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 Kathryn McMahon - Consultant

 Early American Textile Tools is a consulting business specializing in 18th and 19th century spinning wheels, weaving looms and related textile production tools, both home and professional.

Dedicated to bringing the latest information available to museums, collectors, antiques dealers, researchers and enthusiasts, I will travel to view and evaluate collections all throughout the North East U.S.

As I look at a collection I am able to sort through parts, fragments, pieces and the tools or accessories, used to assist either spinning or weaving. Both activities relied on many different accessories, depending on whether the weaver was a professional or home weaver.

For the museum or historic house this type of information is invaluable in terms of knowing what you have in your collection. Being able to accurately choose a piece to display based on period, region and purpose makes an exhibit all the more educational.

Often collections have duplicates and even triplicates of the same type of tool. I  can determine which, if any of the pieces has the desired provenance, so those that do not can be stored away without losing valuable historic representation.

I look specifically for tools made locally, by township when possible,then county and state. Those tools made in  New York, and their makers are of particular interest to me.

Research and data collection is also an important part of my work. Every tool I examine is recorded for my databank.


 I offer the following services:


Identifying wheels, looms, accessories, fragements, age, maker,provenance,quality


Training museum personnel to accurately identify & explain the tools, their use and their impact on the period they represent. 



The registry is a member organization

Early American Textile Tools maintanes a registry of textile tools of the 18th & 19th century.  This registry is for the purpose of compiling a database that will assist those doing research in finding up-to-date, accurate information on tools & their makers. 

Their is a $10 annual membership fee which will provide member registration and access to the data.

Not yet on-line, the registration form is available by mail. Data about a specific tool or (tools) can be provided via email.

Membership fee may be paid by check or money order payable to:

Kathryn McMahon,  P.O.  Box 24 , South  Otselic,  NY  13155


Public Speaking

Introduction to Spinning Wheels

Basic identification of wheel types, parts, regional characteristics, assessing for  missing or mismatched parts, restoring a spinning wheel to  working order.

Introduction to Weaving Looms

Identifying types, styles, characteristics that indicate provenance and purpose, assessing for missing and mismatched parts, restoring a loom to working order.

Spinning Wheel Roadshow

One and all, gather up those family heirlooms and bring them to the Roadshow ! Learn their age, intended purpose, how you can best restore and use your tool, as well as its' value.




I am available to travel to your site.

I offer a project rate and a daily rate for smaller jobs.

Please call or email for more information  


Public Speaking - call for rates