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Private Patrick Nealis  20606,  The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.

died 17/12/1917, aged about 31.

Remembered at Morchies Military Cemetery, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=254927

Patrick was born in Walton, Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

1901 census, 97 Arley Street, Liverpool. Mary (mother) 42. Children Anne 24 Home help,  Julia 17, Patk 15 Apprentice Engineer, Mary E 13, Bridgit 8. All born in Ireland.


Sapper Alfred Nightingale 77369,  Royal Engineers, "L" Signal Bn.

died 01/11/1918, aged 26.

Son of James and Grace Nightingale, of Liverpool; husband of Anne Nightingale, of 29, Portland St., Vauxhall Rd., Liverpool.

Remembered at Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension, France.

CWGC certificate  http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=269008

Alfred was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Died, France and Flanders.


                    Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension, France.Photograph Courtesy Of Tanneguy.

Alfred Nightingale married Anne Rossiter at Our Lady of Reconciliation church, Eldon Street, Liverpool, in 1915

Alfred Nightingale ( father James ) of 6 Carson Street, Liverpool.

Anne Rossiter ( father Edward ) of 29 Portland Street, Liverpool.

Witnesses-John Butler of 120 Blenhiem Street, Liverpool, Mary Tippin of 53 Caterbury Street, Liverpool.

The Service records for Alfred have survived. He joined up at Liverpool on 1st November 1915 ( he would die on this same date three years later ) He was 5 feet 6 3/4 inches tall, weighed 105 pounds and had a chest measurement of 35 1/2 inches. He gave his trade as a Telephone Wireman, his job probably made it easy to chose his army career with the Royal Engineers. Alfred was posted to the Stratford signal depot in Bletchley, arriving there on 5th November 1915. He left England on 2nd February 1916.

 His records list his wife as Anne Rossiter, who was living at 45 Arley street at the time of her marriage in 1915. It also list a son Alfred John Nightingale, born 8th July 1916 and living with his mother at 29 Portland street. The records list nothing about any leave for Alfred after he left England so he may never have seen his son, I hope I am wrong on that account.


                                        Signature Of Alfred Nightingale On His Enlistment Papers

Also listed are his sisters Alice 36, Florence 26, Priscella 22, Ellen 18 and his brother James 15. All living at 6 Carson Street, Liverpool. Lily Nightingale aged 5 is listed, but it is hard to tell if she is a sister or a niece. None of his parents are listed, but four uncles William, George and David Nightingale and Robert Christie are listed, so this my mean that his mothers maiden name was Christie. Also listed are four aunts Elizabeth Peters, Jane Christie and two hard to read surnames that look like Eleanor Denny and Priscella Hovel. No ages are given for the Aunts and Uncles.


                                       The Reciept For Alfred's Victory Medal Signed By His Wife Anne

Sadly Alfred died from Influenza which he caught during an epidemic among the troops, he died just ten days before the end of the war.


                                      Hospital Captains Message Noting Alfred's Death from Influenza


                                            Alfred's Medical Case Sheet Noting His Death At 16.40

John and June Hutchinson contacted me with photographs and information about Alfred Nightingale. Alfred married John's great aunt Anne Rossiter at Our Lady of Reconciliation church, Eldon Street, Liverpool, in 1915, below is a photograph from the wedding day.


Alfred Nightingale is in the center of the photograph with his new wife Anne, Standing back left in uniform is Thomas Rossiter ( brother of Anne and grandfather of John Hutchinson ) When in the Army he lived with his young family in London. Note the lucky horseshoe tagged to his tunic-his grandson John still has it. Thomas Rossiter was often described as being a 'brave soldier and leader' He survived the war.


Thomas Rossiter and family. Young Tom is  standing by his father, Alfred on his fathers knee, Rebecca on his right, Edward standing between his mother and father. John Hutchinson's Mother Ann is sitting on her mothers knee, Jane Rossiter (Ellison) The Rossiter's ran a well known fruit shop 210 Vauxhall Road


          Rossiter's Fruit Shop, 210 Vauxhall Road. 24th September 1935 Ref No7105 Liverpool City Engineers


                          A Fabulous Painting Of The Fruit Shop Based On The Photograph Above                    

John's other grandfather  John Henry Hutchinson a boer and WW1 veteran was the last family member to see 'Alf'  - he walked him down Portland Steet to Lime Street and away to war. Alfred's son also called Alfred only passed away in recent years. He was a very small child when his father died  - but did recall his Mother crying and also seeing a rifle in the house.


         John Henry Hutchinson. The last family member to see Alfred. Pictured in WW1 uniform and seated

  John's Grandson provides these details. " This photo is my Grandfather John Henry Hutchinson (Seated) and another lad standing in the Boar War type of uniform - they left Liverpool a few days later for South Africa. To date I have been unable to have a "positive " identification of the lad in uniform - but I have my suspicions who he is. On the 24th March 1900  John Henry Hutchinson was enlisted into the Prince Alfred Guards at Port Elizabeth Barracks.
The photo was taken in early 1900 at Hincliffe's in Scotland Road. The Hincliffe family had a number of shops. The  273 Scotland Road branch was operated by Ramsden Hincliffe, who would have taken this picture and Grace Hincliffe ran the Norton Street shop. Another shop was located at 106 Cazneau Street.


                                             The Letter Sent To Anne To Inform Her Of Alfred's Death


                                                            Scroll From Alfred's Employers


                              Alfred's Grave At Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension, France.


                                                          Alfred Nightingales WW1 Plaque

Thomas Rossiter's other brother-in-law Private 33605  William Ellison enlisted with the Liverpool Kings on the 9th July 1914 No 33605. He was wounded on the 1st May 1915 and recovered, but sadly was killed while with the Cheshire Regiment on 27th July 1916. This is William's entry on the CWGC site   http://www.cwgc.org/search/casualty_details.aspx?casualty=39446


                                                                      William Ellison

 Wlliam's other brother was Thomas Ellison who also fought in WW1. He survived and returned home.

John Hutchinson's own father had lived at 28 Portland Street, Liverpool, and was a Dunkirk Vet and a Japanese Prisoneer of War during WW2. He is pictured below in uniform 1939.


I would like to Thank John and June for preserving the above photographs and for allowing them to be used on this web site. Their information brings generations of their family who lived in the area to our attention and I for one feel privileged to have read read about their history.



Private Michael Nylands 260247,  Border Regiment, 5th Bn.

died 06/11/1918, aged 29.

Son of Mrs. Mary Ellen Gallager (formerly Nylands), of 19B, Lace St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=296423

Michael was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

The service records have survived for Michael. They show he signed up at Seaforth on 10 December 1915, joining the 5th Kings Liverpool regiment with his number 203216. He records that he had previously served with the Kings Liverpool regiment in the 3rd batallion. Michael gives his age on enlistment as 27 years and 8 months and his trade as a Carter. His height is given as 5 feet 6 inches, weighing 130 pounds with a chest measurement of 35 inches. His physical development is listed as Good and it is noted that he has a flat left foot. Given his address on enlistment as 89 Ford Street, Liverpool.


                                        Signature Of Michael Nylands On His Enlistment Papers

His wife is listed as Mary Ellen Nylands, Whom he married in August 1909. Three children are listed, Elizabeth born 31 May 1911, James born 21 March 1916 and Margaret born 1917 looks like 6 May? but very hard to read. His father is listed as deceased and his mother as Margaret. He has no brothers, but two sisters are listed without ages. Catherine is married but surname is impossible to read? living at 6 court 4 house Burlington street, Liverpool, and Jane Bowles of 17 Edgar Street, Liverpool.

Michael is in Britain training until 29 June 1917 when he leaves from Folkstone for France arriving in Boulonge. On 15 July he is transfered to the 5th Border Regiment and given a knew regimental number 260247. On 13 March 1918 he is given 14 days leave, then on 9 July 1918 he is deprived three days pay for being dirty on Guard mounting parade and for having dirty equiptment.

Michael is admitted to hospital on 27 August 1918 with diarrhoea, being returned to unit on 1 September 1918. Sadly Michael was killed in action just five days before the end of the war on 6 November 1918. The list below shows his personel items that where sent home to his wife Mary Ellen.



                                    The Reciept For Michael's Medals Signed By HIs Wife Mary Ellen


                                                   Pension Details For Michael's Wife And Children

   J.  O'NEILL

Private John O'Neill 1733, Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery, 12th.

died 03/04/1918, aged 30.

Remembered at Senlis Communal Cemetery Extension, France.

CWGC certificate, http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=599453

John O'Neill enlisted in the Australian army on 2 July 1915 at at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Giving his age as 28, birthplace Liverpool, England, and his occupation as a Cook. He is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds, chest measurement of 33 inches, with a fresh complexion, Blue eyes, and light Brown hair.


                                                 Signature Of John O'Neill On His Enlistment Papers.

When John enlisted he gave his next of kin as his sister Mrs Perry of 98 Burlington Street, Liverpool, England. His will is given to Catherine Perry, who later changes her address to 25A St Domingo Road.



                The Next Of Kin Card And The Will Card That Also Shows That Catherine Is Now A Widow.

 John sailed to Suez, Egypt aboard the "Demosthens" arriving on 31 January 1916, and joining the 8th training battalion. On 9th March 1916 he joins the 47th battalion, and proceeds to Zeitoun, Egypt, before moving on to Tel-El-Kebir, Egypt. John sails from Alexandria, Egypt on 2 June 1916 aboard the "Caledonia" arriving in Marseiles, France on 9 June 1916, to join up with the B.E.F.

On 23 June 1916, John O'Neill is found to be Absent Without Leave at 14.00 parade, he is awarded two days field punishment number 2. An explanation of this punishment can be found here  http://www.awm.gov.au/encyclopedia/field_punishment/index.asp

John is transfered to the Light Trench Mortar Battery, 12th on 20 July 1916, before again finding himself in trouble on 4 October 1916 for being absent from parade, and Drunkeness. He is awarded 4 days field punishment number 2.

On 11 February 1917, John is drawing water at Delville wood, when he accidently recieves a cut face, it is enough to have him hospitalized. His records note that he was not to blame for the cut to his face. He rejoins his unit on 18 February 1917.

John stays with his unit in France until 22 October 1917, when he recieves leave to England. He would have had enough time to make it back to Liverpool to visit relatives, before rejoining his unit in France on 3 October 1917. Sadly as the form below shows, John O'Neill was killed in action on 3 Aprilo 1918 in France.


After the war, the army had trouble locating John's grave, and identifying him. The two following letters show details of the search.



John O'Neill was awarded the 1914/15 Star, The British War Medal, and The Victory Medal.


Private Matthew O'Neill 12469,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 14th Bn.

died 10/03/1916, aged 49.

Son of Matthew and Bridget O'Neill, of Liverpool; husband of Elizabeth O'Neill, of 38, Bond St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, Greece.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=625304

Matthew was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

died in Salonika.

1891 census, 6 Bevington Street, Liverpool. Matthew ( father ) 46, Metal dealer, Bridget ( mother ) 44. Children, John J 20, General labourer, Matthew 18, Stationer assistant, Patrick 16, Billiard maker, James 13, Errand boy, Mary A 11, Margaret 9, Francis 2. All born in Liverpool.


Private John Owens 7021,  East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.

died 13/05/1915, aged 37.

Son of Ellen Owens, of 21, St. John Terrace, Brasenose Rd., Bootle, Liverpool, and the late James Owens; husband of Sarah Sudworth (formerly Owens), of 24 Court, 6 House, Burlington St., Liverpool.

Remembered at Ypres ( Menin Gate ) Memorial, Belgium.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=1623049

John was born in Bootle, and enlisted in Seaforth.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

John Owens is my Great Grandfather, he was living at 145 Burlinton Street, Liverpool when he went to war. He had served in the Army in India with the East Lancashire 2nd Battalion prior to WW1. John died at Mousetrap farm, during the battle of Frezenberg. Details of John can be found at my web site.  http://www.freewebs.com/bernardhoganmaltaitalyww2/   


Private John Owens ( age given by mistake as 38 ) Both newspaper articles list John as serving in India and the Boer war, yet as you will see he served his time in India. Unless another record turns up then serving during the Boer war must have been an assumption by his wife Sarah or his employers Cunard.


                                          John Owens Listing On The Menin Gate Memorial, Belgium

John Owens married Sarah Ann Cain at St Anthony`s Church, Scotland road, Liverool. On 26th August 1905. They had two children, Austin born 1908, and Ellen (my grandmother) born 1912. Austin served with the Merchant Navy before, during and after WW2. Ellen lost her husband Bernard during WW2.

1901 census, 43 Brasenose road, Liverpool.  James (father) 63 Dock labourer, born Ireland, Ellen (mother) 57, born Ireland. Children Thomas 16 Funeral worker, born Bootle,Liverpool,  Georgina 13, born Liverpool, James 11, born Liverpool, Nelly 6,born Liverpool. Others listed Georgina (daughter in law) 33, born Ireland, Josephine 1 (grandaughter) born Liverpool. John Owens would have been serving in the Army.

1891 census, 43 Brasenose road, Liverpool. James (father) 52 General Labourer, born Ireland, Eleanor (mother) 43, born Ireland. Children (all born in Bootle, Liverpool) Mary E 17 wash house hand?,  Margurite 16 wash house hand?, John 13, Austin 8, Thomas 5.

1881 census, 22 Matthew Street, Liverpool. James (father) 41 Labourer at docks, born Roscommon, Ireland, Ellen 37, born Dublin, Ireland. Children James 15 Labourer at timber yard, born Birkenhead, Chesire, Francis(son) 13, born Wigan, Lancashire, (all other children born in Bootle, Liverpool) Peter Henry 9, Mary Ellen 7, Marguarite 5, John 2, Thomas 4 months.

No WW1 service records for John have survived, but due to the very kind help of a man named Ken I have recieved his army service records prior to the great war.

John enlisted with the East Lancashire regiment in London on 24 June 1896, giving his age as 18 years and 7 months and his occupation as a Steward. He is 5 feet 4 1/4 inches tall, weighs 131 pounds and has a chest measurement of 33 inches. His complexion is fair, eyes Grey and hair Light Brown. John's distinctive marks are listed, his eyebrows meet, he has tattoed initials E.K on his forearm, a ring on his little finger of his left hand and scars to both legs. His next of kin is given as his father James of 43 Brasenose road, Bootle, Liverpool.


                                                  John's Signature On His Enlistment Papers

John is posted as private 5101 with the East Lancs 2nd Battalion. On 11 September 1897 he is posted to the depot in Preston, remaining there until 18 December 1897 when he returns to the 2nd Battalion. Two days later on 20 December he sets sail for India. arriving in Rhaniket he also spends time in Chakratta and Jullunder, Punjab ( Modern spelling is Jalandhar )

On 4 July 1901 he is granted an extra 1d a day pay, then on 19 February 1903 he is confined in prison and faces a District Court Martial on 6 March charged with " Wilfully injuring his arms " John is sentenced to 122 days with hard labour, the sentence is later reduced to 56 days. John also loses his extra 1d a day pay. He is released from prison back to his regiment on 30 April 1903. On 7 January 1904 he sails from Poona and arrives in England on 30 January.

On 3 February 1904 at Gosport John is transfered to the 1st Class Army Reserve after spending 7 years and 225 days as a full time soldier. His description on transfer gives his age as 26 years and 1 month and he has grown to 5 feet 7 inches tall. John's chest measurement now reaches 38 inches and his waist is 36 inches, with a hat size of 22 1/2 inches and boot size 8.


                                                        John's Transfer To The Army Reserve
One interesting thing is that his WW1 service number with the East Lancs 7021 would have been issued to a Regular around 1900, so he must have enlisted in either the Militia (Special Reserve) 3rd Battalion, or one of two Territorial Force battalions - 4th and 5th. It is assumed the Militia, as the two TF battalions were in Blackburn and Burnley, and he would have had to go there once a week. The Militia were based in Preston, but you served 4-8 weeks full-time each year, so it didn’t really matter that the HQ was in Preston. Whichever battalion he was in at the start of WW1, he would have been transferred to the 1st, and sent to France, as he obviously had the training and experience.

John rejoined the East Lancashire Regiment at the start of WW1. His regiment took part in the famous Christmas Truce while they were positioned in trenches near Ploegsteert Wood, just 400 yards away from where the game of football with the German's took place.

John Owens died during the battle of Frezenberg. His unit was moved to the front line trenches north of Wieltje on May 9th, where they held their position under heavy shellfire and infantry attack. They went over the top and took part in the fighting at Mousetrap farm between 13th -14th May. John was killed in action on the 13th May. His unit was relieved on the 15th, total casualties since 9th May=387 killed, wounded and missing.


Private Robert Owens 331933, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 9th Bn. attended to Royal Engineers.

died 28/06/1917, aged about 24.

Remembered at Brandhoek Military Cemetery, Belgium.

CWGC certificate  http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=429956

Robert was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

1901 census, 12 Arley Street, Liverpool. Thomas (father) 37, Carter by trade, Jane (mother) 35. Children, Edward 16, Carter, Thomas 13, John 10, Robert 8, Jane 1. Also listed, Charles Davies(brother-in-law to Thomas senior) 44, Carters labourer, Charles Davies( Nephew to Thomas) 19 Carter. All born in Liverpool.


Private Patrick Powell 22035,  Cheshire Regiment, 16th Bn.

died 18/07/1916.

Husband of Mrs. E. Powell, of 106, Portland St., Everton, Liverpool.

Remembered at  Le Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=67116

Patrick enlisted in Liverpool.

Died of wounds, France and Flanders.

Patrick Powell married Elizabeth Smith, 1908 in Liverpool. A daughter Elizabeth was born 1912 in Liverpool. A son John J was born 1914 in Liverpool.

1891 census, 31 Comus Street, Liverpool. Edward ( father ) 24, Labourer ( age out for Edward ) Margaret 26, Roomkeeper. Children, William 6, Patrick 4. All born in Liverpool.

1901 census, 2 court 9 house Virgil Street, Liverpool. Edward ( father ) 43, General labourer, Margaret ( mother ) 38. Children, William 16, Errand boy, Patrick 14, Errand boy. All born in LIverpool.



Private John William Prosser 18302, The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 12th Bn.

died 07/10/1916

Remembered at  Thiepval Memorial, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=1549592

John was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.


The service records for John have survived. They show that he enlisted at Liverpool on 6 September 1914, giving his age as 29 years and 306 days, and his occupation as a Labourer.  He is 5 feet 8 1/2 inches tall, weighs 135 pounds and has a chest measurement of 37 inches. Blue eyes and medium Brown hair. He has scars on his right knee and tattoo dots on his left forearm.

Listed on his papers is his wife Julia ( nee Stephenson ) who he married on 31 March 1907 at St Anthony's church, Scotland road, Liverpool, and his four children William born 25 April 1907, Sarah born 18 September 1910, Annie born 13 March 1915 and Mary who was born in 1912. Sadly also included is a death certificate for baby Mary who died on 4 November 1914 aged just 21 months. Living at 21 Eldon street, Liverpool. A later address has his wife at 4 Tindall street, Liverpool.On 23 April 1917 a pension of 26/3 per week was awarded to Julia and the Children.


                                                        John's Signature On His Enlitment Papers

John embarked for France on 24 July 1915. The records list nothing else until his death in October 1916. The records do include a couple of letters from John's wife Julia that I have added below.






John was awarded the 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, and the British War Medal.


                                              Reciept for British War Medal Signed By John's Wife Julia


Private Thomas Prothero 17306,  The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.

died 21/05/1916, aged 37.

Son of Philip T. and Ellen Prothero, of Liverpool; husband of Elizabeth Prothero, of 7, Eldon Place, Vauxhall Rd., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-ST. Eloi, France

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=65967

Thomas was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

The service records for Thomas have survived from his pre war service. He enlisted with the Loyal North Lancashire  regiment on 5 October 1897 at Liverpool. He is 5 feet 3 5/8 inches tall, weighs 124 pounds with a chest measurement of 33 inches. He has a fresh complexion, Grey eyes and dark Brown hair. His age is 18 years and 8 months.His occupation is a Shoemaker and he has several scars on the back of his neck.

Thomas's parents are listed as Philip and Ellen of 43 Boaler street, Liverpool. Also lited is his wife Elizabeth ( nee Bulger ) who he married on 22 April 1906 in Liverpool. A child is listed to Thomas as Elizabeth Watts, born 17 February 1905. A daughter Deborah was born 1912 in Liverpool. Twins Sarah C and Thomas where born 1914 in Liverpool.


                                                   Thomas's Signature On His Enlistment Papers

Thomas remains in the UK until 19 September 1899 when he travels with his regiment to Malta. they are here a year, leaving on 20 September 1900 for South Africa, where they remain until 17 September 1902. They then set sail for the Uk and stay here until 31 March 1903 when they sail to Gibralter, reamining there until 10 April 1904 when they leave for a second term in South Africa. Thomas leaves Africa on 2 October 1905 and returns to the UK. He spends the remainder of his service here and is discharged on 4 October 1909. He was awarded the Cape Colony Medal and the King's South Africa Medal. At the start of WW1 he rejoined his old regiment.


                Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-ST. Eloi, France. Photograph Courtesy Of Todd (Canada).

1901 census, 40 Stafford Street, Liverpool. Philip T 49 (father) Docker, born Hereford, Ellen 56 (mother) Porter furniture store, born Warwick Birmingham. Children Alfred 20, Porter furniture store, Elizabeth 18, Domestic servant. Thomas not listed. Children born in Liverpool.

1891 census, 17 Coleridge Street, Liverpool. Philip T 39 (father) born Hereford, Ellen 40 (mother) born Warwick . Children Sarah A 15, Thomas 12, Alfred 10, Elizabeth 8, William 6. All children born in Liverpool.


Private James Quinn 9286,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 4th Bn.

died 03/02/1917, aged 38.

(served as McNALLY). Son of Michael and Catherine Quinn, of 1, Vescock St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Bray Military Cemetery, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=34716

James was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Died of wounds, France and Flanders.

1881 census, 13 Chisenhale Street, Liverpool. Mary McNally ( grandmother ) 44, Privision dealer, widowed, born in Scotland. The following 3 girls are daughters of Mary McNally, and Aunts to James Quinn, Mary Ann 15, Apprentice, Margaret 9, Alice 5. All Girls born in Liverpool. Also listed is James Quinn 2, granson of Mary, born in Liverpool.


Fireman Martin Quinn, Mercantile Marine Reserve, H.M.S. "Stonecrop."

died 18/09/1917, aged 22.

Son of Martin and Catherine Quinn, of 52, Bond St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Plymouth Memorial, England.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=3044175

Martin is the brother of Patrick listed below, The two men died just two days apart from eachother.

H.M.S Stonecrop was credited for the sinking of U-88 0n 5th September 1917. U-88 was captained by Walther von Schwieger, who had captained U-20 during the sinking of The Lusitania in 1915. Whilst being pursued by the Q-S HMS Stonecrop,  the submerged U-88 struck a British laid mine off the Frisian island of Terschelling in the North Sea. The British were quick to credit HMS Stonecrop with the sinking as it made for good propaganda, but the mine that proved fatal to Schwieger was not laid by HMS Stonecrop at all, and she certainly had not fired upon U-88 with any effect during the chase.

 HMS Stonecrop was actually HMS Glenfoyle, built 1913, sunk 18/9/17 by U-43 in the Atlantic, while operating as the decoy or Q ship Stonecrop.

1901 census, 28 court 7 house Burlington Street, Liverpool. James Cullen (step father) 50 Dock labourer, Catherine (mother nee Quinn) 40. Children (all named Quinn) Mary 24 cotton sorter, Martin 6, Patrick 4. All born in Liverpool.

Martin Quinn aged 40, Liverpool death records 1898

Martin Quinn married Catherine Toole, 1876 Liverpool.

James Cullen married Catherine Quinn, 1900 Liverpool.


Rifleman Patrick Quinn 202744,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1st/5th Bn.

died 20/09/1917, aged 18.

Son of Catherine Quinn, of 52, Bond St., Liverpool, and the late Martin Quinn.

Remembered at  Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=830080

Patrick was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

Patrick is the brother of Martin listed above, The two men died just two days apart from eachother.

for census returns see above.


Corporal Thomas Quinn 2250,  The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.

died 28/01/1918, aged 22.

Son of Thomas and Ellen Quinn, of 34, Virgil St., Liverpool; husband of Amelia McLaren (formerly Quinn), of 83, Ashfield Cottages, Latimer St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Thiepval Memorial, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=1549942

Thomas was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.


Private Joseph Rae 30316, Cheshire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.

died 10/03/1918.

Remembered at Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=647922

Joseph was born in Vauxhall, Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Died of wonds, Egypt.

1901 census, 1 Dryden Street, Liverpool. John (father) 35, Corporation labourer, born Scotland, Mary (mother) 34, born Liverpool. Children, John 13, Francis 7, Joseph 3, Christopher 9 months. All children born in Liverpool.


Private Daniel Reardon 21388,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1st Bn.

died 10/03/1915, aged about 33.

Remembered at Le Touret Memorial, France.

CWGC certificate  http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=1561001

Daniel was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Seaforth.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

1901 census, 6 Clement Street, Liverpool. Daniel 19 Corporation labourer, Alice J (sister) 16 Servant at home. Both born in Liverpool.


Private Jeremiah Reid 325136,  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, "B" Coy. 2nd/8th Bn.

died 28/03/1918, aged 19.

 Son of Christopher and Christina Reid, of 196, Hornby St., Liverpool.

Remembered at  Roye New British Cemetery, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=580803

Formerly 46128, Liverpool Regiment.

Jeremiah was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

1901 census, 4 house 16 court Saltney Street, Liverpool. Christina (mother) 26 married. Children James 3, Jeremiah 2. All born in Liverpool.


Private Thomas Rice 46423,  South Wales Borderers, 2nd Bn.

died 13/04/1918, aged 19.

Son of Thomas and Sarah Ellen Rice, of Liverpool.

Remembered at  Longuenesse (St.Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=22617

Thomas was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Died of wounds, France and Flanders.


                                 Thomas Rice. Photograph Courtesy Of His Nephew Gerard O'Brien


                    Longuenesse (St.Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France. Photograph Courtesy Of Tanneguy.

1901 census, 1 house 10 court Bevington Street, Liverpool. Thomas J (father) 29 Wood packing casemaker, Sarah E (mother) 28. Children Thomas 2, Winifred 1 month. All born in LIverpool.  Gerard O'Brien the Nephew of Thomas Rice has added the further information that Thomas had an elder brother and sister James born 1894 and Mary born 1896.

Gerard also added the following information. My mother's elder brother Thomas Rice is one of the names listed on the memorial. He lived at 152 Bond Street which was adjacent to Eldon Street, where Our Lady's is situated. He was the third eldest of a family of 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I can remember that my mother told me that he had enlisted when he was under age and she could recall the day when her mother (my grandmother) received the telegram informing of his death.  I have a copy of the telegram which my grandmother received notifying her of Uncle Tom's death and a receipt for the 15 shillings which she had to pay to the army for the stone put on Uncle Tom's grave. Our family who are now spread around the country meet up once a year at Our Lady's Eldon Street Church for a reunion mass.


Fireman James Roach,  Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Lusitania" (Liverpool)

died 07/05/1915, aged 24.

Son of John and Margaret Roach; husband of Elizabeth Roach (nee Beswick), of 5, Mile End, Liverpool. Born at Liverpool.

Remembered at Tower Hill Memorial, England.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=3032080

James Roach married Elizabeth Beswick 1913 in Liverpool. A son John was born 1914 in Liverpool.  A son James was born in the latter part of 1915 in Liverpool, So James senior would not have seen his son.

1901 census,  Regent Street, Liverpool. John 39 (father), Dock labourer,  Margaret 39 (mother). Children Elizabeth 11, James 10, Mary Ann 8, Joseph 6. All born in Liverpool.

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Lance Serjeant Thomas Rooney 2718,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), "C" Coy 1st/5th Bn.

died 05/08/1916, aged 20.

Son of Helen Kingan (formerly Rooney), of 260, Great Howard St., Liverpool, and the late T. Rooney.

Remembered at Dive Copse-British Cemetery, Sailly-Le-Sec, France.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=24816

Thomas was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Died of wounds, France and Flanders.


                  Dive Copse-British Cemetery, Sailly-Le-Sec, France. Photograph Courtesy Of Tanneguy.

1901 census, 90 Burlington Street, Liverpool. Thomas Rooney (father) 28 Cocoa room manager, Ellen (mother) 24. Children Thomas 5, Sydney 3, John R 1. All born in Liverpool.


Private Peter Roughley 305083,  The King's (Liverpool Regiment), Private

died 23/02/1917. aged 22.

Remembered at Hooge Crater Cemetery, Belgium.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=459206

Peter was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, France and Flanders.

Peter  was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Details of The Distinguished Conduct Medal can be found at " First World war.com" http://www.firstworldwar.com/atoz/dcm.htm

A very good web site about Peter Roughley can be viewed at http://lostliverpool.blogspot.com/2007/06/peter-roughley-dcm.html


            Private Peter Roughley                           Peter`s DCM                              Peter`s Grave, Belgium






Peter's Award, mentioned in The Liverpool Express 24/10/16. And His Death Announcement Liverpool Express 9/6/17.



                                                                          Memorial Card


Photographs and information courtesy of Peter Roughley`s Great Niece Barbara

 From the Liverpool Mercury,  Deaths and Inquests,18/1/1913 - Concerning Peter's father.

 "Accidental death is the verdict by the Liverpool coroner on Carter, Peter Roughley of Bond St, which occured on peculiar circumstances on Monday.  He was loading his lorry at the Trafalgar Dock and proceeded down Waterloo Rd, while leading his horse he collapsed.  The wheel of the lorry passed over him and he suffered fractured ribs and internal injuries and died shortly afterwards"
1901 census, 15 Carruthers Street, Liverpool. Peter (father) 28 Carter, Marcella (mother) 28. Children Thomas H 10,  Peter 6,  Ann J 3, Nicholas 2. All born in Liverpool.


Private James Joseph Roy 49240, Manchester Regiment, 22nd Bn.

died 27/10/1918, aged about 23.

Remembered at Tezze British Cemetery, Italy.

CWGC certificate http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=640239

James was born in Liverpool, and enlisted in Liverpool.

Killed in action, Italy.

1891 cencus, 47 Portland Street, Liverpool. House next door to one in 1901, fathers name differs? but same family. Edward ( father ) 33, Dock labourer, born Liverpool, Margaret ( mother ) 30, born Ireland. Children, Ann 6, John 4, Mary 6 months.

A Mary Roy aged 6 is listed in the 1895 Liver deaths.

1901 census, 49 Portland Street, Liverpool. Henry ( father ) 40, Dock labourer, born Liverpool, Margaret ( mother ) 41, born Ireland. Children, Ann 16, Tobacco worker, John H 14 Errand boy, Patrick 7, James 6, Margaret 3. All children born in Liverpool.


George Ryan SS/114187, Stoker First Class,  Royal Navy, H.M.S Vivid.

died 06/05/1918, aged 21.

Son of George and Mary Ellen Ryan, of 55, Richmond Row, Liverpool.

Remembered at Liverpool ( Ford ) Roman Catholic Cemetery, England.

CWGC certificate   http://www.cwgc.org/search/certificate.aspx?casualty=374563

Ford cemetery records show that George was buried on 11 May 1918 and the address given for him was Mill road hospital, Liverpool 6.


                       George's Entry On The Section Road Memorial At Liverpool Ford Cemetery