Medals and Decorations

The award of medals and decorations to members of Intaf were made in the same way as other security forces. District Assistants and District Security Assistants were awarded the District Service Medal for general service during the war. This medal was the equivalent to the General Service Medal awarded to all other security forces and featured a plain blue ribbon. Most District Assistants who had previously served with the RAR or other army units and then joined / transferred to Intaf were awarded both medals but this was not common practice. All National Service members of Intaf were awarded the General Service Medal. Both medals were named and the recipients rank and name appeared on the rim. (Ie C4 - Cadet Grade 4 J. Bloggs) Chiefs and Headmen were sometimes awarded a medal for exemplary service to their people. Both medals were oval in shape, had a plain green ribbon and featured the Rhodesian Coat of Arms on the obverse. The Chief's Medal was in silver and the Headman's Medal was in Brass. Regular serving members of Intaf were sometimes awarded the Badge of Honour for long service and devotion to duty. This medal had a plain yellow ribbon and was also oval in shape. It featured a Zimbabwe Bird on the obverse.

Other decorations that were awarded were the Grand Commander of the Legion of Merit (GLM), Order of the Legion of Merit (OLM), Member of the Legion of Merit (MLM) for distinguished service and the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) for resource and devotion to duty. However it must be said that gallantry in the field was also rewarded by the award of the MSM. This was due to the fact that the Bronze Cross and other bravery medals were only awarded to members of the army, air force and to a lesser extent to Guard Force. The BSAP had its own series of bravery awards.

Some members of Internal Affair were awarded a commendation that was indicated by the wearing of a small powder horn (oliphant) on the ribbon of the General Service Medal or the District Service Medal (in the same way as the Pick emblem was worn by the army and air force). These notes are a direct extract from the 1978 NADA magazine. They are a summary of the citations for awards to Intaf members from 1973 to 1977. Records indicate that 61 Commendations were awarded.  Each Commendation was presented on a parade or at a ceremony and recipients received a Certificate and a Citation. Recipients were entitled to wear a golden Oliphant bugle on the ribbon of the General Service Medal or District Service Medal.


Mr. Shepherd Tigere was employed by the African Development Fund as a heavy equipment operator on the 1st January 1979. On the 31st March in that year he proceeded with an escort of six men drawn from "B" Company of the 2nd Battalion of the Rhodesian African Rifles to grade a road in the Runde T.T.L. About mid-day the party was attacked suddenly by a group of between 40 and 60 insurgents. Mr. Tigere had never been trained in the use of weapons. Nevertheless he picked up an abandoned machine gun and directed fire at the insurgent position until the ammunition was exhausted. He then crossed open ground under heavy fire, picking up the rifle belonging to a wounded signaller en route and delivered the machine gun to one of his escorts. He then further engaged the enemy using the recovered rifle. Thereafter in response to the stickleader's request, Mr. Tigere again crossed open ground under fire to recover the radio from the wounded signaller, but local high ground and lack of an adequate aerial thwarted contact with the Army base. Again responding to a request from the stick-commander, Mr Tigere exposed himself to heavy fire and erected an aerial in a nearby tree and then borrowing another loaded rifle continued to engage the enemy until the attack was broken off in response to the arrival of relieving forces. Mr Tigere did thus perform acts of the highest gallantry, displaying outstanding bravery while serving in a non-combatant capacity. (Not Gazetted). Awarded 1980


G.L.M. to W.H.H. NICOLLE.  Mr. Nicolle retired after 42 years devoted public service during which he rose to the position of Secretary for Internal Affairs, from 1965 to 1972. Mr. Nicolle is an accomplished linguist and is held in high esteem by all sections of the community. He has been responsible for the formation of several game reserves and wild life areas. Awarded 1973.

G.L.M. to THE HON L.B. SMITH.  Whilst Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Smith established an excellent relationship with Chiefs, Headmen and the African public generally. As Minister he was held in great respect on account of his integrity, his understanding of and sympathy with human problems, his never failing courtesy and humility. Under Mr. Smith's guidance, the Tribal Trust Land development Corporation was established. His courage and energy were recognized by many and his first thought was always for the good of Rhodesia. Awarded 1974.

G.L.M to THE HON B.H. MUSSETT I.D.  Mr. Mussett has a long and continuous record of service to Rhodesia including two terms as mayor of Umtali. Since Mr. Mussett's appointment as a Minister in 1965 he has held the portfolios of Local Government and Housing, Commerce and Industry and Internal Affairs. Awarded 1976.


O.L.M to G.L. HENSON.  Mr. Henson joined the service in 1947 and was appointed a Provincial Commissioner with special security responsibilities in April 1973. His liaison work with all agencies ensured a high degree of co-operation at District and Provincial level. Awarded 1975.


M.L.M to A.G.DEERE.  Mr. Deere joined the service in 1966. As an Assistant District Commissioner he undertook invaluable work at considerable personal risk. Awarded 1973.

M.L.M to C.J. HERD.  Mr. Herd joined the service in 1951. While District Commissioner his influence with the tribes-people was such that they remained loyal and cooperative. Awarded 1973.

M.L.M to E.E. BURKE.  Mr. Burke joined the Central African Archives in 1946 and became Director of the National Archives of Rhodesia in 1970. He was a member of the Historical Monuments Commission from 1970 to 1972 and a trustee of the National Museums and Monuments of Rhodesia from 1972 onwards. Mr. Burke was instrumental in establishing the Government Library Service and is the author of numerous works of an historical nature. Awarded 1974.

M.L.M to A.I.A. FINDLAY I.C.D  Mr. Findlay joined the service in 1948. Mr. Findlay was the first District Commissioner in the new Centenary District. He earned the respect of all the inhabitants of this area by the manner in which he undertook a particularly difficult task. Awarded 1975

M.L.M to I.W. JOHNSTON.  Mr. Johnston joined the service in 1960. As District Commissioner, Concession, he completed the task of bringing the tribesmen into Protected Villages without untoward incident. Awarded 1975.

M.L.M to C.J.K. LATHAM.  Mr. Latham joined the service in 1957. As District Commissioner, Mount Darwin, he fulfilled, in particular, difficult tasks with enthusiasm and efficiency. Awarded 1975

M.L.M to I.J. THOM.  Mr. Thom joined the Service in 1959. As District Commissioner, Shamva, he completed the task of bringing the tribesmen into Protected Villages without untoward incident. Awarded 1975.

M.L.M to A.J. BUNDOCK.  Mr. Bundock joined the service in 1956. With limited resources of men, money and material, Mr. Bundock established the training center for the Ministry's National Service personnel and the District Security Assistants. Awarded 1976.

M.L.M to D.G. MIRAMS.  Mr. Mirams joined the Service in 1958. He planned and implemented the scheme to consolidate the African population of the Mrewa District and maintained a sound civil administration under trying circumstances. Awarded 1976.

M.L.M to C.W. COLLETT.  Mr. Collett joined the service in 1956. He established a new district, Mudzi, under trying circumstances. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to D.T.R. FORD.  Mr. Ford has served as an Agricultural Officer since 1959. Nine years of his service were spent in the Mtoko / Mudzi districts where his dedication to the advancement of African agriculture turned apathetic farmers into practitioners of progressive farming methods. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to J.F. SAUNDERS.  Mr. Saunders joined the Service in 1959. Mr. Saunders has maintained the confidence in the civil administration of all communities. Awarded 1977.  Note. District Commissioner John Saunders was the DC at Mtoko for many years, especially at the height of the war.

M.L.M to J.P. SKEHEL.  Mr. Skehel joined the Service in 1955. Under the most trying conditions Mr. Skehel maintained efficient civil administration to the admiration of all communities. Awarded 1977. 

M.L.M to MS W.D. WILSON.  Ms Wilson has headed the Community Development Section (Women) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs since the inception of the section in 1964. She has travelled thousands of miles throughout the remotest areas of Rhodesia visiting, and inspiring her staff by her personal example. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to I.C. BISSETT.  Mr. Bissett joined the Service in 1957. Mr. Bissett has served for seven years as the District Commissioner of Belingwe a particularly difficult district as it combined elements of both Ndebele and Shona people and a multitude of chieftainships. Despite more recent difficulties Mr. Bissett has maintained civil administration in the face of severe shortages of staff and equipment. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to S.H. FYNES-CLINTON.  Mr. Fynes-Clinton joined the Service in 1956. He organized and administered a successful training scheme for cadets while D.C. Bindura. On transfer to Sinoia he was responsible for remarkable amount of development in the Tribal Trust Lands. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to I.H.C. MOFFITT.  Mr. Moffitt joined the Service in 1951. He has served as D.C. Inyanga since 1970. This district, far from being a holiday resort, presented unprecedented problems when Mozambique became independent and closed the border. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to F.E. TAYLOR.  Mr. Taylor joined the Service in 1951. After eight years service in the Mtoko district Mr. Taylor was transferred to Umtali. In both districts he was faced with problems consequent on Mozambique's independence, but maintained effective civil administration in the face of consequent hazards. Awarded 1977.

M.L.M to A.M. VERBEEK.  Mr. Verbeek joined the Service in 1965. He volunteered for and was the first District Commissioner for Rushinga District a district not only remote, but adjacent to the newly independent Mozambique. Awarded 1977. 

M.L.M to L.M. WATSON.  Mr. Watson joined the service in 1956. His first station as a District Commissioner was Beitbridge where he served for 6 years. As Senior Government representative in a district bordering on two foreign countries, he has had some unique problems to resolve apart from his ordinary civil administration. During this period the Rutenga Beitbridge rail link was constructed resulting in unprecedented development in the area. Awarded 1977.

MLM to JAMES R PETERS.  Awarded for efforts to bring peace to the Honde Valley. Awarded 1978.



MCM to I.S. FYFE - Iain Stewart Fyfe joined the Ministry of Home Affairs as a Cadet officer in 1970. He was promoted to the rank of Senior District Officer on the 1st April 1977. Throughout his service he maintained a high level of civil administration and showed outstanding qualities of leadership, courage and resourcefulness. Whilst serving in Nkai, Senior District Officer Fyfe was responsible for the formation and training of the Nkai Reaction Unit which established a reputation as an aggressive, loyal fighting unit. Despite injuries received in a contact Iain Fyfe returned to the station where he continued to inspire and lead his men until his untimely death in action on the 20th July 1979. Senior District Officer Fyfe displayed brave and gallant conduct, over and above the call of duty. Awarded 1979.

MCM. DO RNJ Carruthers (posthumous) Awarded 1979.

MCM. DO J Bekker (7 December 1979).

MCM. Snr DA J Chiramba (7 December 1979).


MCM. DSA A Date (7 December 1979).


MCM. DO MF Miles (7 December 1979).

MCM. Snr DSA L Zinhu (7 December 1979).


M.S.M to D.J. OLWAGE.  Mr. Olwage has, through his task as Primary Development Officer, secured the cooperation of the tribal authorities, resulting in the construction of dams, bridges, clinics, dip tanks and roads. Under his encouragement community development in his district has blossomed. Awarded 1973.

M.S.M to T.G.C. YEOMANS.  Mr. Yeomans became an Agricultural Officer in 1949. He has given long and dedicated service in the field of agriculture. The national Good Farming Competition was instituted by Mr. Yeomans. Awarded 1973.

M.S.M to K.W. BROWN.  As pilot of the African development Fund aircraft, Mr. Brown flew innumerable missions in all weather, which sustained the morale of staff in remote areas. Awarded 1973.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT PEDZISAYI CHIWARA (AND FRANCIS X.A. CHIPONDORO).  These two District Assistants operating together displayed the greatest courage and resourcefulness under the most hazardous conditions. Awarded 1973.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT FRANCIS X.A. CHIPONDORO (AND PEDZISAYI CHIWARA).  These two District Assistants operating together displayed the greatest courage and resourcefulness under the most hazardous conditions. Awarded 1973.AN

M.S.M to SENIOR DISTRICT ASSISTANT TOMMY C. RINOS.  Mr. Rinos performed invaluable work at considerable personal risk. Awarded 1973. 

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT LAMECK CHIGWAGWA.  District Assistant Chigwagwa displayed commendable fortitude in the face of injuries and danger. Awarded 1975.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT PARUNOBVA CHIMEDZA.  District Assistant Chimedza displayed fortitude in hazardous situations. His conduct was a splendid example to his European and African colleagues. Awarded 1975. 

M.S.M to A.H. FERREIRA.  Mr. Ferreira undertook the actual ground work for the implementation of the Protected Village program in his district and much of the success of the program was due to Mr. Ferreira's efforts. Awarded 1975. 

M.S.M to PRINCIPAL DISTRICT ASSISTANT FUWAYI X. MUGADZA.  Principal District Assistant Mugadza was an inspired trainer, passing on to his students his own competence and enthusiasm. Awarded 1975.

M.S.M to R.W.S TURNER.  Mr. Turner undertook three years of detailed planning to prepare for “Aloe 75” a congress of international botanical interest which attracted world wide attention. Awarded 1975.

M.S.M to D.F. HARPER.  Mr. Harper is the Radio Technician responsible for the countrywide security wireless network of the Ministry. That the vital communication system has operated efficiently is a tribute to Mr. Harper's dedication. Awarded 1976.

M.S.M to SENIOR DISTRICT ASSISTANT JOSIAH KANHANGA.  Throughout his thirty years of service Sgt. Kanhanga's conduct and loyalty have been exemplary. He is respected by all with whom he has come into contact. Awarded 1976.

M.S.M to G.D.K. BARLOW.  Mr. Barlow joined the service in 1966. His example has been an inspiration to his colleagues and subordinates.

M.S.M to AGRICULTURAL SUPERVISOR SIMON CHIKANZA.  In the face of personal danger Mr. Chikanza has carried out his duties with complete dedication and loyalty. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT NDIBVU P. CHIKONDOWA.  In the face of continued personal danger Mr. Chikondowa has carried out his duties to the satisfaction of all. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to W.P. HAGELTHORN.  Mr. Hagelthorn joined the service in 1972 and has displayed courage in trying situations that has been the admiration of all. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to G. HILLMAN.  Mr. Hillman has been employed as a Primary Development Officer since 1970. He has been responsible for the maintenance of a large fleet of vehicles and for the installation and maintenance of water supplies in remote areas. Awarded 1977. 

M.S.M to J.P. HORSFIELD.  Mr. Horsfield manages an Irrigation Scheme in a remote area. His influence has been such that the scheme is now one of the best in the country. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to AGRICULTURAL SUPERVISOR ERNEST C. JAJI.  Mr. Jaji has served for 15 years in the Chiweshe Tribal Trust Land where his influence among the tribes-people is reflected in their improved standard of agriculture. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT BURA MASHANGIDZE.  District Assistant Mashangidze has undertaken his duties with a sense of dedication and a disregard for danger. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to DISTRICT ASSISTANT PHIBEON MUNGOFA.  District Assistant Mungofa has undertaken duties with a sense of dedication and a disregard for danger. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to A.T. PARKINSON.  Mr. Parkinson joined the service in 1966 as an Assistant Native Commissioner. He has been tireless in maintaining Civil Administration in the most trying circumstances. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to W.R. SPARROW.  Mr. Sparrow has served as an Irrigation Manager in a most isolated location. His influence and example with the irrigators has been such that he has secured a 60% increase in the agricultural output of the Scheme. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to A.B. KENNY.  Mr. Kenny joined the Service in 1972. He was posted to Mrewa in 1974 as a comparatively junior official. He was required to assume considerable responsibilities which he discharged with efficiency and maturity. Note. Ant Kenny was deployed in Mrewa for a considerable time and was very active in the efforts to prevent terrorists from gaining a foothold in the district. Awarded 1977.

M.S.M to R.G.B. KILNER.  Mr. Kilner is employed as a pilot for the African Development Fund. During the last two years Mr. Kilner has flown over 2000 hours in operational areas. He had to make an emergency landing after being hit by ground fire. Awarded 1977.

MSM to D.G. ROSENHAHN.  No citation available. Awarded 1978.  Note. Assistant District Commissioner Rosenhahn was stationed at Mtoko and later became a DC.

MSM to EUAN KAY. Euan Kay served in Mrewa and Umtali. Cadet Kay has been employed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs since September 1975. The whole of his service has been spent in operational areas, despite a medical category which prevents him undertaking National Service commitments. During his service he has been involved in three landmine incidents and three attacks on base camps and has been responsible for the discovery and lifting of four landmines. At all times he has been a source of inspiration to the District Assistants and District Security Assistants under his command, his own example of leadership being responsible for high morale amongst his men. Latterly, he has assisted in maintaining the morale of the Burma Valley farmers by his efforts in responding to their needs when ambushed, attacked and threatened by landmines and by providing protective cover when they travel through Zimunya Tribal Trust Land on their way to and from Umtali. His conduct over the past three years is highly commended.

MSM to C.M. HOSKING.  District Officer Charles Michael Hosking has commanded the Victoria Administration Reinforcement Unit (ARU) since its formation in June 1977. He has been responsible for the recruitment and training of the unit since that date and has built it into an efficient support and combatant body. Under District Officer Hosking's command the unit has operated inside and outside the Province in dangerous and difficult conditions in support of District Commissioners' efforts to restore administration and in support of the veterinary service in foot and mouth operations. During these operations the unit has been responsible for the collection of fees due to Government and African Councils in excess of a quarter of a million dollars, restored many services and acquitted itself effectively in contacts with terrorists. The success of the unit's operations, its morale and excellent discipline, and its high standard of efficiency are due almost entirely to District Officer Hosking's qualities of leadership, enterprise and spirit of aggression. Awarded 1979.

MSM to B. PRICE. No citation available. Note. DO Bryn Price was an ARU Troop commander (Not Gazetted) Awarded 1979.

MSM to A.A. MEDHURST. No citation available. Note. DO Audi Medhurst was an ARU Troop commander. Awarded 1979.

MSM to R.K. TOURLE - No citation available. Note. DO Rob Tourle was an ARU Troop commander. Awarded 1979.

MSM to D. WALL - SDO Dudley Wall was an ARU Troop commander.  Mr Wall has worked continuously in the operational area since January 1974. He was given the task of opening the first Protected Sub Office in the Mtoko area and of training the men to operate the base. It was largely due to the efforts of Mr Wall and his team that terrorist infiltration into Chieftainess Charewa's area of Mtoko Tribal Trust Land was delayed. As the terrorist menace grew Mr Wall's training role increased and he became very involved in the setting up of further bases and Protected Villages. While carrying out his duties during 1975 and 1976 the vehicle he was driving detonated three land mines in separate incidents but he insisted on returning to the field immediately afterwards despite the danger involved. In July 1977 he was tasked with recruiting and training the Mashonaland East Administration Restoration Unit which duties he handled with his usual enthusiasm and dedication. Having trained the unit to a high standard of efficiency he then deployed with it to the field where his leadership was an inspiration to all who served with him. During his service with the unit Mr Wall had several contacts with terrorists during the last of which he was wounded and was transferred, much against his will, to a less exacting task. Senior District Officer Dudley Wall is cited for the valuable service; which has been characterised by brave and gallant conduct and an exemplary devotion to duty; that he has rendered to Rhodesia. Awarded 1979.


Beaglehole H Mrs

Chipendo G

Dube E M

Gono S (and bar) 11/11/75 and 11/11/78.  In addition to 18 years loyal service to Rhodesia, District Security Assistant Instructor Svondo Gono has rendered exemplary service over the past three years at the Ministry’s Training Depot, training recruits both at the Depot and in the operational area.  During this time he has displayed a devotion and sense of responsibility to his work well beyond the call of duty.

Makoni N

Matavire K

Mudzingwa W

Mawondo R.  Also awarded Secretary’s Commendation

Ngulubi J J

Usaiwevu C

Tambara M

Bongozozo K T

Dondo M S

Dube W

Magaya A

Makoni T E

Mtungwa O E

Murawhi H B

Ncube K

Pfidze N F

Tawonezwi T

Chibika  V A PDA

Chiwiri I T SDA

Dhundundu T D DA

Machazire E SDA

Mango F

Marazikwa K S Snr DA

Mawadze A O DA

Moyo K N DA

Mshipa J DA

Musengedzi T DSA

Mutunda M SDSA

Muzirecho M M PDA

Ndlovu T J DA

Njinga M M PDA

Nkiwane E SDA

Singo  A Snr DA

Sikhali R SDA

Takundwa S D Snr DA

Chipendo M J

Chifodya K DA

Chengewa M DA

Chifodya C DSA

Dzvaka M DA

Kamuriwo P K

Magwaza C W DA

Muzinda George M  DA. DC Mtoko Reaction Unit.  Received for resourcefulness escaping from terrorists after having been bayonetted while captured by them.  George was on Ground Coverage duties when captured at a pungwe.  WIA bayonetted.  For gallantry.

Mabika D (?) PDA

Mudzwiti L D DSA

Muganiwa R DSA

Murowi C R DA

Reuben Mawondo




Records indicate that 61 Commendations were awarded.  Each Commendation was presented on a parade or at a ceremony and recipients received a Certificate and a Citation. Recipients were entitled to wear a golden Oliphant bugle on the ribbon of the General Service Medal or District Service Medal.


DA P. Chinedza


DA J. Moyo


DA L. Kavengosha


DA M. Mazambane


DA E. Munungeyi


DA G. Mushandanyika


DA J. Mtunakwa


DA Masarayiwa


DA Zowa


DA J. Togara


DA T. Munoti


DO R. Carruthers.  Also awarded posthumous MCM           KIA


DO A. Fynn.  Also awarded  MCM


U/K Clark


U/K Poulton


DA C.L. Kusangaya


DO W.B. Mulder.  District Officer W.B. MULDER

“Mr Walter Barry Mulder has been in the operational area at Mount Darwin for the past two and a half years.  During this time he was stationed at Mukumbura for twelve months where he was responsible for the development and progress of the whole of the valley floor, a job he dispensed with untiring enthusiasm and zeal.  Mr Mulder’s popularity with all branches of the Security Forces at Mukumbura ensured that it was always a happy station and their high opinion of him and his work has enhanced the image of Internal Affairs with them.  More recently he has been responsible for the training of Security District Assistants to man the new Protected Villages, a mammoth exercise which he has undertaken most successfully.

He is commended on his loyalty, enthusiasm and devotion to duty, and his fine example to others.” (Circular 90/76)


DA W. Chirenge


U/K N. Killiomby

DO S.W. Cloete.  DO Steven William Cloete has been in the operational area at Mount Darwin for the past two years.  During that time he has been responsible for the establishment of Protected Sub Offices in trying and extremely difficult circumstances.  He has been based at Chiswiti Protected Sub Office for the past twelve months often ignoring the perils of his surroundings in his enthusiasm for his duties.  DO Cloete was injured in an enemy ambush this year when, despite wounds in an arm and a leg, he drove himself and his injured District Assistant ten kilometres back to his Protected Sub Office.  He throws himself wholeheartedly into everything he does and presently is responsible for the running of five Consolidated Villages on the Valley floor.  He is commended on his loyalty, fortitude, enthusiasm and his example to others. (Circular Minute 84/76)


NS Cdt S. Curran

SDO D. Wall.  Awarded for work in Mtoko District keeping Charewa TTL free of enemy activities for some time as well as for detonating three antitank landmines on separate occasions within a time period of a few months and immediately returning to the field on operations.  Was commander of Mtoko’s Reaction Unit – callsign 46 Tango.  Later appointed as commander B Tp ARU.  (Circular Minute 51 / 77).  Also awarded MSM.


DO J. Bekker


U/K S.R. Gibson

DA T. Benoni.  B Tp ARU.  Awarded for bravery during ambush / contact at Shinga, Mudzi with a group of approximately 20 terrorists.  One terrorist detonated an anti-tank landmine to initiate the ambush and the rest, deployed in three different firing positions, used RPG rocket launchers, 60mm Mortars and small arms to pin down the two vehicle convoy.  Thomas Benoni (South African born) was the driver of the second vehicle and provided covering fire from the protected cab of his truck while the rest of the men in the back took cover and returned fire.  Benoni continued to fire at the enemy until all the men were in a better consolidated position.


DA Chanditagira


DA L. Nazarire

L/Cpl W. Nyakata.  B Tp ARU.  Awarded for bravery during ambush / contact Shinga, Mudzi at with a group of approximately 20 terrorists.  One terrorist detonated an anti-tank landmine to initiate the ambush and the rest, deployed in three different firing positions, used RPG rocket launchers, 60mm Mortars and small arms to pin down the two vehicle convoy.  L/Cpl William had debussed and took cover to returned sustained fire at the enemy.  As a section commander he gave orders effectively to provide fire and when his men ran out of ammunition he got up under fire and recovered the spare ammunition kept on the back of the truck and issued it so his men could continue firing.  At least two enemy rounds hit his uniform without actually wounding him.


WO2 J. Swonde.  B Tp ARU.  Awarded for bravery during ambush / contact Shinga, Mudzi at with a group of approximately 20 terrorists.  One terrorist detonated an anti-tank landmine to initiate the ambush and the rest, deployed in three different firing positions, used RPG rocket launchers, 60mm Mortars and small arms to pin down the two vehicle convoy. 

Sergeant Major Swonde was the troop warrant officer and was on the first truck (a Puma).  He gave clear orders and controlled sustained fire from the Puma using the armoured protection it gave to good effect.  He also provided covering fire for L Cpl Nyakata when he got up to fetch the spare ammunition form the second truck


Vdt S.C. Pitt


DSA C.L. Ncube


DSA F. Gume


DSA Mapfeka


DSA G. Kabanga


DSA E. Ndou


DO J. Bekker


DA W. Chirenge


U/K A.R. du Plooy


DSA L. Moyo


Sgt M. Rafika


DSA D. Nyamhanga


DA S.M. Ndlovu


DA J .Ncube


U/K D. Benade

Vdt F.H. Jewell.  Frank Henry Jewell (10966R), a boiler maker by trade, has served Rhodesia as a Vedette employed in the National Service branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs since the 13th July, 1977.  On the 5th February 1979 Vedette Jewell operated from the Siwale Base Camp in the Lupane District.  He commanded two sticks of District Security Assistants and was travelling in the lead vehicle of a convoy, accompanied by an element of the army.  The convoy came under heavy enemy fire and came to a halt.  Vedette Jewell ordered his men to debuss and to take up positions from whence he directed retaliatory fire for some ten minutes.  He then re-organised his men and together they swept back, a distance of some 150 metres to relieve the Army vehicle that had been badly hit and where the enemy had inflicted a number of casualties, causing the Army Stick Leader to become isolated from the remainder of is men.  Having secured that position, Vedette Jewell maintained morale amongst the injured men and encouraged his men to hold out until other Army elements forced the terrorists to break off the engagement.  Vedette Frank Henry Jewell is commended for the courage, leadership and devotion to duty that he displayed whilst under fire on Monday 5th February 1979.


U/K B.D. Engelbrecht


DA F.B. Ndhlovu


Cpl D. Tikinyu


U/K D.H.A. Laird


U/K C.L. Rewayi


U/K E.D. McDonald


DA G. Kwatara

Vdt P. Evans.  Phillip Evans joined the National Service Branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a National Service Vedette on the 10th January 1979.  During the course of the Ceasefire period it was discovered that certain returning guerrillas had established an unofficial Rendesvous Point at Jotjolo Business Centre, in the Lupane District and in close proximity to the Protected Sub Office where National Service Vedette Phillip Evans was in charge.  In spite of his age and lack of experience in such matters, Phillip Evans established face to face communication with the leader of the Guerrillas gathered at that place.  He maintained that contact throughout the Ceasefire period, thereby providing a liaison link between the guerrillas and the Police, a link that was so very necessary and which prevented a very volatile situation from escalating into a serious breach of the Ceasefire Agreement.  National Service Vedette Phillip Evans is commended for making his undaunted approach to the guerrilla leader, for conducting himself in such an exemplary manner and for remaining level headed throughout that trying time for, by so doing, Phillip Evan rendered invaluable service to this country.


DA R. Maronga


DA A. Goina


DA F. Chigudu


U/K B. Kambrendo


DA G. Chimbiru


DA C. Sibanda


DA Nyamashamba M


DA Svondo Gono