English Regency Ball

We're having a ball!


For those of you interested in food, the following websites have some "English Tea Time" recipes.  I don't know if they date back to the Regency era (1810), but they might.  They surely look fine to eat....



Here is a list of food items you might see at a Regency ball, although the dates are a little later:

In the 1870s and 1860s, British refreshments included coffee, lemonade, ices, wine, negus, tea, wafers, cakes, cracker-bonbons, cold tongues, sandwiches, and biscuits. (1)

Another account says:

Immediately on your right hand as you enter, after paying your money, is a refreshment place, at which cold beef, roast and boiled, French rolls, stout, wine, tongue, ham, even fowls, if we recollect right, are displayed in tempting array. (2)

Served upon lovely silver, in beautiful dishes, on pedestaled and tiered glass.  No chips, doritos, or pretzels please!