Ultima Online Event Arc

By Lady Flame

Kingdom Reborn & Warriors of Destiny

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On Ultima Online we have just finished an epic event line spanning nearly 3 years with it ending in the launch of Stygian Abyss a much awaited game expantion. Here are a few comments made by some of Ultima Online Developers during the events..

Five on Friday
March 24, 2006

2. I really enjoyed participating in the old scenarios, and more recently, the EM events. Are these ever going to return to UO?
Darkscribe: The short answer: Yes. The long answer: I love large scale events that feel like everyone in the world can take part. We had a long planning session this week that will result in a year long arc of events that will tell an epic story with long-lasting implications for Sosaria. What I'm most excited about is that the plan we're working on incorporates many different kinds of events and puzzles. It will use the temporary dungeon system, the advanced spawner for invasions, the quest system, EM events, and even hidden messages on the website and riddles hidden in remote areas of Sosaria. When will it kick off? I can't say at the moment. It's a pretty aggressive plan and we need to do a lot of work on the development schedule. But stay tuned. I want to get chapter one up and running as soon as possible. Meanwhile, as you travel Sosaria, keep an eye out for anything unusual.


 April 7, 2006

What I really want fans to understand is that when we enhance one part of UO, it’s not taking away from the parts of UO you like. We are working extremely hard to get the right PvP changes done. We’re working on a year-long fiction cycle that will be centered around large in-game events, along with mysteries, puzzles, and other surprises


What I have tried to do is put this into a Role Play story form to help others to catch up, as well as a memory aid for those taking part in the event and to record as history of Ulitma Online.

Kingdom Reborn 2006-2008

Warriors of Destiny 2008-2009

World Wide 2010 Event (to be renamed as mores revealed)

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