Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Goromonzi Training Base

A training base was set up by Intaf at Goromonzi just to the east of Salisbury.  The training base was established to provide field training in preparation for deployment.  The area chosen was rural and the terrain provided the necessary environment for preparing those men who had been called up to do service in the various districts.  It was also close enough to Salisbury and Chikurubi Training Depot so that logistics did not present a major problem.

Most Vedettes and many District Security Assistants underwent rigorous field training prior to their deployment in Mashonaland East.  Training included field craft such as camouflage and concealment, immediate action drills, weapon training, map reading and radio procedure.  Emphasis was placed on "jungle lane" shooting.  Personnel were also given the latest intelligence briefings of the areas they were to deploy to.

 The following photographs give an idea of the base and the type of training done there.  A few have been used elsewhere on this website to illustrate the weaponry of Intaf.

Theory lecture in the classroom


Muster parade

 Training Staff

MAG training


Rifle training - strip and assemble blindfolded


Final inspection by Senior Vedette Officer Pete Henning before deployment

Information provided by Kang Yin and photographs provided by Pete Henning.