The Mad Lab

Monthly Halloween Prop Building Contest

Contest Rules & Info

A recent survey conducted by the world renowned Halloween Institute indicated that there are those among us who are obsessed with prop building and love a challenge. Hence, Dr Jekyll has concocted a creepy contest for all who dare enter.

Each month the mad doctor will offer a prize for the best prop or decoration created using a specific everyday item (from hereon known as the SEI). Anyone can enter but only one will win.

Since the mad doctor likes order, here are the rules:

  • Visit The Contest page and locate the current month's contest.
  • Your prop/decoration must incorporate the SEI.
  • Project can incorporate one or more SEIs as needed.
  • SEI can be altered however you see fit (paint, covered, cut, mutilated, monster mud, etc.).
  • Other items of your choice can be incorporated as you see fit to complete your project - you are not soley limited to the SEI.
  • Entry must be submitted by the due date in order to be considered.
  • The contest runs from the 1st  of the month until midnight the 21st .
  • Voting runs from the 22nd of deadline month until midnight the 26th.

Get on with it - how and what do I win?!

  • The winner will be determined in the Mad Lab poll which will open after the entry deadline. In case of tie, Dr Jekyll will determine the winner.
  • Each month's prize will be pictured along with the SEI on the monthly SEI and Prize page.
  • Prize will be shipped to the winner so be prepared to give the mad doctor your shipping address should you win. Some prizes will need to ship UPS not to a PO Box.  (**If you live outside the US you are still able to enter but due to the high cost of shipping larger items a substitute item may be selected. This information will be available in the prize information at the beginning of each contest.)

Are you up to it? Think you've got what it takes? If so please proceed in an orderly fashion to the The Contest page and locate this month's challenge.

For those of you who do not wish to enter but know talent when you see it feel free to join us to vote on each month's entries.

Happy Haunting,
Dr Jekyll