shared by you!! The results are these pages and pages of recipes!! I hope you have fun looking through them and I hope you find something that sounds good enough to eat!! Please feel free to adjust seasonings or ingredients to your own tastes.  That is how half of these recipes came to be!!

I hope you enjoy!!


some of my other favorite websites to visit!!

Lots of recipes and a really great "ingredient" search feature where you can search for ingredients you want to use, as well as ingredients you DON'T want to use!

Recipes sent in by readers and all the NI for each recipe!! Most even have a picture!!

Tired of fighting with Recipe Builder??? This site will give you the NI for your recipes, simply input your ingredients and away you go!!

This is another fabulous site FULL of information and recipes!!

I started the Couch to 5K running program last January and completed it in April.  It was one of the greatest things I have ever done!! Check out the plan at this website!!