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This site is absolutely the best all-around site for learning and memorizing information. It addresses the following math topics: addition, algebra, comparing, counting, decimals, division, equations, estimation, exponents, fractions, geometry, graphs, measurement, mental math, money, multiplication, naming numbers, patterns, percent, place value, practical math, properties, ratios, statistics and subtractions. It also offers spelling practice, vocabulary lessons, states of the USA, world nations, and geographical photos.

If you're studying for the MN 8th grade Basic Standards Test for mathematics this site will provide you with the opportunity to go through several different mock tests. These tests were written by Bill Towne. They are not actual MN Basic Standards Tests. Each test has a variety of multiple-choice questions that are similar to the ones used in the actual test. The first six to eight problems are estimation and the rest are an assortment of probability, fractions, decimals, problem solving, etc. Each test gives the student his or her grade after each question has been answered, and except for Test #1, each question gives the correct answer with a short explanation why it is correct after each guess.

These activities listed below are designed for either group or individual exploration into concepts from middle school mathematics.

Number and Operation Concepts
Geometry and Measurement Concepts
Function and Algebra Concepts
Probability and Data Analysis Concepts

English - Language
This is the EVERYTHING dictionary. It has: Rhyming - Crossword - Scrabble - Quotations & Cliches - Anagram - Computing - Law - Synonyms - Antonyms - Related - Spelled Similarly - Substring - In Definition Of - Connections - Intersection

Scientists find a new breed of distant ice world. Is there another planet beyond Pluto? What scientists have found and how they are classifying this newfound phenomenon is discussed in this MSNBC article.

This site offers free science worksheets. It offers everything you can imagine about weather.

This site has pages and pages and pages of Internet addresses, with introductions, for teachers and home school parents. I haven't gone through all of them so I have no recommendations about which ones may be useful. Here's just one example of what you'll find here:
***abcteach - 5000+FREE printables, NEW Worksheets weekly, Theme units, basics, SHAPEBOOKS, and Teaching Extras! Great for creative teachers and homeschoolers. JOIN the popular membership section for over 5100 more documents with up to 18,000 pages!

This site is for teachers, parents and students. It offers study tools, games, and learning adventures…
It includes information from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Health, Science Fair Central, Puzzlemaker, etc. It includes teaching tools, lesson plans and homework helpers. It even includes a Live Cam of a penguin family in Canada, a look into the sun and live shots of an enormous aquarium.