Transfers to Other than Assigned Schools

Students in Montgomery County are assigned to public schools based on their place of residence and are expected to attend their assigned school. However, changes from one school to another are permitted for students who are exempt or who are granted a change of school assignment based upon unique hardship.

East Bethesda residents who wish to access elementary school described in East Bethesda Elementary School Options above must do so through the MCPS Transfer Process.

The transfer process begins in the home (assigned) school, where parents may request an assignment change form and the Change of School Assignment Information Booklet that describes the process and provides useful information.

Montgomery County parents who wish to request a change in school assignment for their children from their home school may begin the process during transfer season, which is held from February 1 through April 1.

Assignment change forms and the information booklets will be available in schools beginning the first week of February. Every effort will be made to notify parents of the assignment decision by May 15.  

To access detailed information on the MCPS transfer process from the MCPS website go to