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The 15 Most Important Investing Blogs For New Investors or Traders

As I mentioned before ElPel@s had a good year and have done well in my first two years investing. While it may be luck I would like to think that at least part of my success the past two yeas is due to skill. Not my own of course but rather the skills I have appropriated from reading various blogs.
In what has become a semi-annual feature I like to recognize the blogs that I feel have contributed most to my education as an investor and trader. At the end of my first year I posted on the top five blogs I read my first year investing. I followed up with an another top five blogs for the first half of 2007. To recap the first ten are:

1. Gannon On Investing
One of the few bloggers I would actually pay to read.
Smartest blogger I read.
Best all around site to learn about every aspect of investing.
Short term, long term, chart analysis, book reviews, educational links, reviews of trading tools; you name it Mike seems to provide it.
Part Groucho Marx and J.P. Morgan, Howard Lindzon does a great job of discussing, with humor, the underlying businesses represented by stocks.
Read this site and you just may unleash the inner power of your mind to increase market performance while at the same time controlling the destructive mental tendencies we all have that decrease investing performance.
Great resource for an investor or trader looking to utilize options as a means to enhance market performance.
Think of him as the Bo Jackson of blogging. Can do it all and do it well. Insightful market commentary on all time frames and every style of investing and trading.
Perhaps the best blog to read on applying the teachings of Benjamin Graham.
Provides a comprehensive review, with links, to some of the best investment and economic related posts on the Internet.

Adding to the above ten are the following five blogs that I have found worthwhile reading during the second half of 2007:
Great website that mixes different styles of investing and trading. One of the best things about this blog is that the blog does a good job of explaining why and how to have buy and sell discipline in selecting stocks.
Great resource for the new value investor looking to learn more about value investing and how it is practiced.
The blog is a trading journal of an individual who has a system for writing covered calls. The blog details that system as well as the trades made using the aforementioned system. Good starting point for those interested in options.
Best site that provides links to the best articles, blog posts, and resources for the value investor.
Solid site that provides worthwhile market insight from a professional money management firm.

While I read a lot of great blogs, the above fifteen are those that I feel have done the most to advance my understanding of investing and trading.
Two good blogs that cover net current value asset bargains are: