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Educational Support Services LLC was established to assist you, the parent, in providing a quality education for your children. We got started in the summer of 2004 by offering tutoring services to students that needed extra assistance in math. Over the summers we have been offering day camp opportunities. Next we opened up the third area of service as we began to reach out to the home school community. As a home school parent you know that the task of education can be a time-demanding job. We are here to support the educational decision you have made.

We know that it can be expensive to purchase many of the materials necessary to carry out labs for the mathematics and science fields, but by pooling resources, activities can be offered at a price that will fit most budgets. We are offering morning and afternoon labs that are designed to meet a range of ages. Most labs meet for a full two hours and many of the labs are preceded with background information and thought provoking questions to prepare students before they arrive for class.

Sessions are designed similar to classroom instruction. Sessions start by pooling information that students already have. Students then work in groups of two or three where they sort, build, dissect, construct, draw, and manipulate various items. Students will use microscopes, rulers, calculators, graph paper, dissecting trays and tools, petri dishes, and whatever else is necessary to carry out a task. When complete, we go back to the drawing board. Students present their findings and then compare and contrast their information with one another.


We believe that whatever your choices in education are, you and your children deserve the best opportunities available. We are here as a tool to enhance your curriculum. If you have areas or activities that you would like help with we'd love to be of assistance.

We look forward to meeting you and your child(ren) and being a part of your educational experiences.