Eileen Carney Hulme's quiet presence in poetry becomes more and more compelling. The poems in this new book The Space Between Rain sparkle throughout with a delicate philosphical light, and tackle their subjects head-on to wrest from them their weather and atmosphere. It's a book for re-reading, which more than fulfils the promise of Stroking the Air.
Sally Evans, Poetry Scotland

In The Space Between Rain Eileen Carney Hulme carves out a wealth of spaces - spaces for the reader to enter; spaces where small twists in events open up vistas to emotional and physical landscapes; spaces that hint at the strange and tease at the corners of perception. Beautifully understated, humane and lyrical, Carney Hulme's second collection is a long-awaited delight.
Dr Jan Fortune-Wood, Cinnamon Press

Eileen Carney Hulme weaves spells with her words. Her poems enchant with their delicately crafted imagery and sheer musicality. Hulme writes of morning souls and shamans, of heiroglyphs and fallen leaves; her territory is no less than that intimate space that defines us as being human.
Nessa O'Mahony

Somewhere along a feminine, summer afternoon coast exists a world of pastel colours, populated with essences, memories, places, vibrantly transformed in quietly shifting emotional keys and deeply affecting life lessons. The poet's delicate imagery is woven right into the concrete details as a watercolour vision of this temporal world gradually fills the reader's mind. Only the call and response with the spirit of love suggests a transcendent realm, a realm to which the poet longs to reach through the resilience of time, against the limits of human memory. The space between the images often expands past the brittle words and airy, woven syntax toward a painful, radiant world of love and loss. The only precedent for this remarkable work to my mind is Mary Jo Bang's powerful poetic testament Elegy.
Ross McCague, Professor of English, Seneca College Toronto

...like an artist with a bulging palette she makes full use of colour, sound, texture and shades of light and dark. Yet every word is chosen carefully for its impact. There are no superfluous words here. Throughout this collection, the poems draw on startling and unexpected imagery...This is an exciting collection from an accomplished poet. Sue Sims
The full review from Susan Jane Sims, Poetry Space, is now available to read here.

The poetry is under-stated, beautifully expressed and thoroughly honed. Tina Negus

It's a beautiful book… there is a cumulative effect as poem after poem is personally revealing of the poet, leading to a self-portrait of sorts, and always with the fine detail, the insightful line… concrete details, controlled emotion…open for the reader to share, to interact with… Swep Lovitt

The Space Between Rain
published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2010.
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