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List of Free Scholarly Search Engines With Descriptions

Free ebooks

Digital Book Index

Library Spot


CRF Research on All Subjects

Info Mine- Scholarly journals search engine

Internet Public Library

Voice of the Shuttle Humanities Research

Directory of Open Access Journals

Library of Congress- Free Visual Images from their collection

Wikimedia- All Wikimedia services (Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikibooks, Etc.)

Presentation Tools and Teacher Tools- All Subjects

Explore Educational Videos at Teacher Tube

Teacher's Domain- Downloadable Videos

Discovery Education- Streaming Videos

Jump Cut- Online Video Editing Tools

SKRBL- Like an interactive whiteboard for Web pages 

YacaPaca- Free Online Assessment Tools

My Studiyo- Create free online quizzes

Quia- Create free online quizzes

Gliffy- Flowcharts and Diagrams

Voice Thread- Create podcasts and collaborative media with students

G-Cast Podcast

Slide- Create online slide show presentations

Bookr- Create and show captioned slide shows

One True Media- Online slide shows with text, music & images

Show Beyond- Stories as "slidecasts"

Create Polls and Surveys Online

Create Surveys Online

EduSlide- Free lessons and course management for teachers 

School Forge- Free teacher tools

Ideas for collaborative projects and technology

Web 2.0 Classroom Applications

ATT Knowledge Network Explorer 

Free Tools for Teachers

4 Teachers- Free teacher tools

Discovery School- Free teacher tools

Thinkfinity- Free teacher tools

Blue Web'- Free teacher tools

Global SchoolNet Foundation- Project-based learning

ThinkQuest Library- Student created web sites on curriculum topics

Links to Health, Research, Reading, Jobs/Careers, HW Help, College/Vocation, Consumer Info., Life Skills

Ning- International Social Networking site for collaboration

Skype- International Social Networking site for collaboration