East Midlands Feminists


We've been around since October 2006, when a small group of women got together in Leicester to campaign for Object!, and we decided the East Midlands was in need of a feminist activist group.

WHAT DO WE DO?  We do a variety of campaign work, sometimes on behalf of an organisation, for many different issues.  Although this is normally within the East Midlands, we also travel out to national events and meet up, including Reclaim the Night.  We're also a social group though, as we feel it's important to meet others who feel strongly about the issues important to you, so not everything we organise is campaign based.

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? Anyone is welcome to get involved with EMFems.  Feel free to contact us at this page, where you can also join our mailing list, which will keep you up to date with all our plans.

You can join our yahoo group here, where you can join our discussions and plans for future meet-ups.

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