Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Personal Equipment

Every member of Intaf who deployed to the field was required to take certain personal equipment with him.  When National Servicemen were trained at Chikurubi Training Depot they were issued with personal equipment (kit) as were all security force members.   Most of the kit was from army stores and the illustrations below give an indication of what the average man was issued with.  











Sleeping bag

Rucksack - back and front view (the square patch as seen on the tope view is a field repair!)



















Kit bag


















 Mess tins made by Kango





Aluminium mug




























 FN rifle cleaning kit















G3 rifle cleaning kit















Sewing kit (also made in plain white material)





Face veil


Load carrying vest made by North in Salisbury.  This was a private purchase item but was bought by Intaf for the ARUs.

Load carrying vest in camouflage, also made by North. 


Some members preferred to wear chest webbing as it was more practical when driving in a vehicle or when carrying a rucksack.  These were all private purchase.

Standard issue FN magazine pouches as worn with webbing.

Standard issue kidney pouches as worn with webbing.

303 rifle ammunition bandolier.  Many DAs and DSAs were issued with 303 rifles to defend themselves against an enemy using the AK47 assault rifle.  These bandoliers were issued in an effort to carry more ammunitions which was often badly needed!

Complete set of webbing as used by ARUs (except for the bayonet which was considered quite unnecessary!)