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We have completed the updates to the "E.F.G. Points/Standings" section of this website.  If you find any typos or errors, please feel free to contact us at senseizeke1@yahoo.com

More updates coming soon!!!

Welcome to the Elite Federation Of Grapplers Website!!!

The Elite Federation Of Grapplers (or E.F.G.) purpose is to provide more quality grappling competitions to the Michigan area.  The E.F.G. will host three tournaments per year, plus a year ending finals.  All competitors will automatically receive points for each tournament that they compete in.  The competitors points will be tracked, and posted here on this site.  At the end of the season, the competitor with the most points in each division will be recognized as the E.F.G. Champion for that year/season! 

The Elite Federation Of Grapplers circuit is not limited to Michigan residents only.  Everyone is encouraged to compete!!!


Welcome To Professionalism and Consistency!!!

Tired of wondering when the next event will be?  Tired of over-priced and unprofessional events?  Well compete for E.F.G.  The Elite Federation Of Grapplers is ALL about the competitors.  We will highlight the competitors throughout the season with photographs from the events.  You will ALWAYS be able to come to this site to keep track of your points, progression, and to find out when the next event will be!  The Elite Federation Of Grapplers is the new age of Grappling competitions!!!