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Have you been out of school for a long time? Do you need to brush up on some skills. Or do you need to convert your old typing skills into up to date computer skills? ECCRC Offers Computer Literacy and Reading Literacy courses. You may use the ECCRC Computer lab to work on online college or high school diploma completion classes, look for a job, or to apply for college entrance or grants. Volunteers will teach you Internet and computer skills. Also - visit the Lighthouse Library where a collection of over 20,000 books awaits you. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a beautiful view in this unique rural Kansas library. Visit the Treasure Chest Thrift Store on the site while you take a break from your studies or research .
Finish high school - Adults - do you need a few credits in order to complete the requirements for your high school diploma. With today's Internet delivery, the options open for you are nearly endless. Are you someone who quit high school because some of life's problems got in the way. Or was high school just not for you? Are you ready now to reach that all-important goal. The reasons you quit are numerous. The reasons to finish are good ones:
1) Get a better job
2) Show your children that it is an important goal
3) Fulfill a promise to someone - even if it is to yourself
4) Prepare to go on to college
There are many Kansas online high school programs that are free or have a low-cost (est. $20.00) enrollment fee. Many programs allow you to work from home. Some offer a computer for you to work on your courses.
On-site GED Prep Program at ECCRC
Work on your GED in the ECCRC Computer lab. Once you are read, you will take your GED test at the Cowley College GED site.There is no cost for the ECCRC GED Prep Program.You can also work from home on your own computer. Enjoy meeting with other adults who are working toward this same goal at the ECCRC site. 
E-mail ECCRC today to set up your Educational planning meeting where you can learn about Kansas Diploma Completion Programs that are available for you. A professional Case Manager will be assigned to you free of charge. This professional will work with you to help you set and reach your educational goals.  
OTHER OPTIONS: You can finish high school through one of Cowley County's programs . This test option may be best for you if you need a lot of high school credits and do not want to attend a DCP program. Cowley College is our local official GED program site. EARN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: http://www.cowley.edu/academics/abe/ged.html
Online and on-site K-12 Program. Work on your school lessons using a computer in your own home or come to Lighthouse Library any time you want to work in a group of students or with a teacher at the site. The lessons are through OdysseyWare and you receive full grade-level courses. After you complete your coursework, Lighthouse Academy provides you with your grade card and your transcript. A high school diploma is offered through an area school in partnership with Lighthouse Academy. 

Lighthouse Academy is a service to Home School families and any students who want/need this option to work on elementary and high school requirements.This is a private school program. Enrollment fees and costs are as follows:
Enrollment fee: 1st family member: $150. (Payment plan available*.)
Monthly cost: $50 (after enrollment fee)
Even payment plan: No enrollment fee - $62.50 per month*
Second family member enrollment: $100
Monthly cost $33.50 per month (after enrollment fee)
Even payment plan:  $41.75 (no enrollment fee)
Third family member enrollment: $50
Monthly cost $21 (after enrollment fee)
Even payment plan: $32.50 (no enrollment fee)
Fourth family member enrollment: $25
Monthly cost $15 per month
Even payment plan: $17 per month (no enrollment fee)

Contact ECCRC for additional family member costs.
Refer another family who successfully enrolls and receive a $50 credit. 
Licensed teachers grade coursework and post grades. Fun activities can be scheduled as part of your school program to include field trips with full-day activities. These are not required, but rather are available. 
Adults may also attend Lighthouse Academy and finish their requirements for a high school diploma. This is a separate program from the children's program. Students may work at home on the internet or on-site using the ECCRC computer lab. Teachers are on site to tutor students. Diploma offered through an area private school. ECCRC will assist adults with college entry into a Kansas college after graduation requirements are met. Diplomas, graduation packages, and ceremonies are offered each year for both the adult and the regular student programs. 
Scholarships are available. Enroll today! Stop by our booth at the Home School Convention at Century II in Wichita, Kansas on May 30 and 31st, 2014. Students who enroll at the booth will receive $50 off of their enrollment fee and a chance in the drawing for some great prizes. Anyone stopping by our booth may enter the drawing for a free night stay in Grouse Valley Lodge and other exciting weekend package gifts. 
For more information, e-mail ECCRC at: eccresourcecenter@yahoo.com 
"Your future's so bright - you'll have to wear shades!"
ECCRC, PO Box 40, Dexter, KS 67038                                                                                                                                                         
ECCRC offers free Case Management services. We will do assessments concerning your educational needs & work with you to help you reach your goals. We assist you in filling out your FAFSA any time and offer an annual College Search workshop in conjunction with a state-wide College Information program. 
Schedule Your Education Plan Meeting Today:
Set Your Goals: Reach Them! Have you been thinking about finishing your high school degree or going on to college (or maybe both)?

Make your education planning meeting appointment with an ECCRC Educational Counselor to see how you can reach your educational goals. ECCRC offers a community computer lab  for your use free of charge. You can work on college classes online or work on high school completion courses online. Distance is no longer a barrier to education in Kansas - or anywhere.

Something for everyone - ECCRC Workshops - Many Great topics & skills!

The Mission statement of ECCRC is to provide education & literacy assistance and social services to others through workshops, on-site assistance, or by referrals.. ECCRC accomplishes this goal by providng educational workshops, job training programs, and resume writing workshops. ECCRC has a community Food Bank that is open to anyone who needs food.

Several area agencies partner with ECCRC to help accomplish these important goals. Look for workshop schedule. - coming soon! 

Also after-school program with Robotics, literacy, and many other fun topics during the school year.  Fun days scheduled on Fridays during the school year - for students of all ages. 

"Our workshop students make us smile!" 

"We are here to serve you!!!" 


  • ECCRC is a 501-C Non-Profit Community Resource Center with the Goal of Providing Educational & Social Services to include Job Training, Basic Computer Skills, Literacy Skills, & referral services or help finding other services such as  getting started in College. We will do your grant application for college!

SATURDAY BASIC COMPUTER CLASSES in Dexter, Ark City and other area towns by request. E-mail to request more information. Only cost - $10.00 for first workshop & $5.00 for advanced workshop. Job-Training Certificate- $75.00. Payment arranged & assistance from area agencies. This CERTIFICATE IN TECHNOLOGY can help you get that all-important job or a BETTER Job! Part of the program is making your Professional Resume. You will study business communication skills. We have former students who were able to get a job after completing this program. Businesses are looking for specific skills & we are here to help you qualify for a new or better job. Get your CERTIFICATE IN TECHNOLOGY as a short-term g 

Next Certificate Program begins soon. E-mail for more information.


PO Box 40

107 S. Main, Dexter, KS 67038

Quilting workshops. computer skills workshops, E-Bay workshops, Creative Writing Workshops, Holiday Craft Workshops. Take 2 workshops per semester. First workshop cost - $10.00. Second workshop - $5.00. Join the Crowd! Have some fun! Lean a new skill. Join your neighbors who are already "regulars" of the ECCRC community workshops that have been going on for the past 10 years.


Dexter ECCRC – 107 S. Main, Dexter, Kansas – Lighthouse Library Site

*(620) 876-3474 - Free Public Computer Lab. Copy services. Coffee Bar & other attractions. (See Lighthouse Library Tab & web site.)

A volunteer will assist you. A friendly, Safe environment!

Volunteers work at these sites. Seeking Volunteers to Assist people with computer skills.

To volunteer – e-mail ECCRC today! We appreciate your help. Volunteers have signed up for some days already. E-mail to see what days are still open. Dexter ECCRC will need volunteers to work in the "Treasure Chest" (Variety Store - a sustaining project to help raise funds for the utility bills). Will also need help in the "Lighthouse Library".


ECCRC coordinates educational services in this area. If you need to finish high school or want to get started in college, e-mail or call to have an Education Specialist assist you -- free of charge. You can also drop a card listing your needs to: ECCRC, PO Box 40, Dexter, KS 67038. We will help you find local programs to work on your educational goals. Some programs are offered on site. We will help you apply for college entrance and do your PELL Grant application for you. Take online classes at any ECCRC Community Computer Lab. No cost to you.

ECCRC also offers classes to  persons who would like to take classes to enrich their      education such as Basic Computer classes.


 FORM - To enroll in a program and/or to seek more information, fill out the form below and send to ECCRC: 

Contact Information: eccresourcecenter@yahoo.com

OR -mail to ECCRC, PO Box 40, Dexter, KS  67038.


PO Box 40
Dexter, KS 67038


Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________

            Last                                         First                                           Middle

Last grade completed: _______________ Last School Name: _____________________

Last School City & State: _____________________________  __________________
Your Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________


SS# ________  _____   _______  BD: _______    ________    _______

Home Phone Number: (             ) __________  _______________

Cell Phone Number:  (            )  __________  _______________

Alternate Contact Person or Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________________________________________

Alternate Phone Number: __________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________________________________



ECCRC, PO Box 40

104 S. Main

Dexter, KS 67038

(620) 212-8582



Eastern Cowely County Resource Center

PO Box 40, Dexter, KS 67038



Contact Lynn Pettigrew Norris to enroll in workshops or other protrams. What are you waiting for? You can do this!


  (E-mail your information  today!) We will find a program to fit your needs!

Dexter Lab- Coming Soon - 104 S. Main - Lighthouse Library Site.




July 24, 2009,

 Fall enrollment begins for ECCRC Workshops. E-Mail  or write to get the fall schedule. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


It's all about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Enroll in an ECCRC Workshop today.  Space fills up. Reserve your seat today!







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