A Complete List of the Engagements of Granville Taylor from 1945 onwards.

The Boy Magician


GRANVILLE TAYLOR made his stage debut, as Will E. Kappus, "The Boy Magician", at the Salem Independent Methodist Church in his home town of Nelson in Lancashire in a Young Men's Fellowship Weekend Concert on March 3rd., 1945, before an audience of about 600 people. He wore his 'Sunday-best' clothes, and an authentic Egyptian 'fez'.

His act comprised Edward Proudlock's Thimble routine, the ' Stung' Three-Card Trick, the production of six silk handkerchiefs from a Will Goldston 'Ghost Tube', The Chinese Linking Rings using eight 6" rings with a routine taught to him by his Uncle Arthur Nash, and The Great Sand & Sugar Mystery.

A reviewer wrote: "One of the "high spots" of the concert was an exhibition of magic by a junior debutante, Granville Taylor. For 10-12 minutes we were tricked and goaded by impossible feats of production and dispersion, performed with baffling dexterity, and accompanied by a continuous flow of amusing patter."

Other engagements:
March 24th., 1945. Railway Street Methodist Church, Nelson. Received 10/-.
September 22nd., 1945. Variety Entertainment at the Salem Independent Methodist Chuch.
A reviewer wrote: " Granville Taylor, in an exhibition of conjuring, astounded all who had not previously witnessed his powers. Amongst other tricks he brought a live rabbit out of a hat. In his very effective patter he raised loud guffaws from the back of the hall with his reference to his two brothers, one alive and one married. (One still wonders whether this was a gentle hint of a Jekyll-Hyde elder brother). In response to the magician's request for two gentlemen, if any be present, otherwise two ordinary men, Max Robinson and Leslie Durham , each weighed down by 10 hoary years, appeared."

November 3rd.,1945. Brunswick Street Congregational Church. 10/-.

February 23rd., 1946. Bradshaw Street I.M.Church. Received 10/6d.
March 16th., 1946. Bethel Church, Colne. Received 10/-.
April 13th., 1946. Bradley Hall Methodists. 10/-
October 15th., 1946. Acadia Rooms, Burnley. 20s and 6d. !
Octover 21st., 1946. St. Mary's Church, Nelson. 10/-.
October 26th., 1946. Salem Church, Nelson.
November 2nd., 1946. Trinity Baptist Church, Colne. 10/6d
November 9th., 1946. Bradshaw Street I.M.Church. 10/-
(Programme comprised: Flowers from hands. Hat, Cane to Silks, Flower Bouquet Production. Dove Pan and Guinea Pig. Vanish of guinea pig in tip-over box. "Skilly" The skeleton Rabbit. Snowman Production from tube. Lux Box and Handkerchiefs. Magical Welding. Just Chance Tray. 6-Card Repeat. Chinese Linking Rings. Evaporated Milk Jug and 'Say When' Glass. "Goodbye" Paper Tear.).
November 23rd., 1946. Brierfield Congregational Church. 10/-.
December 6th., 1946. Co-Op Cafe Ballroom, Colne. 15/-.
December 13th., 1946. Nelson Grammar School Concert,
December 14th., 1946. Barkerhouse Road Methodist Church. 10/-.
December 21st., 1946. Carr Road Methodist Church. 10/-.
December 25th., 1946. Laneshaw Bridge Wesleyan Chapel. 10/-.

Soon, he dropped the stage name ( and the 'fez' !), and used his own name for all future bookings. Strangely, regarding the 'fez', at the time he had neither seen nor heard of 'Sirdani' or Tommy Cooper !

January 1st., 1947. Oddie's Assembly Rooms, Nelson. Received 15/-.
January 3rd., 1947. Oddie's Assembly Rooms. 15/-.
January 4th., 1947. Private Party, Nelson. 15/-.
January 11th., 1947. Oddie's Assembly Rooms, Nelson. 15/-.
January 18th., 1947. Waterside Church, Colne. 15/-.
January 25th., 1947. Barley Church. 15/-.
January 26th., 1947. Burnley Co-Op Building. 15/-.
February 1st., 1947. Bradshaw Street Methodist Church. 15/-.
February 7th., 1947. Trinity Baptist Church, Colne. 15/-.
March 8th., 1947. Robinson Street I.M.Church, Burnley. 15/-.
March 11th., 1947. The Lord Nelson Hotel. 15/-.
March 14th., 1947. Oddie's Assembly Rooms. 15/-.
March 15th., 1947. Brunswick Street Church, Nelson. 15/-.
March 29th., 1947. Private Party. Barrowford. 10/-.
April 11th., 1947. Tower Ballroom, Colne. 15/-.
October 14th., 1947. Manchester Road Congegational Church. 15/-.
November 22nd., 1947. Manchester Road Church. 15/-.
November 28th., 1947. Skipton Road Methodist Church, Colne. 15/-.
December 6th., 1947. Brierfield Congregational Church. 10/-.
December 19th., 1947. Albert Street Co-Op Building, Nelson. 15/-.
December 25th., 1947. Laneshaw Bridge Methodist Church, Colne. 15/-.

January 1st., 1948. Primrose Bank House, Burnley. 15/-
January 2nd., 1948. Private Party, Colne. 16/-.
January 8th., 1948. Manchester Road Congregational Church. 15/-.
January 13th., 1948. St.Thomas's Church Barrowford. 15/-.
January 17th., 1948. New Town Co-Op, Nelson. 15/-.
January 31st., 1948. Carr Road Baptist Church, Nelson. 15/-.
March 7th., 1948. Salem Y.M.F. Weekend Concert.
March 13th., 1948. Robinson Street Church, Burnley. 15/-.
September 4th., 7th., and 9th., 1948. Salem Y.M.F. "Palace of Varieties".
October 2nd., 1948. Vernon Street, Nelson. Private Party. 15/-.
October 22nd., 1948. Oddie's Assembly Rooms. 15/-.
October 23rd., 1948. Robinson Street Church, Burnley. 15/-.
November 12th., 1948. Co-Op Hall, Albert Street, Nelson. 15/-.
November 20th., 1948. Bradshaw Street Methodist Church. 21/-.
December 4th., 1948. Brierfield Congregational Church. 15/-.
December 11th., 1948. Buff's Rooms, Nelson. 15/-
December 16th., 1948. Central Modern School, Barrowford. 20/-..
December 17th., 1948. Barrowford Congregational Church. 15/-.
December 18th., 1948. Co-Op Room, Barrowford. 2.45pm Party. 15/-.
December 18th., 1948. Haggate Baptist Church. Start 6.30pm. 15/-.
December 29th., 1948. Bacup & Rawtenstall Cricket Club. 15/- plus expenses.

January 1st., 1949. St Peter & Paul's Church, Barrowford. 10/-.
January 3rd., 1949. Oddie's Cafe. 15/-.
January 7th., 1949. The Lord Nelson Hotel. 15/- plus dinner.
January 15th.,1949. Private Party, Barnoldswick. 20/-.
February 5th., 1949. Cooper Street Methodist Church. 15/-.
February 26th., 1949. Reedyford Methodist Church, Nelson. 15/-.
March 11th., 1949. Marsden Park Bowling Club, Nelson. Co-Op Building. 15/-
September 3rd., 1949. Charity Show. Reedyford Assembly Hall. Nelson.
October 1st., 1949. Barnoldswick Methodist Church. 15/-.
December 17th., 1949. Colne B.T.H. Children's Party. 27/6d.
December 21st., 1949. Park School, Colne. 20/-.
December 30th., 1949. Albert Street Co-Op Building, Nelson. 15/-.

January 3rd., 1950. Manchester Road Congegational Church. 15/-.
January 7th., 1950. Private Party, Barrowford. 10/-.
September 30th., 1950. Bradshaw Street I.M. Church. 15/-.
December 13th., Hull University College. Chemistry Dept. Social.
December 21st., 1950. Park School, Colne. 15/-.
December 23rd., 1950. Children's Party St.Mary's Church, Nelson. 15/-.
December 23rd., 1950. Salem Church, Nelson.
December 30th., 1950. St.Mary's Church, Nelson. 15/-.
December 30th., 1950. Knott's Lane Sunday School, Colne. 15/-.

January 5th., 1951. Oddie's Assembly Rooms, Nelson. Rotary Club. 20/-.