Ekundayo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

RR Fanatics

This site is inspired by our very first but probably not last RR Ekundayo

Things to consider

To prepare ourselves we bought 4 books from Amazon about this breed and started reading.There are many similarities in these, but in each book the reader will discover new information and i'm sorry to say the odd contradiction.

We also talked to other RR owners as well as breeders in person and on the internet. Altough the internet is a wonderfull tool it is always best to keep in mind that people in general will only tell you what they want you to know.                                                                                                                                       

Most important is that you use all the info received as a guide to live with a RR and not as something written in stone.Use your head and start with puppy training in a decent obedience training school, you will be astonished how fast and well he learns.

I'll come back to the obedience class later on but if you love your dog you will select a school which uses only positive training methods, if you feel the need to make it easy for yourself and train your pup using force ( tugging - shouting - choke collar .....) you shouldn't even be owning a dog at all.

This dog is absolutely NOT the right choice for people who work all week, he hates being separated from his owner and will let you know how he feels about this.

A dog who has insufficient phisical excersise or mental stimulation will look for a way to keep itself busy, which if you  own a large dog could mean you need to buy some new furniture from time to time.You can decide to punish the dog for this but basically in 9 out of 10 cases his (mis)behaviour is your fault.



Don’t support puppy mills. Puppy mill dogs are sold even in the swankiest of pet stores and through the most picturesque of web sites. The truth is, unless you personally visit the place where your dog is born and raised, you have no real way of knowing whether you’re supporting a puppy mill. Puppy millers have devised slick new methods for hiding their cruel businesses. They regularly place newspaper ads that hawk one specific breed (instead of the old approach of exclaiming, “We have over 20 different breeds!”) to fool consumers into thinking the mill is actually a small operation. Rule No.1 is always: Never buy a puppy without personally visiting the breeder’s premises.