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The Truth is OUT

The CREATORS of the Lonelygirl15 SHOW have come clean. In a post on her websites forum, they made this statement.

" To Our Incredible Fans,

Thank you so much for enjoying our show so far. We are amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response to our videos; it has exceeded our wildest expectations. With your help we believe we are witnessing the birth of a new art form. Our intention from the outset has been to tell a story-- A story that could only be told using the medium of video blogs and the distribution power of the internet. A story that is interactive and constantly evolving with the audience.

Right now, the biggest mystery of Lonelygirl15 is "who is she?" We think this is an oversimplification. Lonelygirl15 is a reflection of everyone. She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show (or hide) when we interact with the people around us. Regardless, there are deeper mysteries buried within the plot, dialogue, and background of the Lonelygirl15 videos, and many of our tireless and dedicated fans have unearthed some of these. There are many more to come.

To enhance the community experience of Lonelygirl15, which you have already helped to create, we are in the process of building a website centered around video and interactivity. This website will allow everyone to enjoy the full potential of this new medium. Unfortunately, we aren't programmers. We are filmmakers. We are working furiously to complete the website, and hope to have it up and running shortly.

So, sit tight. You are the only reason for our success, and we appreciate your devotion. We want you to know that we aren't a big corporation. We are just like you. A few people who love good stories. We hope that you will join us in the continuing story of Lonelygirl15, and help us usher in an era of interactive storytelling where the line between "fan" and "star" has been removed, and dedicated fans like yourselves are paid for their efforts. This is an incredible time for the creator inside all of us.

Thank you. "

Initial reactions across the forum are those of dissapointment, or disbelief as fans of the lonelygirl15 series ask for proof that the " creators " are who they say they are.

Other messages include those of support, one from a member known as Terryfic says " Well, since I donít think anyone has said this yet. Thank you for creating these wonderful videos. They are clearly a labour of love and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. I hope the series continues to run for a long time. "

The main dissapointment is how they revealed this truth. Many fans already suspected or claimed to know the series was fake, so that - wasnt really news, just a confirmation. It was how they decided to come out the closet which has let people down. With a simple, to the point post on a forum. I think fans were expecting a video at the very least.

So whats next? The lonelygirl15 name has apparantly been registered as a trademark, which suggests this wont be the last you'l hear from her. Who is she? Who does she work for? What was the point of it all? Watch lonelygirl15 and you may be enlightened.... or maybe just check for single, to the point posts in the forum instead.

STOP PRESS, there's more....

Recent posts on the forum... literally as I write this, are starting to suggest the post making that statement is fake. Speculating on wether the forum has been hacked in some way. I guess theres only way we'l know the truth - BREE, MAKE A VIDEO!



Well, not far of. Two youtubers under the name MattPyrch have decided to setup an awards show for youtube. They already have a long list of categories including best video editing, best comedic skit, favourite comedian and best series on youtube.

They have set up a website where you can find out all about the show, nominate people for the awards and talk about it in the forums.

View the videos below for more info then go check it out, and be sure to say I sent ya! ^_-

30TH AUGUST 2006 []
Terra Naomi played live at The Troubadour in London, Uk. Youtuber Kwaichi went to see her and took some video which you can watch HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Snazzit treated us all to coverage of The Perth 2006 City to Surf Fun Run (Aug 27th 2006) watch his video HERE

Aaaaand over on Youtubetalk.

Where do you live?

Has Boh3m3 lost credibility?

And a faker roams loose on youtube

18TH AUGUST 2006 []

A quick update to highlight some of the hot topics from the youtubetalk forum in the last few days which you may have missed. You need to be a member of the forum to view these topics

The asylum unleashed as sarahjparent joins the forums

Tejayce begins setting up YTNews

Matsie's chatup line collaboration almost complete

And finally, Kenny's YouTube photo album goes live

15TH AUGUST 2006 []

Who could have guessed the first news story I do would be a promotional one eh.

Ok, ill keep it short. Basically youtubetalk gives you what youtube doesnt. Its a forum to promote your videos, take part in discussions, get technical help and advice on your videos.... or just to declare your undying love to thewinekone.

Theres several youtube " celebrities " already members including Morbeck, Thewinekone, Filthywhore, Maphon... the list goes on, and its VERY well moderated, peoples accounts are verified before approval so theres little chance of fakers getting in. And haters dont last long either.

Check it out, you wont be dissapointed.


Like Stories of war time rations? What it was like in the good 'ol days?

Look no further than Geriatric1927, Peter ( aged 79 ) has shot to the top of the tube ranks with his videos documenting his life, you get to hear all about his conscription, his wife and kids, his love of bikes and much more. For a trip back down nostalgia road, give him a try, you cant go far wrong.


Now I plan on updating this news thing every once in a while... same goes for my faves section. Im no journalist by any standards. So if you want the best reviews, interviews and recommendations, goto youtubestars and tell Kenny I said hi.


A Youtubetalk user today claimed that Bree ( lonelygirl15 ), talking over an IM program, admitted she was just acting.
Obviously we can't confirm this but there is always the possibility of some truth in there. Watch this space....

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