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            - In the seventh space war, Earth used Gundams, mechanize mobile suits. And, the space colonies around it

              dropped hundreds of their space colonies on earth starting a seven-year-long nuclear winter. the federation collapsed and

              the colonies were unable to proceed.  Now, fifteen years after the war,  Young Garod Ran discovers a Gundam X by chance

              and uses it to protect a Newtype named Tifa and help Vulture ship Freeden  to prevent the powers that be from repeating

              the mistakes of the past.

            - While most of the Gundam animes take place in wars,  It is refreshing that GX starts (takes place) after it. 

               In a series of unique situations, the anime introduces rich characters. The leads are beautifully drawn

               and are easy to grow fond of...

            - The art is superb.  The mechanic design is one of the best in the Gundam series. Somehow simple...  yet  great

.            - Ok, this series has been re-released in Japan recently.  Now, how can you catch this anime.  Well, a recommendation will

               be on-line auctions.  As of this writing the 39 episodes together w/ English subtitles can be found on-line.

Gundam X



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