Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Horse Troops

The constant patrolling in the field was mainly done on foot or by bicycle.  Vehicle patrols were also conducted and were generally hampered by land mines.  The use of horses was a natural follow on to these patrols.  The first horse troop was established in 1973 at Mount Darwin, which was under the command of District Commissioner Jim Latham.  This troop was locally known as "Latham's Light Horse".  As more successes were achieved funds were allocated to purchase more horses.  Eventually horses were donated by various people including the farmers of South Africa.  Intensive training was done and drills were established for deployment in combat situations.  The horse troops were expanded and one was also deployed in Inyanga district along the mountainous Mozambique border and a third Mounted Troop deployed in Sinoia District.  The army noted the great success of the Intaf horse troops and in 1975 the Grey's Scouts were formed as an army mounted infantry unit.



Mt Darwin Mounted Troop Parade 1976 Chikurubi Band Dennis Connoly Jim Latham - Jack Musset - Barry Mulder - Ken Tuckey.  Photo from Barry Mulder.


The mounted troops wore a khaki cloth badge with a red printed horse on its hind legs facing right.  The letters IA (Internal Affairs) were on the left and the letters MU (Mounted Unit) on the right of the horse.  The badge was worn on the left sleeve.


The last photo was taken in Mt Darwin with elements of the Intaf Horse Troop (foreground) and Greys Scouts (right background) on parade.

Photos of the Mt Darwin Horse Troop supplied by Rory White from Rhodesian Archives.  The commander of the Horse Troop patrols in Mt Darwin was Ken Tuckey.

Mt Darwin Intaf Mounted Troop on parade.  Photo from Barry Mulder.

Mt Darwin Mounted Troop on patrol led by Ken Tuckey.  Photo from Barry Mulder