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 The week of 16-22/11/2008 poll

 Who should be this week's Outstanding Pok'emon! winner? AND the 1st ever on this site? CLOSED POLL. <It'll have no effect no matter the votes that are late meaning if any other Pok'emon other than the winner[s] get more votes, it has no effect>.

The week of 16-22/11/2008 results(winners. . .)

As you may of saw on the homepage that there are 2. . . Here they are.

Pikachu(got the second vote). Empoleon(got the first vote). We'll do the 25th, beloved, popular Pok'emon first then the 395th(both end in 5!),water/steel,swift Pok'emon. Let's get on with Pikachu first to kick things off!


 Also known as the "sparkly mouse" in Japan, it is noted to be very strong in the anime. Though, I think GAMEFREAK made Pikachu weak in the game except the acceptable speed stat. Popular because of Ash(his first Pok'emon ever!), it has traveled through 4 regions(13. . .I think seasons) and many battles. If you really think about it, it must be like level one hundered! Most people love Pikachu for it's often, "Pika!", cry and for being so dang awesome! (Cute by others).Pikachu in the Sinnoh Region currently knows the following: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, and Volt Tackle. If you ever took one in your handds in D/P I'd recommend giving it physical moves as it Attack is higher(depending on nature). I'd recomend giving it the following moveset.

Adamant Nature (+ Attack -Special Attack)

Item:Focus Sash


1 Dig 2 Volt Tackle 3 Brick Break 4 Agility

 Thinking this is the worst moveset ever? Me too. It depends on the opponent. If it's a Dugtrio, you might want to Agility a few times to be able to beat it's speed as Dugtrio having the type-advantage. Though, it's too risky because at anytime it could let loose an Earthquake.  The Focus Sash enables you to endure it, and if the Agilty is enough to beat Dugtrio's speed, you could try to Brick Break or Dig (risky) it. Using Volt Tackle (STAB) could end up being a self k-o whcih isn't well played. The reason for Dig is to try to avoid attacks like Mud Shot or Mud Bomb (As long as your opponet can't use Earthquake )(like Electrode) you have a shot at hitting unless they Fly or Bounce to counter. Volt Tackle has already been explained.(Damaging purposes mostly). Last but not least, Brick Break. BB is mainly to hurt Pok'emon like Phanpy (electric not thuting ground and Dig being risky). Plus, it can beak Reflect or Light screen or whatever may be hurting your team. Overall, Pikachu is too fragile to make a mistake and yet  unless you can possibly find 1 way to use Pikachu to your sucsess, I'd stick with Electabuzz or Shinx.

This Pok'emon is loved by alot so I had to let it have the first (TIE) spot on the "Outstanding Pok'emon!"


 Being the "Special Attacker" of the Sinnoh Region, it's strong in the game. In the show, Jun's ( I think his apperance is like the 569th episode. . .) seems very bulky and defensive. (Do you not see why my user name is. . .NVM). Nobody in the U.S. anime has an Empoleon currently, Japan does, Jun. The "Dee Dee" caller (so I forgot his name. . .) is the closest with Prinplup making Dawn's Piplup fall behind. Since it's Sp.A is higher I'd give it the following: (blurry...)

Modest Nature (+Sp. A - Attack)

Item: Quick Claw


1 Surf 2 Flash Cannon 3 Mud Slap 4 Hyper Beam/Ice Beam

 Surf  basically does massive damage k-oing any Macargo or Camerupt in a single shot being the perfect solution to most problems. Also it's STAB like Flash Cannon which is next. It can hurt Pok'emon like Mamoswine or Golem. Mud Slap, don't kill me! I need to explain. It can hurt electric just like Surf hurts Ground types. It IS a "Special" move and might lower accuracy. Too bad it has 20 power. Hyper Beam can hurt all but Ghost, Rock, and Steel (which the other moves can take care of). Plus, it's very srong, be weary about the recoil of the missed turn thing. Ice beam is better because no recoil and it can hurt ground and grass types. Now an okay moveset needs a setup. If your versing a Donphan, RUN! JK. Ice Beam or Surf it. Crobat? Ice Beam. Uh oh. Pelipper? Hyper Beam!=)If it wern't so slow. . . ( I guess since it's part steel. . .)Though it sill rocks! It still does! A good sub for it could be somebody like Whiscash able to learn this moveset I think. This Pok'emon is my username so Empoleon deserved it. Who'll be next week's? The polls(NEW!) are up!

"See ya next week!"

The week of 23-29/11/2008 poll

Who is going to be this week's winner? The 2nd? Empoleon and Pikachu were a hit winning out of 10, but now it's only 5 to choose from.=)<no effect>

The week of 23-29/11/2008 results(winner)

Sorry I did it late. I'll also get the poll up soon. To the winner! (Yes. It's just one!)

Butterfree! Our 12th Pok'emon! The 2nd winner also! This is a classic Pok'emon being Ash's very first Pok'emon(Caterpie) that was captured. It's way too fragile to fight. Though in beginning, it can be a resource. it's speed and SP.A are okay but the rest, hate to say, reek! Even if this was the first Pok'emon to get 2 votes, it wasn't the strongest. This Pok'emon is meant for contests! Not battle! Gosh! But if you must bring it in battle, this is the best moveset to go with.

 Modest Nature (+ Special Attack -Attack)

Item: Bright Powder (raises evasion).

 Moveset: 1 Toxic 2 Whirlwind 3 Silver Wind 4 Attract/ Protect

 Since knowing that Butterfree isn't much of an attacker and is too fragile to have. . .I had to stick with a defensive plan over sweeper. It can't learn Baton Pass or it could possibly be one of those. Toxic/Whirlwind is a classic. Posion the opponets ( all except for steel and posion types, and the one's with Immunity Ablity. Knowing it's defense is really low (SP.Defense is pushing it but. . .) and it's Attack isn't any better. . . Silver Wind was an option. It has a possiblity to raise all stats and it's STAB. It's last move is either Attract or Protect. They both have their Pros and Cons. The Pros for Protect is you protect yourself from any damage or status moves. For Attract you have chances of infatuateing your opponent. The Cons are (for Protect): overuse it and you'll pay. Plus, your opponet may have Feint. For Attract: if your opponent is genderless or the same as Butterfree's. Plus, they still have chances of hitting. You choose which is best suited for you.

See ya later! See the newest polls!

The week of 30/11/2008-06/12/2008 poll

Choose the 3rd winner now! The twist? They all start with W! I chose Wobbuffet!  Now its your turn!<no effect>

The week of 30/11/2008-06/12/2008 results(winner)

What do ya know? It's Wobbufet! Sorry, once again it's late. I keep forgeting!Well, here it is to the 202nd Pok'emon.  Being the 3rd winner rules. Here's to our first high HP winner!

Wobbuffet is unique. It can't attack an opponent without any damage dealt (not including toxic, hail,ect.) to Wobbuffet.  It has a bad attack, Sp.a and speed. It's defense and Sp.d are pushing it but its the second best. Wobbuffet's HP is what stands out. One of the legends.( When it comes to comic-relief). It has appeared anywhere Team Rocket has. I has a funny cry. *Wobb-uffet!* The trade. If the accidental trade betwwen Jessie and the other guy (name forgotten), Wobbuffet wouldn't be here. Now if that were the case, Wobbuffet wouldn't be famous (or here) and instead Lickitung might just be. It can't learn all but four moves, so the moves should be obvious. (HEY! Shadow Tag makes it cool! Like Arena Trap, but traps Cresselia!)[Funny. Wobbuffet has lipstick as a girl in D/P]Tee Hee.

 Bold Nature (+Defense -Attack)

Item: Leftovers

 Moveset: 1 Counter 2 Mirror Coat 3 Safeguard 4 Destiny Bond

 Counter and MC are obvious. Use to retaliate. I'd safeguard first to prevent Toxic and such. Try to Destiny Bond after that so your foe could fall down with you. Leftovers is to annoy your opponent while healing in between turns. Useful with Wobbuffet of course. After that, just keep Countering and MCing. Do the other two if it's been five turns or a new opponent. Raising it's defense while lowering attack is smarts. Wobbuffet can't attack. Most Pok'emon are physical. some are special though. . .What do expect more often? Shadow Claw or Shadow Ball? (Shadow Ball for Blissey and Alakazam while Empoleon and Shedinja have Shadow Claw). Just do what you like. Wobbuffet doesn't have many options. But, that doesn't mean Wobbuffet can't win! See the new poll today!=)

The week of 07/12/2008-13/12/2008 poll

 Choose the new winner! Hint: They are ALL from Sinnoh! Choosing Roserade, who'll you (if anyone shows up and votes actually) choose? Vote Now!< No effect>

The week of 7/12/2008-13/12/2008 results(winner)

I did it on time! Whoo! Roserade is our forth winner, and 407th  Pok'emon!

Roserade rocks. It can use Weather Ball! Combined with Rain Dance and Sunny Day, you have a great combo! Roserade has little but some anime apperances though. Drew has one I'm preety sure. Evolve Roselia with a shiny stone and you have a Roserade. With a such high Sp.A, it needs a good moveset like this one:

Nature:Modest(+Special Attack-Attack)

Item: Rose Essence

 Moveset:1 Sunny Day 2 Solarbeam 3 Weather Ball 4 Synthesis

 Use Sunny Day to kick things off.(With the high enough speed, this will hopefully work). Next, Solarbeam or Weather Ball depending the opponent. (See? Sunny Day helps both moves. Solar Beam will hit the turn you use it plus, Weather Ball becomes a fire move! But that's not all!) Hp low? Use Synthesis! It heals more b/c of SD!=)Though, when SD ends, everything won't be as easy to trigger that extra damage of health to K-O or keep you in the battle. with high SP. A, and moderate SP.D and spped, this is a great Pok'emon to have! So if you loves plants, beauty, have a green thumb, and love battling and contests(mouthful!)catch a Roselia or Budew today! This Grass/Poisoncombo rules! Catch the new poll! We will be seeing another grass type, I assure it!

The week of 14/12/2008- 20/12/2008 poll

Check out this awesome poll! I chose Breloom! How 'bout you?<no effect>

The week of 14/12/2008-20/12/2008 results(winner)

Ah yes. Breloom! Our 5th winner (and the 286th Pok'emon). Now this unique GRASS and FIGHTING type makes it great on offense. though, since both types hate flying, and it doesn't have the best defense, one Air Slash could do it.

Even though Breloom appeared in the anime a few times, I don't think people give it  enough credit! It can pound flying types if it wanted and here is my REAL Pearl moveset (not nature):

 Nature:Adamant :(Attack-Sp.A)

Item:Coba Berry/Focus Sash

 Moveset: 1 Mind Reader 2 Dynamic Punch 3 Stone Edge(see?) 4 Seed Bomb

 Note: Have a Coba Berry for this moveset. Mind Reader is questionable and you might as well give it Spore or Counter for MR and Drain Punch for Dynamic Punch.  If you follow MY original MS, use MR on them then any follow up move. Simple as that. SE is to punish the flying types. But, Skarmory is trouble. . . . For the other MS(edited) Spore off the bat so you have chances of survival. Counter when you think it'd dealt massive damage (that is why FS really helps). Drain Punch when you NEED the HP. All I have to say today. Sorry the pic didn't show. . . I tried! See the new poll now! Told you there was going to be another Grass type! =)

 The week of 21/12/2008-27/12/2008 poll

 Yep. Now, let's make this tough. Breloom won out of 5. Lets narrow it down to 3!=) (Three star legendary!) <no effect>

I chose Darkrai!


 The week of 21/12/2008-27/12/2008 results (winner)

 Well. Looks like Darkrai won. The 491st Pok'emon won. Being the sixth winner rocks. Too bad I did it late. He he. The dark (some THOUGHT to be ghost) Pok'emon was only available at the TOYS 'R' Us event on the 31st of May. If you have an action Replay you could get it with Walk through walls. Go to Full Moon (where Cresselia is) right where she WAS (until she fled) then go right on the waters until you hit a new island. Wondered what they called it. Oh yeah. Newmoon Island. Suprising! A level 40 Darkrai awaits for you to capture. Though, this special Pok'emon is fast and great at Sp.A. Only fighting and bug types have chances to make a huge strike at Darkrai.

  Here is a good moveset for whoever has the Toys 'R' Us event one:

 Nature: Modest (+Sp.A -Att)

 Item: Brightpowder

Moveset: 1 Spacial Rend/ Roar Of Time (Not both, two dragon moves. . .) 2 Dark Void 3 Thunderbolt 4 Ice Beam

 SR or ROT when a dragon comes out. DV to make opponents fall asleep. Thunderbolt flying or water types. Ice Beam when you run out of dragon coverage.

Moveset:(No Toys 'R' Us Darkrai) 1 Dark Pulse 2 Dark Void 3 Psychic 4 Ice Beam

 Dark Pulse for STAB and good damage coverage. DV  for them to fall asleep. Psychic to knock out fighting types. (Aerial Ace K-Os both weaknesses but is physical). Ice Beam to be able to hurt deadly dragon types. That's all I got for this late OP. Check out the new poll!

The week of 28/12/2008-03/01/2009 poll

Sorry. There is no New Year Pok'emon  so I couldn't. Sticked with Christmas and chose "Deli"bird. Now I want to eat some Deli.<no effect>

The week of 28/12/2008-03/01/2009 results (winner)

The 225th Pok'emon won. The 7th winner, Delibird.Hating rocks so much because of being a ice-flying, it needed a water move like water pulse.  It has some speed but most Pok'emon can outrun it and make a huge K-O like Jolteon with Thunderbolt  or Dugtrio with Rock Slide. If I were to give it a moveset, here is what it'd be:

 Nature: Timid (+ Speed -Attack)

 Item: Quick Claw


  1.  Hail
  2. Attract
  3. Water Pulse/ Double Team/Protect
  4. Future Sight                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (What you do) Hail to do damage to all but Delibird and other ice types. Attract if you can so you don't get K-Oed too easily. Water Pulse to do serious damage to rock types.(It has low Sp.A so I don't suggest). DT to evade if Attract is broken through. Protect to save yourself for a few turns.(Choose 1 of the three). Lastly, Future Sight to be able to punish them every 2 turns. That's all for this OP. See the newest poll!

 The week of 04/01/2009-10/01/2009 poll

 Here is to the Pok'emon who need friendship to evolve! I chose Lucario. Now, the rest is up to you.(Hopefully...)

Plus, this will be the 1st 2009 winner! <no effect>

 The week of 04/01/2009-10/01/2009 results (winner)

 Here's to out 8th winner and the 448th Pok'emon (Plus 1st 2009 winner!). It has great Attack and Special Attack and decent speed. If it has a better Sp.A over Attack, it's movepool it really taken advantage over here. For a Sp.Attacker(1) or Attacker(2) I'd give it. . .:

 Nature:Modest(+Sp.A -Att){1} Adamant(+Att -Sp.A){2}

 Item: Black Belt(1) Zoom Lens(2)

 Moveset(1):1 Calm Mind 2 Aura Sphere 3 Flash Cannon 4 Shadow Ball

(1) I'd Calm Mind a few if you have the time to raise Lucario's Sp.A. Then fire the other moves depending on the opponent. 2 and 3 are STAB while 4 is there to hurt types like Rotom (electric/ghost). The Black Belt is to be able to boost Aura Sphere's attack damage. 

 Moveset(2):1 Cross Chop 2 Blaze Kick 3 Earthquake 4  Stone Edge

(2)  While holding a Zoom Lens, it raises the holders chance of producing a critical-hit only if Lucario is slower which makes the strong Cross Chop(+STAB) and Stone Edge have high chances of critical-hits. The suprising egg move Blaze Kick will throw your opponets off guard and EQ is always great to have!

 That's all on this week's OP! Check out the poll! Click Lucario to go back to the home page.


 The week of 11/01/2009-17/01/2009 poll

 The winner for this week? I don't know? Even if I chose Charizard doesn't mean it'll win( but might end up the winner anyways. . .).

The week of 11/01/2009-17/01/2009 results(winner)

The sixth Pok'emon and 9th winner. What a shock. It took long enough. With great speed and sp.a it had to win. Probably one of the best pok'emon in the Kanto region that's non-legendary.(Sitting next to Dragonite and such). It has a huge movepool so have fun with one with moves like this:

 Nature: Modest(like the 6th time!) (+Sp.A-Att)

 Item: charcoal

Moveset:1 Heat Wave/Flamethrower 2 Air Slash 3 Focus Blast 4 Dragon Pulse

 Heat Wave if you want better power, and able to hit 2 opponents or Flamethrower for better Accuracy but lower power and only able to hit one at a time. . .plus it is STAB+charcoal=deadly.Look out grass and ice types! Air Slash to be able todo more STAB and to also pick off fighting types. Focus Blast IS highly recommended to beat up the life-threatning rock types. Dragon Pulse to get big Pok'emon like Salamence and Girratina. You could also have EQ to K-O electric types. You could get Solarbeam to get water types. Too bad it's not like Infernape being able to learn Grass Knot. . .You could have Brick Break over Focus Blast if you want. . .even if it's lower attack might hurt. . .(original Charizard. Familiar,huh?You will see Charizard on the sidebars, too).

 Transfer one with Park Pal today! see the newest poll to see which dragon will win!

The week of 18/01/2009-24/01/2009 poll

 As promised the dragons. I chose Salamence! Your turn! Anyone? . . .<no effect>


 The week of 18/01/2009-24/01/2009 results (winner)

The winner. Salamence. The dragon/flying type. It's weird. Earlier on my pearl I as in the battle tower with my Salamence. Odd huh? The double-digit 10th winner. Also the 373rd Pok'emon. A great sweeper but also and uber. If I were to sweep I'd give it. . .

 Nature: Adamant:(+Att-Sp.A)

 Item: Yache Berry

Moveset:1 Fire Fang/Stone Edge 2 Dragon Claw 3 Crunch 4 EQ/ Dragon Dance

 You can either go with Fire Fang to deal with ice types but Stone Edge is an option with better power but lower accuracy. Dragon Claw for STAB and to deal with dragon types. Crunch is always good to have on ghost or psychic types. EQ to get rock types or DD to raise ATT and SPD. Salamence doesn't have the best defences so it may only have one turn to sweep other than raise stats. It doesn't last that long so it may or may not have been worth mentioning.

 Either transfer or catch one. It's not possible without cheats or trade to catch one in the game as a Salaemnce. It's probably worth it so, get one ASAP.

See the poll now!

 The week of 25/01/2009-31/01/2009 poll

Check this out! Infernape or Blaziken? Tough choice but I went with Infernape. You? I have no idea for now. . . <no effect>


 The week of 25/01/2009-31/01/2009 results (winner)

Infernape, the 392th Pok'emon and the 11th winner.  Learning stuff like Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch and more rocks. With great Attack, Sp.A, and speed this pok'emon rocks! Too bad it's HP, Def, and Sp.D are below average. . . If you want it a "special"(1) or physical(2) sweeper, you came to the right place.

 Nature: (1) Modest (+Sp.a-Att) (2) Adamant (+Att-Sp.a)

 Item: (1) Focus Sash (2) Expert Belt

 Moveset:(1) 1 Calm Mind 2 Flamethrower 3 Focus Blast 4 Grass Knot

 (1) Infernape is one of the some that can learn both Calm Mind and Bulk Up. In this case, Calm Mind is needed to boost the Sp.a and Sp.d of Infernape. Then use any of the other moves depending the match-up. Flamethrower for STAB. Focus Blast is questionable with low Acc but wipes out potenial rock, and steel types that may possess an EQ. Grass Knot for water types and extra coverage. Focus Sash in case you want a possible last hit with the needed speed.

 Moveset:(2) 1 Bulk Up 2 Blaze Kick 3 Mach Punch/ Sky Uppercut/ Close Combat 4 Shadow Claw/Stone Edge

 (2) Bulk Up to raise Att and Def. Blaze Kick for no recoil and STAB. Mach Punch for a quick hitting move but little damage. Sky Uppercut to hit flyers with an okay Acc and better power. Close Combat to try and do serious damage with good Acc but the recoil drop if Def, and Sp.D why you tried to raise Def earlier. All though have STAB and Expert Belt bonuses. Shadow Claw to get psychic types or Stone Edge to get the flying types.


Overall Infernape is a great starter and at Wi-Fi but if it's a defensive competion and you can only choose between the 3 starter from sinnoh, you're better off with a slower but defensiver Torterre or Empoleon. That's all for now! See the new poll today!

 The week of 01/02/2009-07/02/2009 poll

 Infernape was a hit!Up above! Who'll be better? Palkia or Dialga? I chose Palkia because he doen't get much credit and I'm a Pearl player until Platinum!(which isn't that far away!)<no effect>

 The week of 01/02/2009-07/02/2009 resluts (winner)

Palkia! The 484th Pok'emon while being the 12th winner.  Learning things like Spacial Rend and Earth Power rocks! Though, it's stats are , too. I have 1 but I'd give it this instead:

 Nature: Modest(+Sp.A-Att)

 Item: Lustrous Orb

 Moveset: 1 Spacial Rend 2 Surf 3 Aura Sphere 4 Thunderbolt

 Even if Dialga has higher Defence it does have lower speed than Palkia. I'd have Spacial Rend to cover its weakness and STAB plus the item bonus.(Also its critical hit-ratio is high!) Surf is another STAB, item bonus and wipes out Charizard who may have Dragon Claw or Pulse. Aura Sphere is good to have on Double Teamers and T-Bolt is great for other water or flying types. That way Skarmory doesn't have the odds. Both are winners but Palkia got the review and thubs up. See the new poll!

 The week of 08/02/2009-14/02/2009 poll

 I chose Gallade. Short,sweet and to the point.<no effect>

 The week of 08/02/2009-14/02/2009 results(winner)

 Gallade. The 13th winner and the 475th Pok'emon. Having great Attack and a nice movepool is a BIG advantage. Give it:(p.s. Primape is MAD at YOU!)


 Item: Black Belt

 Moveset: 1 Close Combat 2 Psycho Cut 3 X-Scissor 4 Swords Dance/ Leaf Blade

 Close Combat is STAB with recoil. . . Maybe use an alternative back-up. Psycho Cut for STAB, too. X-scissors to have back-up. Same for Leaf Blade. Use SD only if you need it. Sorry no pic, and its short.

 Overall, try to get one. It rocks. Check out the new poll.

 The week of 15/02/2009-21/02/2009 poll

Choose. Now. Me? Dugtrio. Short. Simple. <no effect>


The week of 15/02/2009-21/02/2009 results(winner)

 Being the 14th winner and the 51st po'kemon rocks. Being ground leaves it with only 3 but common weaknesses. Go ahead and give it:

 Nature: Adamant (+Att-Sp.A)

 Item: Earth Plate

 Moveset: 1 EQ 2 Slash 3 Shadow Claw 4 Sucker Punch

 I like the fact that even if Dugtrio has no arms 3 of the 4 moves need arms! Classic! EQ is a good STAB and has the Earth Plate bonus. Slash does normal damage on 14 of the 17 types! Shadow Claw and Sucker Punch are to hurt ghost type levitators. Sucker Punch also hurts water, grass or ice types who'll try to ATTACK you but Sucker Punch may stop 'em. Another move though not listed that is worth mentioning is Stone Edge because it has a high critical hit-ratio and it helps on flying types. Think Skarmory. None of the above will help. It may not be super effective but it will leave a mark if it hits! That's all on Dugtrio! Check out the new poll and let your voice be heard! Here's a hint: The 3 options all have spanish at the end of their names!

 The week of 22/02/2009-01/03/2009 poll

 I chose Zapdos!  An electric bird will rock! Or will it?<no effect>

The week of 22/02/2009-01/03/2009 resluts (winner)

 Zapdos the 145th Pok'emon plus 15th winner. Only left with 2 weaknesses because of this unique dualed-typed can have it's ups and downs. Though, you need a good moveset like this first:

 Nature: Rash (+Sp.A-Sp.D)

 Item: Bright Powder

Moveset: 1 Rain Dance 2 Thunder 3 Drill Peck 4 Steel Wing

 The Rain Dance/ Thunder combo is a classic. Zapdos can take huge advantage due to it's high Sp.A and Speed. The reason no modest but Rash is because it's Sp.D isn't dead bad, just bad. Plus, the last 2 moves don't want to be dreaded. Bright Power is just good to have. Thunder's for STAB. Drill Peck is also good STAB and hurts Camerupt, the Pok'emon resisting both moves 2 and 4. Steel Wing is nice because it covers both of it's weaknesses in one move! Overall, Zapdos rocks! Catch one @ the Power Plant in the FR/LG games then transfer it with Park Pal! Check the out the new poll! NOTICE: We had a last second vote which did not count but would of made Dugtrio share the glory with Skunktank.

 The week of 02/03/2009-09/03/2009 poll

 Who would win of the psychics? Espeon which I chose or Slowbro? Now you decide the rest to stand for what you believe in! <no effect>

The week of 02/03/2009- 09/03/2009 results (winner)

Espeon is the 196th Po'kemon and 16th winner. This psychic type's devastating! With super high Special Attack and superb speed, what can stop this Pok'emon?

 Here's what I gave it:

 Nature: Modest(+Sp.A -Att)

 Item: Bright Powder

Moveset: 1 Recover 2 Psychic 3 Shadow Ball 4 Grass Knot

 Recover to heal. Psychic for STAB. Shadow Ball for good coverage on ghost and psychic types. Finally , Grass Knot on dark types!

 Realize it's short people! I'm a little off schedule!


The week of 10/03/2009-17/03/2009 poll

Here. I choose Torterra. Not Steelix, sorry. <no effect>

 The week of 10/03/2009-17/03/2009 results(winner)

Torterra,the 389th Pok'emon and 17th winner! This Grass/Ground is a unique combo, but look out for ice types!

 Give it:

 Nature: Adamant(+Att-Sp.A)

 Item: Yache Berry

 Moveset: 1 EQ 2 Stone Edge 3 Wood Hammer 4 Iron Tail

 Eq is a great STAB plus hurt fire types like Stone Ege with higher accuracy. Stone Edge hurts fire, ice and is great to also hurt flyers especially like Charizard who resists all other moves. Wood Hammer is strong, high accuacy and needs a Heart Scale. The drawback? Like Close Combat it has low PP and has a recoil, this time, damage(but it's STAB!). Iron Tail is just great to have! Try to get one in Platinum as a starter if you will ONCE it comes out!

 ( I was so off schedule last week, I didn't make a poll so. . .) Check out this one's!

 The week of 18/03/2009- 25/03/2009 poll

Choose now! Zangoose,Seviper,Rampardos, or Bastidon. Even this is tough for me. I'll choose Bastidon over Zangoose but not over Seviper but I'll hand it over to Rampardos. (Confusing, eh?)<no effect>

The week of 18/03/2009- 25/03/2009 results (winner)

Ahh yes. The 18th winner while being the 409th Pok'emon.  VERY HIGH ATTACK! Easy:

 Nature: Adamant (see Torterra, come on!)

 Item: Focus Band (why not? It can help with low defences.)

 1 Iron Tail 2 Head Smash 3 EQ 4 Giga Impact/ Hammer Arm

 Iron Tail is awesome, nice damage, but low accuracy. . . Head Smash for STAB and high damage with little to alot of recoil. EQ is self-explanitory. Giga Impact is powerful with a missed turn recoil with the recoil of HA is speed down, and with not as good speed, what is the diifference?

 Get one today all Diamond players! Or at least 'till Platinum!

 The week of 26/03/2009 - 02/04/2009 poll

 Weavile or Snorlax? I choose you Snorlax! <no effect>

The week of 26/03/2009- 02/04/2009 results(winner)

 Snorlax! The 20th winner!! Being the 143rd Po'kemon, it's a chubby kitty!=)Just imagine:

 Nature: See Rampardos (up 2)

 Item: Chesto Berry

 1 Rest 2 Sleep Talk 3 Crunch 4 Curse

The Rest/Chesto is a classic! Sleep Talk is when you ate the Chesto. Crunch is your standard move. Curse is a real boost considering its kinda slow. . .

 Catch this chubby kitty =) he he . . .*clears throat* today!

 The week of 05/04/2009 -12/04/2009 poll

Togepi or Eevee? TIE! =)<no effect>

 The week of 05/04/2009- 12/04/2009 results(winners)

 Eevee and Togepi. Cool.  (1) 175th Pok'emon and 21st(tied) winner! Then there is Eevee. The 133th Pok'emon and tied for the 21st winner.(2)

 Natures for both: Jolly (+Speed - Sp.A)

 Items for both: Bright Powder

 Moveset(1): 1 Double Team 2 Safeguard 3 Wish 4 Baton Pass/Metronome

 Moveset(2): 1 Tail Whip 2 Sand-Attack 3 Baton Pass 4 Last Resort

 (1) I'd use this in terms of Double Battles with each other. The Bright Powder helps out while so does the speed boost thingy. I'd Double Team to help avoid damage. Safeguard is for status protection. Wish is to heal while opponent's start missing. Lastly, you have an option. Metronome for a random attack. Baton Pass for passing the boosts and wish. The ULTIMATE annoyer!

 (2) Same. The ULTIMATE annoyer. Tail Whip to lower defense. (You'll see why soon enough.) Sand attack to do the same as double Team almost. Baton Pass to K-O the helpless non-seeing defenseless Pok'emon! Last Resort is to attack when all moves have been used. Together they make the best team combo. Look out for ghost types though. . .

 No poll for next week because I'm taking time off.=)

No OP for the week of 13/04/2009-20/04/2009

Or poll. Poll for next week below though!

 The week of 20/04/2009-27/04/2009 poll

Tyranitar or Jynx ? Tough. I had to go with Tyranitar.

Last OP for a while. 28/04/2009-04/05/2009 results(winner)

Tyranitar the 22nd winner! Being the # 248th Pok'emon is cool. A rock/dark is unique but has x4 weakness to figthing. Teach it Aerial Ace and no problem.

 The Tyrant!

 Nature: Adamant (see Rampardos)

Item:Black Sunglasses

 Moveset: 1 Crunch 2 Aerial Ace 3 Dragon Claw 4 EQ/ Rock Slide

 First have Crunch to be able to K-O psychic and ghost types. With the item held it'll do even more along wih STAB! With 80 power and 100 accuracy, I'm not complainging. Except about the speed. . . Have Aerial Ace to hurt grass and fighting types which both are deadly to Tyranitar. Dragon Claw can hurt bulky dragon types and do normal damage to all but steel. That's were either EQ comes in. It hurts steel alot. Though, Rock Slide is STAB and hits 2 opponents. Eq hits everyone though has better accuracy and power. You can choose anything you want. Just remeber, if a Shedinja ever appears, keep Crunch, Aerial Ace, or Rock Slide in handy. =) See you in a very LONG time. No poll. . .


 The 23rd winner and the the 227th Pok'emon.  Though it has only 2 weaknesses of fire and electic, those are common types. . .

 Item: Wacan Berry

 Nature: Adamant: (+Att -Sp.A)

  Moveset: 1 Spikes 2 Stealth Rock 3 Whirlwind 4 Pluck/ Steel Wing/ Rock Slide

 Skarmory is a very good Spiker because it has good defence and nice attack with moderate speed. Spikes firstly and add Stealth Rock if you'd like. Whirlwind to injure the whole team. Unless Cradily or another Suction Cupper resisting whirlwind, have it learn Pluck/ Steel Wing/ Rock Slide. Pluck could steal their berry and it's STAB. Steel Wing is another great STAB. Rock Slide may not have STAB but it does hurt fire types. That's why you have the Wacan berry to avoid too much electic damage. =)

 See ya very soon!