Eternal Lands for Xfire Campaign.

Striving For Support Since 2005! And we finally got it!


As of Game Update 2008-07-23, EL is officially supported by Xfire! Congratulations to all Eternal Lands players. After 3 years, 5 months and 5 days, after 19 pages and 280 cries for support, we have finally managed to gain it.

A job well done. Thank you very much for all your support. We wouldn't have been able to get it supported without YOUR help.

See if there's anyone else on EL who uses Xfire, it'd be great to get them to join our EL Player Guild on Xfire.

Now, get those hours coming! *whips crack* >:D

The Campaign

According to the date of freeone3000's post on the Official Xfire Forums, the Eternal Lands support thread was started on Friday February 18, 2005. Please check today's date on your calendar. How many years have passed?

Many Eternal Lands players have posted on the thread, which is located under 'New Game Ideas' on the Xfire forums, and they are still posting. Unfortunately we're still waiting for an Xfire representative to reply to the thread, stating whether or not Xfire will support Eternal Lands. The EL support thread on the Xfire Forums has reached a total of 18 pages and has been visited over 13600 times! That value is absolutely much higher than the other games that have been granted support. I am sure that the thread's page and visitor value will keep increasing, showing that we do have demand.

In order to get a game working on Xfire, a specific code which contains information on the game (installation directory, application file name, etc) needs to be added to the Xfire client. The players of Eternal Lands have come up with the necessary code, they have tested the code (working), and even after doing so, Eternal Lands hasn't been implemented onto Xfire. If Eternal Lands does get implemented onto Xfire, the EL players can keep track of their fellow EL friends, they can keep track of how long they have been playing, instant message them regardless of what game they're playing and many more.

We are not sure what version Xfire was at when Eternal Lands started wanting support, but it was much earlier than v1.49 (this version was released on January 5th, 2006) as Xfire only has release date records starting from this version. We are estimating that it was about v1.38 when Eternal Lands started its demand for support. Now please check the latest version of Xfire, how many times have they released an update? We have been waiting for updates after updates and we still haven't been added.

We have had players Private Messaging the developers who integrate games onto the Xfire client. We have had players e-mailing the owners and administrators of Xfire. We have bumped our support thread numerous times. We have posted under the 'User tested games list' and 'Help Xfire spread to MMORPG & RTS!' threads, and always keeping in mind and knowing that the developers and admins do have many other things to do, and making sure not to spam them. But we have never gotten a response. So here we are, waiting patiently to get supported...

The purpose of this site is to start a campaign, to show Xfire how much we, the Eternal Lands players, want our game to be supported and to show how many supporters we have and to show how long we have ve been waiting for...

So help us! Shout it out! EL FOR XFIRE!

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