Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

DCs Station Mrewa

Mrewa District stretched from the east of Domboshawa to the Nyadiri River which formed the natural boundary between Mtoko and Mrewa. 

The District was an important one on the main road from Salisbury towards the Mozambique border.  Zanla used the area to infiltrate from Mozambique in the north. 

In 1975 Mrewa was under considerable terrorist pressure.  This was compounded by the political decision to deprive Rhodesia of the support of South African forces which were deployed in support.  As a result, DCs from the less troubled districts were asked to volunteer to assist DC Dave Mirams at Mrewa, in his administration.  DC Lewis Walter was, as a result, posted to Nyakasoro from the 10th to 24th March 1975.  This deployment involved moral support to Intaf staff and carrying out such normal Intaf functions as were still possible. 

Establishing the patrol base at Nyakasoro 

South African Police forces were still at Nyakasoro, but were restricted to their base.  This was much against their will and they watched with respect as the Intaf men set out each day with insufficient backup and inadequate vehicles.  For DC Lewis Walter it was an opportunity to work with DC Dave Mirams once again.  They had known each other since the day that Dave Mirams had joined Intaf.












  Ant Kenny briefing DAs at Nyakasoro Base










Nyakasoro Keep

  Nyakasoro Keep helicopter landing pad.

Mashambanaka PV.  DAs doing early morning PT.  Photo from John Kinnear

 Mashambanaka PV foot patrol.  Photo from John Kinnear.









Breakfast at Mashambanaka PV.


1:50 000 map of the Mashambanaka PV area.



 Land Rover in which Dave Mirams was killed.

The following staff are known to have been stationed there during the bush war.

Dave Mirams MLM.  District Commissioner.  Killed in landmine explosion on 3 January 1979.  

Mervin Fox.  Assistant District Commissioner. 

Hugh Curtis.  Senior District Officer. 

Barry Enslin.  District Officer 

Nick Baalbergen.  District Officer. 

Audi Medhurst.  Cadet.  Later was a ARU Troop Commander. Recipient of MSM. 

Arthur Jelliman.  Cadet. 

Ian MacDonald.  Cadet.  Based at Pfungwe. 

Martin (Perreira?).  Cadet.   

Neville Buffee.  Cadet. 

Gavin Venter.  National Service Cadet.  North Pfungwe. Nyazhou PV 

Dave Scott.  NS Cadet. 

Vic Perreira.  NS Cadet.  Was also stationed at Mudzi at one time. 



















Brian Salmon.  NS Cadet. 

Phil Wilson.  NS Cadet. 

Graham Baier.  Agricultural Officer. 

Jack Getty.  Primary Development Officer. 

Pete Botha.  Field Assistant / Primary Development Officer 

J Watson.  Field Assistant. 

John Watson.  Field Assistant. 

Ian and Hilda Maclean.  Accounts Clerk.  Husband and wife team. 

Graham Wright.  Clerk. 

Pat Maiser.  Part time office worker. 

Tiny Bowen.  Lands Inspector. 

Arthur Green.  Lands Inspector. 


Gerald Hawkesworth.  Vedette.  Captured in Darwin District when he was a Lands Inspector. Marched by ZANU captors to Tanzania, where he was held in a prison,until British MP Harold Soref negotiated his release and return to Rhodesia.




Jose Rodrigues.  Vedette.  Workshop team member.  

John Da Silva Bento.  Vedette. 

George Rautenbach.  Vedette. 

Nick Nicodemi.  Vedette. 

John Scruton.  Vedette.  John later moved to South Africa and settled in Thabazimbi.  Sadly he passed away on 23rd November 2011

Graham Main.  Vedette 

Graham Huggins.  Vedette 

Mike Cox.  Vedette 

Richard Stannard - Cadet - and Charlie Nicolle - DO (The son of Hostes Nicolle, Sec Intaf), were stationed at Mrewa in 1972.  Richard Stannard was later involved in the attempted coup on the Seychelles Islands.




1:50 000 Map of Mrewa village

Mrewa Reaction Unit on parade

Principal District Assistant / Warrant Officer of Mrewa DCs Station.  This man is wearing World War Two medal ribbons indicating previous service with the RAR. Photo from John Kinnear

Mrewa DAs.  Photo from John Kinnear

 Mrewa DAs. Photo from John Kinnear

Mrewa DA.  Note the marksman's badge on the left shoulder.