Elizabeth Bradley Astrologer, Angelic Channel
Sound Healer, Angelic Sekhem Reiki Master

Come to the edge.  We might fall. Come to the edge.

Its too high!


 And they came, and he pushed, And they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire



 Virgo New Moon


Like ancient Dragons we ascend through our fears as the New Moon and the partial Solar eclipse combine to create the necessary transformation through the power of our individual wings created by an internal energy of deeper knowing and devotion to the self.

But can we really make that leap now, especially as so much has risen to the surface to make us question our innate purpose through experience and feelings?

But what if all we really need is that push or shove in the right direction to make it all seem to fit will we make the grade and can our senses truly appreciate all that we have been or are going through now?

The alignment of planets in Virgo shows how hard we have worked to arrive at this plateau.  The New Moon empowers the original imprint or coding in order for us to recognise the CHANGE as it begins to construct.  

Jupiter strengthens our intentions and points the way to the New! 

Watching the paradox of Neptune and Chiron, the ruler of Virgo, oppose the energies of this New MOON, we can only be stymied for a moment as our original intentions cannot be misaligned or misinterpreted.  Our new journeys have begun in earnest and the Ascension process through the heart with Venus and Mars playing fools through Leo showers us all with a personal emotional truth, until the waters break.

Make your wings strong by attaching to true loves, true friends and true partnerships over this weekend.  Make your LIGHT strong by activating an inner sensitivity which may not have been prevalent before, simply because Fear overrode any personal intention to Be Yourself.

Sometimes, in the cold light of day we can lose ourselves in fear because it is the old path or we might say all we have known. 

Astrology has a beautiful purpose of defining a moment in Time and Space where we get to accept certain ramifications of deliverance almost as if the Stars themselves got up to wave Hello to all of us below in order for us to Fly! 

We can choose to respond to that message now by activating a personal desire, a passionate plea, a move towards service that feels so good you cannot wait to share but ultimately knowing that where the heart sings you will find your wings is the message that rings true. 

Waiting to hear that song, that sound, that inclusive sense of a reality previously unknown where we get to feel like children playing in bare feet upon the sands of time makes the heart sing and the soul spin.  

This is a weekend where water is squeezed out of the mixture to enhance the truth in order to feel.

Take no prisoners, take no other offer than truth, take only your strength in the moment to share a promise once made to the One Self, in order to release all thoughts of sacrifice as we journey forward to a greater understanding of our journey.

With one request to create a sensitive response where you have let go.

And we meet as the past falls away to leave just a scent of peace upon our soul through the mountain of magnificence we call Love.

I Love you All. With Joy.  Ephettaa ain soph Extol  Amen.  Elizabeth xxxxx



Thoughts release old partnerships and marriage where you rushed in and now heal through the power of Fire and Passion.



Play aligns you with the New as you release responsibility which cannot be carried beyond the New.



Eternal Life extinguishes all the fears attached to death and release.  You are free to Fly with wings of Love.



Meditation heals an ancient heart that was overthrown by fear and doubt.  Rest a while before you restore through a new career mode.



Dreams, wishes and wild expectations can never create the whole without release of an inner sadness.  When this has healed you will climb like the eagle.



Holding all the senses now you are given a very special Gift by the Universe to become that Master of Self through understanding your purpose in the Light!



Speak out and share your wisdom.  You have held so much fear and anxiety within your Soul that your tears can create a river when you let go.  Now is the time to sing and be free.



Your energy is being refined and your senses honed in to gather the strength necessary to transform your pace. Just dig a little deeper and you will feel a flood of energy arrive!



Restoring your strength through emotional gathering and aligning with the new.  You have made so many others aware of their pathway and now you receive your reward!



Embrace without fear the locomotive of transmutation as it settles the doubts and disabilities that have chained you to an ancient belief in denial.  You are at home in your Heart!



A sojourn into the mind creates unusual awareness and Meditation can release so much Fun enabling you to Fly above the Fears of the past and rest into a loving heart!



Memories are at your core through this time and you wish to share with a happy Heart to all who enter your path.  The Angels hear you in Joy and Love.