Teachers Professional Development

Assessment for Learning

Today, the last group of teachers is attending the 3rd Teacher Professional Development Course on “Assessment for Learning” that had already been held twice this year on February 18 & 19 and March 10&11 at Colonel Lotfi High School in Oran. 

The team was formed in September during the first seminar of the school year and has been working since October 2007. While working in collaboration with the Inspector especially after each of the previous seminars, the members of the team had the opportunity to assess their work and improve it and that through the various tasks and mainly the feedback form that were assigned to the participants who attended the two training days.

The aim of this training is to raise teachers’ awareness about the difference between assessment and evaluation. On the first day, teachers will undergo a diagnostic assessment in a form of questionnaire to overview what they learned in the last two years in the seminars that were held so far, and at the same time to brainstorm the theme of assessment and identify its different types and criteria through interactive tasks and debates on videos related to the theme. The second day will be devoted to four workshops including the preparation of a good test, assessment of a situation of integration, learner’s assessment and finally teachers will deal with Assessment Criteria for Teachers’ Performance through a video of different classes given by different teachers.

The training sessions will be presented for the third time under the supervision of the Inspector General of English Mr.Louznadji in collaboration with the teachers:

Mrs.Maetougui (Mustapha Hedam School)

Mrs. Khetou ( Kasdi Merbah School)

Miss.Serradj (M'rah Abdelkader School)

Miss.Touili (Clonel Lotfi School)

Mirs.Brahimi (Adda Abdelkader School)

Miss.Berachedi (Oussama Ibnou Zeid)