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Dundee sharks cheerleaders were founded in January 05 by Michelle McDermott who is also our head coach, along with the help of her sister Pauline Gordon and husband David McDermott is now also involved as our classes grew bigger much to our surprise. Our first competition was Scotcheer in April 05 with only 8 members we recieved 6 trophies in total we went back a year later with 45 members and recieved a total of 36 trophies including 4 championship places.

 Our aim is to help promote cheerleading in Scotland and involve children from around the Dundee area into an active sport that will keep them off the streets, get them involved in team work, decision making, raise their confidence and self esteem, making new friends also keeping them fit.

 We cheer for the Dundee sharks basketball squad at their home games, we also enter into as many competitions as we can and do lots of displays around the Dundee area. Its great fun and we love it!!!  

Dundee sharks are a very dedicated cheerleading squad that has loads of fun, but it IS hard work, we train and fundraise 50 weeks out of the year we are not a dance club, our club involves a combination of cheers, cheer-dancing, stunts and gymnastics, we are open to any age, you do not need to have any experience, we will coach you the progressions of skills you need to know and work with you to the best of your ability. 

Thankyou very much for taking time to visit our website please leave a message on our guestbook and let us know what you think!! 

If you would like to find out about joining our squad contact-

michelle mcdermott  (michimcd@msn.com)

                                      ph. 07756415462

or leave a message on our guestbook with your details





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