Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse


IANS 1 was the first national service intake in Intaf.


IANS 1 march past.

IANS 1 slow march on parade

The Secretary For Internal Affairs, Don Yardley inspects IANS 1 at their passing out parade at Chikurubi Training Depot on 21st January 1975

All these photos were supplied by J.D. White

 IANS 1 Formal Dinner in the Mess at Chikuribi Training Centre with RLI guests and Piper.  Photo from Tim Marsden.

IANS 1 Formal Dinner.  The main table.  Photo from Tim Marsden.

IANS1 undergoing training at Chikurubi. Photo from Tim Marsden.

IANS 1 training - helicopter drills.  Photo from Tim Marsden.