Hello friends and members!
I apologize for the site being down.  It is currently under going LOTS of changes.  A new look, a new name, all new pixels and much more!  I have been pretty inactive in the pixel community over the last several months, and I apologize for this.  I just needed a break.  A very long break as my muse up and left and I had no drive to pixel.  During the last few months, my husband and I got to take a trip out to Virginia Beach to see his son who is stationed out there in the Navy.  I also lost 2 family members as well as a dear friend who took his own life that I will never forget.  They are greatly missed.  Life just got a little hectic as well as very depressing there for a while.  I just honestly could not find the drive for pixels.  

But..good news!  My muse has returned and she has taken me in a new direction, pixel wise!  I have welcomed her back with open arms.  I have decided that I have out grown the name of my site as well the idea behind it when I first opened.  I am ready for a change, and I hope all my members are very excited about it as much as I am!

The site will be closed for a little while until I am ready to re-open again.  All the Enchanted Hollows archives will still be in the members area for my members to download once I reopen.  I would never take my 4 years of hard work I have put into this site away from any of my members.  It will always be there for you to use and enjoy in your own creations.  All I ask is that you are patient during this time until I get everything in order and ready to reopen.

UPDATE: May 30, 2012...  If you are ready to follow me on my new journey and see my new site, please follow me HERE

If you have any questions, please email me here and I would be more than happy to help you.
See you all soon!