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What will Equine Section use any funds for?
We will use any funds we manage to raise at our discretion. This may be for a number of causes:-
Causes may include the castration of stallions whom struggle to find homes as many people who want them find yard owners will not accept a stallion.
  1. We may take a horse no one will want. Possibly then rehoming to a foster placement approved by us when possible.
  2. We may use the funds to cover transport costs to any horses funded then donated to Equine Section as well as any other costs surrounding any horse in the care of equine section.
  3. Funds may be used to ensure the humane end to an equine that has no quality of life or is dangerous, and its disposal locally to where it stands to ensure it is not live exported for Slaughter.
  4. We may use the funds to purchase equipment and items to enable us to fundraise and cover any costs involved e.g. telephone & traditional mailing.
  5. If we run campaigns on specific goals, the funds will be spent on that cause. All funds donated non specifically will go into our general discretion category and be spent on what we feel is our most urgent cause.



http://www.equinesection.com/standing_order_form - new.doc



Please use the above link to downlload a standing order form if you would like to make a monthly donation towards helping rescue an equine




Please send a Cheque/Crossed Postal order made payable to Equine Section, 15 Nursery Avenue, Beeston Nottingham  NG9 4GW




Thank you for your donation